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What are the benefits of summer camps?

By Pisamonas 20 June 2017

Benefits of summer camps for children

It’s one of the best options both for parents and children during the summer months

School is almost over and our children couldn’t be happier, but parents are faced with the same dilemma every year: Where do we leave them while we are at work? At best, we can take time off or leave them with the grandparents. But if this is not the case, we have to find fun activities that will keep them entertained. One of the most popular options is summer camp, which is not surprising as they offer great advantages for children, not to mention the smile with which the kids return home. Would you like to know what these advantages are?

Benefits of summer camps for children

Taking children to these types of activities is not always an easy task. It’s tough on the parents but also on the kid who doesn’t want to leave his or her environment. What the child must know before going, especially if it’s the first time, is that the camp is a reward and not a punishment. Once this issue has been overcome, and as soon as the child is at the camp, he or she will forget all prejudices.

Now comes the parents’ turn to understand why summer camps are a good option for kids. Firstly, because this environment will help them overcome any shyness they may have, they will improve their communication skills and the way they interact with other children, both their age and others.

Autonomy, tolerance and the ability to share

They will also improve their autonomy, which means they’ll learn that there are certain tasks that they need to do by themselves because no one is going to do them for them. And that’s not all, their tolerance and ability to share will also improve. They’ll realise that at home they can often get what they want, but here there are other children with whom they have to share things and learn to live with.


We mustn’t forget of course that they will get a chance to learn about the importance of teamwork since they’ll be participating in many activities where they will need the help of others to reach the goal.

Outdoors, languages, creativity and much more

Best of all is that they will enjoy a few days outdoors with all that entails; even if they go to an urban summer camp, they will still go on trips and participate in activities outside the 4 walls of their bedroom.

In addition to these advantages, other benefits can be obtained depending on the type of camp attended. If it’s a language camp, for example, they’ll be able to improve their foreign language level. In fact, English summer camps have been among the most popular ones in recent years. A music camp can also help them develop their creativity.

What should we pack for the camp?

To make sure your children enjoy all the activities and make the most out of the days they’re at the camp, it’s vital that you prepare their suitcase with them before leaving. Let’s have a look at what things should always be in their suitcase for the summer camp: sun cream, a rucksack, sunglasses, t-shirts, trousers, caps, a hoodie, a raincoat, swimsuits, socks, underwear and shoes. Let’s take a look in more detail at this last item. What shoes should always be included in the suitcase?

This can vary depending on the camp, but in general, a pair of flip-flops and two pairs of canvas shoes that will endure it all should be included. In this case, we recommend you get the canvas trainers with rubber toe cap for the youngest ones, and if they still can’t tie their shoe laces, opt for models with riptape or with no laces.

Now that you know what the advantages are and know what a well-prepared suitcase looks like, only one thing remains to be done, for your children to enjoy themselves!

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How to wear sandals?

By Pisamonas 12 June 2017

How to wear sandals?

Different ways to mix and match summer footwear to perfection

Until June 21 it’s not officially summer time, but it is true that over the last couple weeks we have had a few really summery days. It’s time to get out your cool shoes and your sandals can’t stay put away in the shoe closet any longer. Now is the moment for summer footwear and it will be a main feature of all outfits over the coming months, both for kids and grown ups.

But not all shoes are the same and no matter how much of a favourite they are with you or your kids, it doesn’t mean that they go really well with all your clothes. So here we’d like to offer you some tips when it comes to mixing and matching sandals.

A different style for every different look

Do you have the feeling you're constantly changing your look in the summer? To say nothing of changing your kids when they get wet, sweaty or dirty playing. Off to the beach or pool in the morning , a trip or a walk in the afternoon and out to dinner at a special restaurant in the evening. This is a typical day during the summer holidays! Each type of sandal has its perfect moment and here we’ll talk about which is the most suitable for each occasion.

