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Christenings, first communions and weddings have landed at Pisamonas!

By Pisamonas 1 March 2017

2017 Ceremonies Collection

The 2017 Ceremonies Collection is full of style and novelties

March has just arrived and with it one of our favourite times of the year, the wedding, christening and first communion season! Who doesn’t like these special events which seem to make everything brighter and merrier for a day? Behind them lie months of preparation during which, each detail is taken care of so that everything is perfect. At Pisamonas we know that now is the time to choose one of those details: the shoes. Is your son or daughter receiving their first communion this year and needs adequate shoes? Do you have one or more weddings and you are taking your children with you and you don’t know what they are going to wear? Are you baptising your little one and don’t know what shoes they should wear? The 2017 Ceremonies Footwear is exactly what you need!

Communion shoes

Let’s start with the First Communion shoes. By now you probably already have the dress or suit your daughter or son will be wearing on such an important day. Now you can choose the shoes that best suit the outfit.

Whether it’s for boys or girls, the tendency is to go for the full classical look; but there are those who prefer a more original outfit, and those who want to combine both.

Communion Shoes for Girls

White has always been and will always be the reference colour for girls’ classical communion shoes. Classical ballet pumps and Mary Janes now have some patent leather detail, ankle straps with crystals or crossed straps that make them look a little different while keeping that classical look.

If we want a look halfway between classical and modern, we can just add a touch of colour by wearing shoes in a different shade to that of the classical dress. Beige, light grey and the different hues of pink are the trend in this case. And for a more original look, there’s nothing better than wearing an amazing dress with a ceremony shoe design which is like no other. In the 2017 Communion collection for girls at Pisamonas, pink shoes and those with a metallic, glitter, linen or patent leather textures are the rage right now. 

The situation is similar for the 2017 Communion shoes for boys where styles and colour blend into each other. Many mums still prefer black moccasins because they can be worn on other occasions too. Likewise, navy blue, tan, beige or grey moccasins, with an added bow or tassels are the trend and very easy to adapt to a look for other occasions.

2017 Communion Shoes for Children

Besides moccasins, bluchers are another preferred option for communions. Along with the classical suede design, this season you can find shoes in canvas with a rope sole for a more casual and fresh look.

Boy shoes for weddings

One of the advantages of choosing a different and original style for communion shoes 2016 is that you can use them on other special occasions such as weddings.

So if your son is receiving his first communion and you have been invited to one or more weddings this year, you’ll be able to use his communion shoes again. One of the advantages of the colours we have for this season, both for girls and boys, is that they are very easy to match. Blucher shoes for boys or the ballet pumps for girls are surely a winning choice.

Communion Bluchers for Boys

Christening shoes

The last of the big events for this season are christenings. If we are invited to attend as guests then, just like with weddings, we can use communion shoes and our children will be looking great again!

Ceremonies Shoes

If your child is being baptised, then at Pisamonas you can also find different T-bar shoes and Mary Janes for babies. White is once again the go-to colour for christening shoes for boys and girls, but you can also choose from other colours such as baby blue, light pink and light grey.

Now that you’ve seen all these ideas for your children’s ceremony shoes, do you know which ones you’ll choose for each occasion?

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Throw your own fancy dress party for your kids!

By Pisamonas 23 February 2017

Throw your own fancy dress party for your kids!

Tips for children's parties with original costumes

Carnival, carnival ... carnival, I love you! If you are reading this first sentence and humming this famous tune, you'll love this blog post. And not just you. Once you're ready, if you decide to go ahead with it, your children will love it too. Why’s that? Well, here we offer some tips on throwing a kids fancy dress party.

Although beforehand it may seem simple, it’s very important to take care every detail in your organization if you don’t want it to be the case that nobody turn ups next time you hold a party for your kids’ friends.