What’s more we’ll show you how it’s possible to have several styles for each family member without overspending. If you are asking yourself where to buy sandals at excellent prices, the answer is really simple: always at Pisamonas! You can be sure that our brand offers the best quality at the best prices and when it comes to summer footwear, we have a wide range of styles for all ages, from babies, to sandals for girls and boys, and even for mums and dads too.

Beach and pool

Let’s start with the most popular activity in summer time: going for a dip in the sea or the pool. You’ve already got the swimsuits, sun cream and sunglasses ready for the kids and grown ups, and now you have to decide which sandals to wear to the beach.. Without a doubt, flip-flops and jelly sandals are the thing. Especially for kids, jelly sandals are the best choice so that they’ll be really comfy and their feet well protected. In addition, this style has been developing over the years and nowadays there are some really trendy designs that go perfectly with a casual look. In fact, jelly sandals have become a must-have item for the summer season and not just for the beach. 

Sandals for Girls

Casual style

It's time to go for a stroll. We recommend going for flat sandals, both for girls and grown ups. Where kids are concerned, it is important that they fit really well around the ankle, to avoid twisting. This style of footwear looks great with skirts and dresses, as well as with shorts, pedal pushers or dungarees. Our recommendation is to go for floral prints or a sailor-style accompanied by footwear in a single colour. If you choose more colourful styles, like ethnic ones, it's best to choose plain fabrics for the clothes to go with them, to allow the footwear to really stand out.

And for kids, the most comfortable option is T-bar style canvas sandals, which go perfectly with shorts and T-shirts. For example, our new rubber toe-capped, T-bar sandals are perfect to combine with denim shorts and a white T-shirt.

Dressing up

For evening wear we recommend sandals with a wedge both for you and your kids, in a classic style that will never let you down: the Menorcan sandal. What’s more, this is a great choice if you want to achieve a matching family look, as we have styles up to size 45. Perfect to mix and match with shorts or trousers and a linen shirt or blouse. 

Roman Sandals

If you want to add a shiny touch to your outfits, this year we have a new design that you’ll just love: Menorcan glitter sandals for both girls and women. You can also go for metallic textures, which are really fashionable right now and will be the icing on the cake of your look. If you combine them with a short dresses in light colour you’ll look just perfect! And which sandals should you wear with long dresses? The outfit combination we like the most is a long, plain dress with Roman sandals. Unbeatable!

What are the fashion trends for Summer 2017?

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the Spring - Summer trends in this type of footwear yet, here are the Top 3.

In first place fringed sandals are still a real must. They are perfect for achieving a boho=chic style look. At Pisamonas, as well as in camel colour, this year they are available in petrol blue and rose pink.

 Fringed Sandals

Esparto soles are in fashion for all types of footwear, and sandals are no exception, with flat sole or with a low platform for older girls and women.

Finally, and in this case for both boys and girls, Bio sandals in all their variations are a must-have item. Although double buckles are the most popular style, a wide range of perfect girls’ Bio sandal styles is also available. 

Have you got a pair in your shoe closet yet? Which style do you like best and how do you prefer to mix and match them?                         

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How should you clean communion shoes to give them a lovely shine?

By Pisamonas 30 May 2017

 Clean Communion Shoes

Dress your children up in special shoes for a special day

We are at the height of the communion season and one of the issues we have always taken into consideration is what to do with our son’s and daughter's shoes once the big day is over. Years ago it was quite common to buy shoes specifically for the event, but that is something that very few people do these days. Why wear Communion shoes for just one day when you can get so much more use out of them? Especially now that there are a lot of very pretty, practical styles to choose from, as you can see in our Special Occasion Collection 2017.

But of course, after the ceremony and the party the shoes will not be as clean as they were and if you’d like your child to wear them again you want them to be as shiny as new. At this point, you shouldn’t lose your cool and make your child to sit in a corner so as not to dirty their shoes! With the following tips we offer you, cleaning their first communion shoes will be as easy as pie.

Tips prior to cleaning Communion footwear

The first thing you must determine clearly before you start cleaning is what material the shoes are made of. For Communions, the most classic shoes are traditionally made of leather, but other materials have strayed to establish a niche in the market, with the aim of promoting the versatility and practicality that we mentioned earlier. Canvas ballerina shoes and bluchers, or suede loafers are just a few examples.