7 things not to forget for your children’s fancy dress party

  • Invitations: the first thing you have to about think is: What sort of design would I like? Who am I going to invite? What details should I include in them? These are some of the things you should think about when getting your invitations ready. As for the number of people you invite or the design, we’ll leave that up to you, but don’t forget to mention that it is a fancy dress party and what the theme this, if there is one.
  • Games or activities: it’s not enough just to throw a party, the essential thing that the children have fun and are entertained. To make sure of this we suggest you organise a range of different of activities, depending on the kid's ages and the space you have available. You can organize anything from quizzes to mime, where they have to imitate a character and the others have to guess who it is, or other activities such as face painting, dancing or obstacle races.
  • Food: just like for any children’s’ party you hold, the food is really important. Of course, for children it’s best not to over-complicated things and simply go for sandwiches, muffins and cake to eat and juices and smoothies to drink. Of course, bear in mind if any of the children have food allergies before choosing the party food.
  • Fancy dress: However obvious it may seem, when you hold a fancy dress party, there may always be someone who didn’t realise and has brought their child without a costume. But there’s no need to panic!  As good organizer, you should have some hats, bow ties, wigs and necklaces just in case. Having children, you it won’t be difficult to find some of these items around the house. If you’re not sure what costume to choose for your children, in this blog and we already gave you some great ideas for Carnival costumes to give you some inspiration.
  • Decor: like costumes, decorations are fundamental. You can choose to make them yourself or buy them, depending on the time you have and how imaginative you are feeling at the time of organizing the party. The most important thing is that there is lots and lots of colour.
  • Competitions: No costume party is worth its salt that does not have a competition. Of course, we must bear in mind that children are involved, so is it not a good idea to promote over-competitiveness. Therefore, we propose giving different types of prizes for the most original, funniest, most elegant or most colourful fancy dress. The most important thing is that all children get a prize.
  • Space: the place where you hold your party is also important and you have to have enough room so that all the children can play without falling over each other and space for the food and decorations. If you don’t have a large enough room, you can always rent a hall. There are more and more places designed to hold children's parties, which you can hire relatively cheaply.

The advantages of organizing your own fancy dress party

A fancy dress party is probably one of the most successful types of children’s party, because there is so much room for variety. For this reason alone it’s worth holding one. And this sort of party has many more advantages. Shall we tell you what they are?

First, it’s a great opportunity for children to get together outside of school. It will help them get to know each other better and learn to interact in a different environment than the one they are accustomed to.

Furthermore, it is a unique opportunity to get more use out of fancy dress costumes. Your kids probably have a lot of costumes that they have only used once, so throwing your own party is a good way to use them again. And finally, children love them! Do you need any more reasons?

Once you've finished all the preparations for your fancy dress party, don’t forget the most important thing: choosing your children's costumes. Whatever the fancy dress, we suggest finishing it off with children's shoes from Pisamonas. Glittering ballerina pumps for princesses, moccasins for princes, boots for cowboys and cowgirls, slip on shoes for animal costumes and an infinite range of possibilities. They will be so comfortable at very little cost and, above all, they will have a great time!

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Get the British look for your children

By Pisamonas 2 February 2017

Fashion Trends for Kids

One of the fashion trends that never die…

We are all aware that fashion is constantly changing, and last year’s latest trends might be out of fashion this season, and will perhaps come back to the catwalk in 5 years’ time. However, there are some fashion trends that are always in fashion whether they are more or less relevant during a specific season.

The British style is one of these trends that never die. Whether it’s on the catwalk for the season or not, it is a trend that is always seen on the street, especially during autumn and winter. Would you like to know what the key for this look is and how to get your children looking very British?

Clothes and shoes which are essential to get this fashionable look

Getting that British look is easier than it seems and you can probably do it with some of the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. This style is simple, plain and elegant.

Let’s start by getting our children warm with the trench coat, one of the most typical pieces of this style. It is perfect for spring and autumn and suits all ages. It will be your go-to piece of clothing and the icing on that British look.