 It is also essential that you always buy top quality products. When using shoe cleaning products, make sure they are made by brands which specialises in footwear care.

Cleaning leather shoes

Let's start with the most traditional communion shoes: leather ballerina shoes and loafers. First of all, you should wipe away any dirt that there may be on the surface, firstly with dry cloth and then with a lightly dampened one. Once this is done, you should let them dry completely before continuing.

 Cleaning Leather Ballerinas

Cleaning suede shoes

Suede is another of the great classics for communion shoes in children’s loafers or bluchers, especially for boys. This is not the first time we have offered tips on how to clean suede shoes, but let's go over them again briefly. It’s much easier than you might imagine. To keep them always in tip-top condition, simply wipe them with a slightly dampened cloth and then brush them with a shoe brush wrapped in an old pair of tights. Make sure you brush evenly over the entire surface.

Leaving canvas shoes like new

Everyone loves canvas because it’s just so comfortable and cool for the warm weather and it’s also because it’s really easy to keep clean. Communion fashions have also succumbed to its charms and we now offer a wide range of styles of footwear made in this material. It’s just perfect to carry on wearing throughout the Spring - Summer season.

 Cleaning Communion Shoes for Boy

How should they be cleaned? There are two basic options. The first is machine washing them on a cold water programme with a short wash and gentle spin. However, it’s not a good idea to overuse this method, as it gradually wears the shoes out.

The second option, which is more recommendable, is hand cleaning. First of all, you should shake the canvas shoes well, to remove any surface dust and dirt.

Then you should use a soft bristle brush to finish off removing any remains of dirt. Once this is done, you should clean the canvas with a sponge dipped in a mixture of water, neutral soap and a little sodium bicarbonate. You need to rub harder in the areas where there are any marks or stains. Afterwards, you should remove any remains of this mixture with a cloth and stuff the shoes with scrunched up newspaper so that they do not lose their shape, and also to help absorb the dampness. Then let them dry in the shade. It’s as simple as that!

How to clean patent leather shoes

Patent leather is a really safe bet when it comes to footwear for dressing up your children on special occasions. Whilst not being the top choice for those taking their first communion, it certainly is a favourite for the smallest guests. We have included it in our collection because we know that when you take your children to this type of special event you also want them to be able to wear their shoes on other occasions. The most popular style in this material are our patent leather Mary Janes

 Cleaning Patent Leather Shoes

For cleaning patent leather shoes, we also recommend that you take a look at a post of ours regarding this from a few months ago. Anyway, we don’t want to keep you waiting any longer, so let’s run through the steps briefly again. First, remove any dust with a soft cloth and then use another cloth to gently wipe the surface with water and soap. After all the soap has been removed and the shoes have been allowed to dry thoroughly, wipe them again with a soft cloth, applying a special product for cleaning patent leather.

So what do you think our tips for cleaning Communion shoes?

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Decorating your children’s rooms? Check out our tips!

By Pisamonas 17 May 2017

Ideas for decorating children's rooms

We’d like to offer you some ideas for decorating children's rooms


Whether you are preparing for the arrival of a new member of the family, you are moving home or if you simply want to give a new look to your home, today we would like to offer you some ideas on decorating rooms for little ones.

It is clear that in decoration terms nothing is set on stone and something that is a must for your friend, you would not even consider. For this reason, we would merely like  to offer you some suggestions to bear in mind and which may a good starting point if you’re not sure how to get going.

Up to what age should you decorate children’s rooms?

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that it is your child's room and not yours, as they are sure to remind you on more than one occasion, so don't forget it;) What are we trying to say here? Your kids will spend a great amount time in their rooms so it’s very important that you create a space that they feel is their own and in which they feel really comfortable. When they are no longer babies, they start to know what colours and patterns they like most, and the finishing touches that they want to be included in the decoration of their rooms. In addition to comfort, another reason to take their opinions into account is that if you like their rooms, they will take better care of them and keep them clean and tidy.

As they grow up their personalities develop and they start to know what they want and what has no place in their rooms, until they reach the teenage years, when they won’t care less about your opinions on decoration issues. But until that time, there are many ways of creating beautiful rooms for babies or children, which are to your taste and where they will be comfortable. Let's have a look at what aspects you should bear in mind!

Decoration in babies’ rooms

The two keys to decorating rooms for babies are comfort and stimulation of the senses.

All furniture should be designed initially to ensure the comfort of the little one and the parents too. If there is one item that immediately comes to mind when we think of a baby's room, it is the crib. After the first few months, when they usually sleep in your room, it will be time to move the crib to their own room. The most important thing when choosing the place to put it is that there are no dangerous elements within reach, such as the strings of a blind.

In addition, other furniture such as the changing table or the wardrobe should be laid out in such a way that makes your lives easier and so that everything easily accessible for you

As regards stimulating their senses, particularly during the first 6 months, babies are discovering a whole range of new sensations. So it is very important to stimulate their senses with sounds and colours that can be include in the decoration. Although it seems that all they do is eat, sleep and cry, small details like the moment of waking up can be very stimulating. Therefore, we recommend using bright colours in the room and in all its decorative elements. Small details like carousels with light and sound or a small crib mirror will help stimulate their senses.

Tips for decorating children's rooms

The phrase "less is more" should always be kept in mind when decorating your children's rooms. As we have already mentioned, it is very important that they feel really comfortable and if they do not have enough space because there is too much "junk" in their room, they will want to spend less time in that space. What’s more, you should evaluate other aspects such as the following:

Colours: We recommend always using bright colours but not too overpowering, with pastel colours being ideal. This will create a fun, relaxed atmosphere for your children.

Walls: Thanks to the murals and vinyl that have become so fashionable in recent years, walls can be the distinguishing touch when establishing the decoration of a Children’s Room. Following our initial advice, choose designs that you know your kids are going to like and that suit their personality.

Furniture: It is important to have a piece of furniture for each thing, a wardrobe for the clothes, a shoe cupboard for all their Pisamonas Footwear, a toy box, shelves for books ... the organization is key factor in any room, but more so in your children’s rooms, so that they get used from being small to their things being tidy and to everything having its own place.

Layout: It’s important to lay out the space of your children's bedrooms well. If you do not have a playroom, we recommend creating a space inside their room designed for this. The most important thing is that there is very clear separation of the rest area with the bed, from the leisure area, with all their toys. 

Lighting: in children's rooms, it is essential that there is plenty of natural light to favour relaxation in this space.

In terms of styles of decoration, it is clear that everyone has their preferences, but this season we are going for a nautical style for children’s rooms, just like in the photo. The shades of blue, the colours of the sea and the sky, with finishing touches of rope and wicker are a winning combination.

We hope that these few tips will be of help to you to create rooms for your kids where they can be comfortable and have fun every day. 

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Have a look at our Lookbook to discover the 2017 spring-summer trends!

By Pisamonas 3 May 2017

Lookbook Spring Summer Trends 2017

With the Pisamonas Spring-Summer Collection you’ll be the trendiest in town


Here at Pisamonas we like to be trendy, but above all we want our children to be comfortable. That’s why we have brought a set of perfect and practical novelties for all their outfits which you saw in our 2017 Spring-Summer Collection Video.

We know it’s not easy to put together the latest fashion trends, that’s why we are giving you a few ideas to combine Pisamonas children’s footwear; you’ll see how easy it is!

We want to reward simplicity and elegance by relying completely on those clothes that we always have with us in our suitcase. This season, flowy dresses, jumpsuits and floral prints are here to stay and provide an ideal boho-chic style.  White is once again the colour for the summer months making it easy to combine shirts and t-shirts in this colour with jeans or trousers.

When it comes to footwear, esparto is one of the latest trends in fashion, so have a look at our newest designs for boys and girls!