And what can we wear with the trench coat? Shirts, on their own or combined with a V-neck jumper, will be a winning choice. Shorts, worn with woollen tights or long socks in autumn and winter and with bare legs in spring and summer are a must for this look.

Don’t you already have most of these things at home? Now, what about children’s footwear? This is what we specialise in! Oxford shoes or bluchers are without a doubt the stars here. Oxfords have become a basic essential design in everyone’s wardrobe, and for children and adults alike. Not only to get the British look, but also for any other look. 

Children Outfits

But this is not the only shoe that can look good with this style. We mustn’t forget about classic English shoes when choosing children’s outfits. The ideal option for girls is the classical ballet pump in austere colours which are characteristic of this style.

Colours and patterns typical of the British style

Now that we know the basics of this fashion trend, let’s move onto the details. What are the most typical colours of the British style? Or instead of colour let’s talk patterns. Plaid and argyle patterns are typical of this look.

We said that shirts are basic for this trend; well plaid shirts are definitely the stars of this look. We can also use plaid skirts and dresses for girls. But if you’re wearing a plaid skirt, make sure that you combine it with plain clothes like a white shirt or woollen tights for girls in only one colour.

If your little ones don’t own plaid clothes, it’s not a problem. Remember that simplicity is the key of the British style so you can always resort to its most classical colours like blue, red, green, grey and earth tones.

Children can also be fashionable wearing the British style

When we think of our children’s outfit, comfort is always a priority. And that’s precisely one of the advantages of this trend, our children will be really comfortable and in fashion with not much effort at all. You’ve seen how easy it is to put together this fashion trend, so you won’t have to spend too long thinking what matches what.

Another advantage is that the style is ideal for both boys and girls since it’s a unisex look. And the same applies to adults; both dads and mums will be able to follow this trend.

The British style means you’ll look classic with a natural elegance. Perfect for when you want your children to dress up without overdoing it.

Pisamonas wins a prize at the 2016 DHL Atlas Exports Awards

By Pisamonas 27 January 2017

Pisamonas wins a prize at the 2016 DHL Atlas Exports Awards

We have been awarded the E-commerce Export Prize

We found out a few days ago that Pisamonas has won the E-Commerce Export Prize at the DHL Atlas Awards. We are very proud of this award since international expansion is one of our raisons d’être.

The award ceremony was held on 26 January at the Fundación Real Fábrica de Tapices in Madrid and we want to take this opportunity to reiterate our gratitude: Thank you!

Export 2016 DHL Atlas Awards

In their third edition, these awards have no other purpose than to recognise the efforts made by those companies that have worked hard on exporting their business. These awards have four different categories and at Pisamonas we are very proud to have won one of them: Access to Exports through e-commerce.

The purpose of this specific prize is to enhance the opening of new markets and increase profit with exports made through electronic commerce.

The CEO of ICEX, the International Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, the General Manager of DHL Express Iberia and the General Manager of Alibaba for Spain and Portugal were all present at the awards ceremony. Francisco Javier Garzón, CEO of ICEX, highlighted among other factors, how the increased competitiveness of Spanish companies has let to an important evolution of exports.

What has helped us win this award?

With 5 different online shops in Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, UK and Italy), Pisamonas delivers throughout the continent. From the very start, our banner has always been to provide children’s footwear at a good price with the quality hallmark of “Made in Spain”, something which has undoubtedly been the key to our international growth and increased profit.

All of this would, of course, not have been possible without all those mums and dads that have trusted www.pisamonas.co.uk and who continue to do so when buying shoes for their children and for themselves, so our thanks goes to all of you! Nothing of this would have been possible without you :)

And of course, we’d like to thank DHL and all the jury members for this award which encourages us to continue growing internationally!

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How to clean patent-leather shoes to make them shine

By Pisamonas 16 January 2017

Learn how to clean patent-leather

Learn how to clean patent-leather so that your children’s shoes look perfect all the time!