In the warmer weather, canvas is the best fabric to wear. Mary Janes, T-bar shoes, trainers and even boat shoes come in this fabric!

We hope you enjoy the 2017 Spring-Summer collection at Pisamonas!

T-bar Shoes and Mary Janes

Left: T-bar shoes with rubber toe cap

Right: Girls Buckle-up Canvas Mary Janes

Ballet Pumps and Mocassins

Left: Ballet pumps for girls and ladies in Nappa and patent leather toe cap

Right: Boy Suede Tassel Moccasins

Spring Summer Ballet Pumps

Left: Metallic Linen Ballerina Pumps

Centre: Linen Ballerina Pumps with Bow for Girls and Ladies

Right: Leather Ballerinas for Girls and Ladies

2017 Pisamonas Kids Shoes

Left: Boys Lace-up Suede and Jute Trainers

Right: Metallic Leather Bluchers for Girls and Ladies

Kids Sandals

Left: Snakeskin Print Bio Sandals

Right: Canvas Blucher Shoes for Boys and Men

Trainers for Kids

Espadrille style shoes with laces

2017 Spring Summer Trainers

Left: Elastic Slip-on Camping Shoes

Centre: Flower Printed Trainers with Espadrille Soles

Right: Casual Canvas Shoes

Espadrilles for Kids

Left: Kids Espadrilles with Elastic Band

Centre: Girls’  Kids’ Plain Ankle-Tie Espadrilles

Right: Girls’ Espadrilles with Elastic Band 

Menorcan Sandals Kids

Left and right: Glitter Menorcan Sandals for Girls and Ladies

Centre: Mirror Nappa Avarcan Menorcan Sandals

                Two-Tone Nappa Menorcan Sandals

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The most viewed on Instagram Pisamonas. Our top photos with the most likes!

By Pisamonas 26 April 2017

We are celebrating! 20 months and 20,000 followers! Who would have thought it... it’s just a little over a year and a half since we set up our Pisamonas profile on Instagram with all the excitement in the world. Today we want to remember the best moments of those 20 months on the social network of the moment.

Aren’t you following us yet? Then we’d love you to follow us on Instagram Pisamonas so you are connected and can be the first to see our news and the stories that we share. You won’t have to hear about it from others!

Thanks to Instagram we are able to be closer to you, sharing messages, feelings, new items in the collection for each new season, news about our team or brand initiatives, our loveliest photos and details of our made in Spain shoes right in your hands... and on the feet of your little ones!

Today we bring you the best photos of our IG profile, the moments which have had the most likes and comments over the months. It has been a difficult choice because thanks to you with every photo or video we share you show us your appreciation, but we believe that these are the photos that best represent what we have most enjoyed so far... and what is still to come!

 - The First One! With this photo we opened our account and we started out as Instagrammers!

Instagram pisamonas

- Our first famous parent customers: a few years ago, just before setting off on their Portuguese adventure in Oporto, Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero filled their suitcase with Pisamonas shoes at our store in Madrid. We just loved their friendliness and closeness!

 Instagram pisamonas sara carbonero

- Let’s continue with celebrities, in this case of Royalty! We’d like to share Prince George's look with little leather shoes. They are not from Pisamonas (we don’t think so anyway!), but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are great fans of made in Spain children's fashion, so you never know, one day our shoes may be seen in Buckingham Palace!

 Instagram pisamonas prince george

- But in fact, the stories we love the most are the ones we hear every day from our anonymous clients. All those of you who send us your messages of thanks, with your order of Pisamonas shoes just arrived on your doorstep!

  Instagram pisamonas

- In this year and a half there has also been time for videos and boomerangs like this really fun one of girls jumping with a welly boots look just for the Winter!

 Instagram pisamonas girls

- And another of the great moments we shared during this period was when we went on TV, in our role as experts on children's shoes. We appeared on Cristina Lasvignes’ programme helping the doctors and podiatrists on the show give the best advice regarding which children's shoes that are most suitable for each age group and on the development of young feet!

  Instagram pisamonas tv

- Autumn News! Just look at our lovely boots with tassels for toddlers! One of the softest and most delicate styles to dress up and match the princes and princesses of the family in fashionable colours, this was one of our best receptions on social networks.

 Instagram pisamonas children boots


- And for the girls, our T band Mary Janes, a fashionable take on a reinvented classic! The prettiest girls wear Pisamonas’ Mary Janes!

 Instagram pisamonas mary janes       

- And do you know about the Pisacombos? Combine Pisamonas shoes with the Condor collection of socks and tights and with discount for buying the complete look. Look how lovely these chubby little legs look with the full set.

Instagram pisamonas looks

 - Footwear for children and also for adults, with children's and grown ups’ espadrilles up to size 45 and sneakers up to size 42. At Pisamonas we love the Mummy & Me or Daddy & Me styles. What about you - do you like to go out to play with your children?

   Instagram pisamonas   

 - And what about the day we decided to open more Pisamonas shoe stores! After months of hard work by the whole team, we were able to show you the moments just before the openings of our new stores with the finishing touches being put to the work in Bilbao, Valencia and Seville!

   Instagram pisamonas Bilbao Valencia Sevilla

 - And there was the moment when we took a big leap and designed a new swimwear collection! Swimsuits for girls and swimming shorts for boys in cool, fashionable designs to greet the Summer. Ideal with sandals, Menorcan sandals and Pisamonas jelly shoes of course!

  Instagram pisamonas

 - What’s more on Instagram we can express and share the ideas and inspirations that come to us, depending on the day, the moment, depending on how we are feeling! It can be a colour, a landscape, a phrase or an everyday scene. Do you want to join us?:-)

Instagram pisamonas ideas

These and many other stories that we are just waiting to tell you are on Instagram Pisamonas. So what about you - are you following us now?

We really look forward to hearing from you!

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Mary Janes for girls: we answer the 15 most frequently asked questions about them!

By Pisamonas 20 April 2017

Mary Janes and Ballet Pumps Pisamonas

Today we bring you a run through of the most frequently asked questions about one of the most famous styles of girls’ shoes. Are you ready? Here we go!

What does the term mean? What are Mary Janes?

They are girls' shoes, similar to ballerina shoes but with a strap that crosses the instep and they have a buckle, velcro or button fastening. One of the most popular types of shoes worn by girls.

Who was Mary Jane?

Its name is due to the unfortunate Queen Mary of the Mercedes of Orleans, popularly known as Mary Jane. She and her cousin Alfonso XII fell in love and were married in 1878, but sadly she fell ill and she died five months later. At the time of her death a popular song as dedicated to the King which spoke of the shoes she wore... and they have kept her name ever since.

What is the difference between Mary Janes and Ballerina shoes?

Ballerina shoes have an open instep, while with Mary Janes it is crossed by a strap or lattice.

Where should I buy Mary Janes online?

The very best online children's shoe store where you can get hold of these popular girls’ shoes is Pisamonas. You will find a wide variety of styles, for babies to women and for girls, with styles for all ages.

Where should I buy Girls’ Mary Janes in Madrid?

Well at Pisamonas too of course! Come to our flagship store in the north ofMadridand you and your daughter can try on your favourite shoes on the spot!

What about in Valencia, Bilbao and Seville?

In 2017 our online children's shoe store has gone a step further and we have arrived in these cities. We have opened new stores so you can have a more personal experience, collect your orders, make enquiries and carry out transactions at the store.

Do you have styles for women too?

Of course! Although this is a very popular type of footwear for girls, lately they have become fashionable with top brands and designers too, and they have produced versions of Mary Janes with heels and for women.

What about for communions?

The communion Mary Janes which are available at our online store are a guaranteed success. They are available in pastel shades, classic white, nude or rosewood pink… In light fabrics, classic leather and the most in trendy material, sparkling with glitter, you will find the style that best matches that beautiful communion dress that you have chosen. Check them out!

What are the differences between summer and winter versions?