Patent-leather shoes are beautiful! Their shine and elegance are undeniable and our children look great in them. Mary Janes, T-bar shoes, boots, booties or sandals, whatever patent shoes we choose, they’ll always mean quality and elegance.

Now, in order to keep that beautiful shine they need to be cleaned from time to time, especially when they are children’s shoes. Even though they might be clean and shiny at the start of the day, we never know the state they will be in by the end of the day. Children are curious and will run anywhere, and this might mean saying goodbye to cleanliness!

You will no longer need to fear these moments and your children will always wear shiny patent shoes if you follow the tips we give you here.

Cleaning patent-leather shoes in 3… 2… 1…

Children’s shoes always come in a wide variety of colours, materials and styles. We have already shown you how to clean suede shoes and velvet shoes, so let’s see how it’s done with patent-leather.

Cleaning patent-leather shoes is quite straight forward. Even though we all have our own way of doing things, and there are many ways of cleaning patent shoes with natural recipes and products, at Pisamonas we want to show you the classical way of doing it. Let’s get started!

  1. Just like with all other children’s shoes, we first have to wipe off any dust or dirt that may remain before applying any products. In the case of patent-leather, cleaning with a humid cotton cloth will be enough.
  2. Now that there are no specks of dust left we can start cleaning with water and neutral soap.
  3. After making sure we have completely removed the soap and the shoe is completely dry, we will use a specific patent cleaner. We will apply this by rubbing carefully with a cotton cloth making sure we don’t leave any traces. To make it shine that extra bit we can rub the shoes carefully with a drop of window-cleaning fluid and a cotton cloth.

Tips to keep patent-leather shoes in good condition

When cleaning patent-leather, if you have trouble getting to some of the smaller details on the shoe such as stiches, we recommend you used special shoe brushes. That way you’ll make sure you don’t leave any dirt behind!

Since patent is a more delicate material than canvas or velvet, the way these shoes are stored is also important, so we recommend you always put them in plastic bags to avoid scratches if they rub against other shoes.

As you can see, patent-leather requires specific care to make sure it keeps that special shine it has. But, can you imagine having shoes with that typical patent-leather shine that do not require all that care? In that case we recommend shoes with the patent effect. It’s true! If you need proof, have a look at these wellies for girls or this lace up Oxford design for both boys and girls. 

Tips to keep patent-leather shoes in good condition

Patent-leather, the fashion item we can always count on

Now that you know how to clean patent-leather, let’s have a look at how to make the most of children’s outfits. Who hasn’t owned a pair of patent shoes and reserved them for those special occasions? At Pisamonas we have children’s shoes at good prices so your children can have more than one pair of patent shoes.

This way you won’t need to reserve them for special occasions and your children can wear them whenever you want them to dress-up.

It’s easy to combine with outfits, but to get the best look, less is more. Patent-leather is very shiny so it’s better worn with simple and plain clothes.

With this in mind, patent-leather can become the ideal accessory for your children to look their best in any occasion :)

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New Year's Eve with children, have a special and fun night!

By Pisamonas 28 December 2016

Ideas to spend New Year's Eve with Children

Take note of our ideas to spend an unforgettable New Year with your children!

This year has been really hard work, running from here to there all day long and always looking after the children. So, we need to end the year on a high note and welcome in 2017 in style! We know that, much of the time, having children limits you when it comes to certain plans, but with this special party that's certainly not the case. In fact, it opens up a whole range of possibilities.

There are more and more ideas for making New Year with your children that bit different. At Pisamonas, we want to offer you some ideas, whether you decide to spend the day at home or out and about.

New Year plans with children out and about

Of all the nights of the year, New Year's Eve is probably one of the most special, and that's why we want you to enjoy it to the maximum with your children. If you still don’t know where to spend the end of the year but don’t want to stay at home, we have a few suggestions that are sure to inspire you. They are very interesting ideas for with friends or just the children.