The main difference lies in the material used. In summer it is common to wear canvas versions, which are fresh and soft, can be machine washed and will stand up to all your holiday activities. And in winter serratex and suede are more popular to wrap up warm. We have girls’ Mary Janes in leather and in patent leather, as a shoe for more dressed up occasions and for any time of the year.

How to mix and match Mary Janes?

The best combination is with matching tights. At Pisamonas we have more than 30 colours of Cóndor tights to mix and match, which will be a definite hit. They are just perfect with dresses, skirts or trousers. Put the finishing touch your daughter’s look with these shoes and accessories so she will be the envy of the class.

What are T band Mary Janes?

They are the latest fashion! Follow the most up to the minute fashion trend and get a pair of the new T band style Mary Janes. With a strap over the instep and another that fits around the ankle, they are just perfect.

Are they available with reinforced toes?

So your daughter is always on the go, right? If you're tired of scuffed leather on the toes of her shoes from playing in the park because she uses them to brake when riding her bike, we have the answer! Try out our style of Mary Janes with reinforced toe cap, just so practical for the Summer.

Which shoes should I choose for a Christening?

If you have had a baby girl and are getting ready for her Christening, she will look just perfect with our Mary Janes without soles, or rather with very soft soles. Perfect shoes for pre-toddlers, they are just so soft and elegant!

Which are the most frequently used materials?

They are available in patent leather, velvet, canvas, towelling for home wear and leather for more formal occasions. They also come in linen which is ideal for Spring and suede, perfect for the Autumn.

Are they worn outside Spain?

Yes, of course they are! Since Christian Louboutin, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent designed their own Mary Janes and Sarah Jessica Parker sighed over the Manolo Blahnik version in Sex and the City, this type of shoe has become a fashion icon which is recognised around the world.

So have your daughters got theirs yet?

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Don’t miss the video of our 2017 Spring-Summer Collection!

By Pisamonas 27 March 2017

Would you like to go on a journey with us?

Excitement, getting away from it all, friendship, comfort and good vibes, what more could you ask for? At Pisamonas we wanted to embody all these things in our 2017 Spring-Summer Collection. How did we go about it? By taking our van and heading for nature, away from the bustle of the city. Find out about our road trip in our video, along with all the trends for the season! You’re sure to feel like heading off on holiday! 

Have we given you some ideas for summer shoes for you and your children? We hope so! And not just that, but we hope that we can also make you feel really comfortable this season and help you experience some unique moments. Because our children deserve the best quality at the best prices and the opportunity to create those beautiful memories we all have of childhood. Happy Spring - Summer from Pisamonas! 

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The 2017 Spring - Summer collection has arrived at Pisamonas

By Pisamonas 27 March 2017

2017 Spring Summer Collection Pisamonas

All the 2017 Spring - Summer trends in children's footwear

One of our favourite times of the year is here: the arrival of the new Spring - Summer Pisamonas Collection! We are delighted to announce that this year we have included lots of new features that you'll just love: new designs and colours through which we want to feel all the enthusiasm we have put into creating our new season’s collection.

Brightness, colour, happiness, fun, friendship and holidays are the essence of what we want to convey with all the new fashions for 2017 Spring- Summer from Pisamonas. Would you like to get to know our new collection a bit more? Grab some comfy clothes and some Pisamonas children's shoes and let’s travel!

What does the 2017 Spring - Summer Collection look like?

How about going on a journey in a hippie van? Or on a trip to the beach or the mountains? Always imagine yourselves in the best company: with family or friends, and with some really comfy footwear for children and adults from Pisamonas. A few days to put cares aside and enjoy the scenery around you in this beautiful season. We all remember special summer moments when we were small and we want to create those sort of moments for your children.

To achieve all this, here at Pisamonas we didn’t think twice and we took the wheel of our van and headed off to create some memories. And to be honest we have has some unforgettable experiences. Check it out in our video along with all the spring trends in our 2017 Collection!

What are you going to discover?

As we’ve already mentioned, this year we have included many new features that you'll really love. For children and adults, boys and girls. A wide range of styles, always with the latest fashions and maximum comfort.