To start with, we have the world of arts and culture, with music or magic. Spend a magical night with your loved ones at a fun show. There are venues that organise a special evening with dinner provided, where magic tricks are the night's main event. Music can also be a great way to say goodbye to the year and welcome in 2017, so there's nothing like going to an event with different musical activities designed for the little ones. A truly unforgettable night for the kids!

For those who have a few more days, we recommend you take a short break! This can be the perfect way to round off the holidays or a great plan this Christmas. On the one hand, you go to a New Year's Eve party at a theme park. Everything is designed for children to enjoy the last day of the year together with fun characters and activities that will exceed your expectations. But, if you think that your children will be the only ones that will enjoy it, you couldn't be more wrong, since there are also activities designed for adults.

On the other hand, if you fancy a something more tranquil, we suggest going on a rural getaway. You can rent accommodation in the countryside or in the mountains with your friends and family and hold your own party, or go to a rural resort where everything is already organised. Either way, they are wonderful ways to say "hello" to 2017.

Furthermore, waking up in a tranquil atmosphere surrounded by nature will be a unique experience. Of course, don't forget to have everything prepared so that you and your children wake up well. Good pyjamas, warm slippers and a full breakfast will be the best way to start 2017 off on the right foot.

What to do at home with children at New Year

If you are still thinking about what to do on New Year's Eve, but have decided not to go away, we also have some very fun ideas that you'll love.

To begin with, we suggest organising an activity for the littlest ones so that their mind is occupied and they're having fun. What do you think about preparing a little play or puppet show? It doesn't have to be professional, the important thing is to have fun. Look up a story that you like and try to bring it to life through little puppets, we're sure they'll want you to see it again and again!

If you are planning something where there will be several children in your home, you can improvise a small fashion show. This is one occasion when the kids are wearing their best clothes and we can use that to put on a fun fashion show. Put background music on and play the role of a presenter explaining how each child is dressed. Try to make it funny to give them a laugh too. The children will have a great time! You can record it and watch it again and again. To ensure they look as smart and elegant as possible, we recommend you complete their look with boys' and girls' shoes that you can find at Pisamonas. Little boots or patent leather pumps, glitter ballet pumps or suede moccasins are just some of the outfits that will make them shine on the last night of the year.

What's more, there's nothing quite like a goodie bag at a New Year's Eve party. What about preparing our own? Children will be entertained after dinner and will be thrilled to show off their goodie bag at the start of the new year. Use fabrics like felt, E.V.A. foam or coloured feathers and you can make very original masks and hats.

Like the sound of any of these plans? We hope we have given you some ideas so you know what to do on New Year's Eve with your children. And, all that's left is to thank you for putting your trust in Pisamonas and wish you a 2017 full of joy and adorable shoes. Happy New Year's Eve!

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Santa Clause, this year we have been very good...

By Pisamonas 22 December 2016

Santa Clause

Help your children ask for presents from Santa Clause!

In a few days many children all over the world will be sleeping with one eye open. The reason? Santa Clause is coming and with him Christmas Presents for those who behaved well. Although at this point many already have prepared and sent a letter to Santa, there is certainly still time to speak with him and make some last-minute modifications if necessary. Today we’d like to offer you some recommendations for making sure this letter is perfect in every sense of the word.

Advice for getting the perfect letter to Santa

If the little girl or little boy in question has behaved very well, they will surely receive many gifts, but it is very important for these gifts to be varied, in the sense that they include educational gifts as well as practical gifts for the day-to-day. In these gifts for children don’t forget to include some shoes or boots for boys and girls from Pisamonas. This is the perfect moment to complete or add to the shoe collection of your little ones. Just ask Santa! :)

The best way to make sure that these gifts don’t overlap and that they are complementary is to write different letters to Santa, for example, one for home, another for grandparents and another for aunts and uncles. 