Amongst our 2017 summer shoe range for children we have included new styles of boat shoes in light colours, in fabric and leather, for different occasions. What’s more we have  a new deck shoe design in canvas with white rubber soles. Really up to the minute nautical style!

Canvas has certainly always been a fashion trend for summer shoes, but this year it has a stronger presence than ever, with new styles of Mary Janes, pumps and plimsolls, with or without buckles, all made from this material. 

Spring Summer Collection Shoes for Kids

We have also reinvented our children’s trainers and in this collection we have included unisex models that banish the out-dated idea that plimsolls don’t go with dressed up look. Plain or patterned, rubber or espadrille soles, it’s your choice!

As for 2017 Spring - Summer girls’ shoes, two of the characteristics that stand out in our collection are metallic and glittery looks. Want to know more? For a more formal shoe style, we recommend our metallic bluchers , Mary Janes in metallic linen, both style in sizes up to 40, or our shiny Menorcan sandals for the little ones in the family. And for a really bright look, what better than our new, glittery Menorcan Sandals...

Shoes for Kids Spring Summer

And for the hottest days of the year, the most comfortable, cool thing for girls are our 2017 Summer Sandals! Here you can check them out: in fabric or leather, espadrilles, classic or ethnic style, even with a touch of mother of pearl!

And for a trip to the beach or the pool and to enjoy the best of the good weather, there’s nothing like our new styles and colours of jelly shoes. Turquoise is undoubtedly one of THE colours for the season in this type of footwear for children. 

Ballet Pumps Spring Summer

And you really mustn’t miss out on our new styles of girls’ ballerina shoes, children’s bluchers and our many other new designs that you can check out at www.Pisamonas.co.uk  Happy Spring - Summer 2017!

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Pisamonas wins 2 awards at the 2017 Barcelona eAwards

By Pisamonas 24 March 2017

Pisamonas wins 2 awards at the 2017 Barcelona eAwards

Thank you so much for your votes!

After having achieved the Best Customer Service award last year, Pisamonas has been recognized again in the eAwards, this time with the Award for Best Website Design and Usability,  and with an award in the Special Silver Category for Best Website of the Year. Right now we could not be happier because all this has been possible thanks to your votes, to all the people who support Pisamonas on a daily basis and follow us wherever we go. Thank you so very much!

eAwards Prize Ceremony 2017

The ceremony took place yesterday, March 23, at the Barcelona Trade Fair Centre. We attended the event with great excitement, as we had been nominated in the category Best Design and Usability. This award is decided by popular vote and right up to the moment of award presentation the first prize winner is not revealed. When it was announced that the award was for Pisamonas we could only think of all the people who had voted for us and had put their trust in us.

The second piece of good news of the evening came a few minutes later when the name "Pisamonas" was announced once again. This time it was to be awarded the Special Silver Category for Best Website of the Year by the jury. Many thanks to eAwards for recognising us with this prize!

Award for Best Design and Usability

This Award for Best Design and Usability at 2017 eAwards gives us particular satisfaction, because for us it is essential to facilitate online purchases from any type device. In fact, we have prioritised optimal usability since we began our journey in 2013.

We only accept a process of buying online that is not quick and easy and we know you do too. Hence this award is dedicated to our I.T team, who work hard every day to create a responsive and intuitive online platform, for use on mobiles and tablets too. We are aware that more and more people do their shopping on mobile devices and for us your comfort is paramount.

We hope to live up to all your trust and the recognition we have received, especially in the coming days with the opening of our 3 new Pisamonas shops.

Our goal is, and always will be, to continue to offer you an optimal quality of service. You can do your shopping easily and quickly on our website, and your have peace of mind of our free deliveries and exchanges, which are a priority for us. And not only that, we also want to always be at hand so that you have ongoing contact with us. Why it is why we have begun the expansion of our offline availability to offer you all the benefits of a multitude of sales channels.Madrid,Valencia,SevilleandBilbaoare the first cities where we have a presence and there will be many more.

Once again, thanks so very much for your support!

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