It’s true that gifts at any time should relate to the wishes of the little one, so it must be the child who writes the letter to Santa and not the parents. Often, we feel there are certain toys that we always would have liked to have when we were children but that does not mean that our children will like them too.

Though it will be our children who write to Santa, it is important that we revise everything to make sure it is correct before formalizing the request. One of the most important aspects of this is that the toys are appropriate for the child’s age, so there is no risk of them exceeding their capacities. 

Advice for getting the perfect letter to Santa

We must teach our children that Santa has many gifts to spread across the world and for this reason he cannot give lots of presents to each child, because then there would be some children left without a gift. It is important that they don’t get a huge amount of presents so they can learn to appreciate the value of things. This way, Santa cannot always give everything that each child asks for in his or her letter.

Educational games in the letter to Santa?

In the past few years, technology has been the main presence under the Christmas tree. There are few children who don’t include some technological product in their letter to Santa, from cell phones to tablets, to consoles or mp4s. And while the passion for technological products advances, the appreciation for educational toys diminishes. Despite what many children (and sometimes parents) think, educational toys are not boring. Educational toys let a child develop their curiosity, independence, and even their reasoning skills.

What is certain is that technology is not incompatible with educational toys, and at times even compliments them.

And unisex toys?

When Christmas comes, one of the debates that always emerges is over the use of unisex toys. One only needs to look through a catalogue of toys these days to realize that there are toys that are clearly intended for boys and those intended for girls. Through colors and models this message is transmitted. However, this does not mean that it has to be this way, given that by definition all toys are unisex.

From when they are very young, children don’t know how to distinguish between a “boy toy” and a “girl toy” and it is adults who communicate that message to them. Though there are not many examples, there are some toy companies that work with the assumption that all toys are unisex. In their catalogues there are girls playing with tools and boys playing with kitchens. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that little ones learn and enjoy themselves.

Christmas Gifts

If your children have sent a letter to Santa this year, we hope these tips will help you in future Christmases.

From Pisamonas we wish you a good night! 

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Christmas arts & crafts to enjoy together

By Pisamonas 20 December 2016

Christmas arts & crafts

Christmas crafts to spend time with your children

At Christmas, as the children are on holiday we can enjoy spending more time with the little ones. Apart from the wide range of activities organised for children at this time of year, there are also many ways that you can make sure your children have fun. Today we're going to talk about one of them: arts & crafts. Who didn't have fun as a child doing some kind of art or craft? Sure, at school they produce genuine works of art, but the Christmas arts & crafts we're going to propose here are just as impressive!

With these ideas, you can spend time with your children, letting them enjoy themselves without using the latest technology. Not only that, but you'll also have new Christmas decorations to decorate the house and the Christmas tree.

All of our suggestions are easy crafts, but not all of them are recommended for all children. As such, we have tried to group them by age range so as to ensure that they get the most out of them.

Arts & crafts for kids aged from 3 to 5

For the little ones, there's nothing like hand-making Christmas crafts. In particular, we want to propose two ideas for decorating the Christmas tree. Imagine their excitement when they see their creations on the tree!

The first option is to draw around the children's hands on cardboard and, from there, decorate them as you like by colouring them in with crayons or using small pieces of cotton wool as if they were Christmas snowflakes. When they're finished, simply make a little hole in them and put a small piece of thread or wool through it to hang it.

Another project which is a little more elaborate and which is one of our favourite crafts to do at home is the following. Why not make Christmas figurines with salt dough, which is made using just flour, salt and water?

This dough is very easy to mould and we can use it to make ornaments for the tree. To do this, we will use Christmas moulds such as trees or stars and let the figures dry for two days. Don't forget to make a hole in them beforehand so you can hang them later! Once they are dry, you can paint them as you like and hang them on the Christmas tree.

Arts & crafts for kids aged from 5 to 10

For children who are a little older, our next project is to make a very original nativity scene, which will leave all of your guests speechless. The idea is to make the nativity figurines with materials that are very different from the classics. For younger children, we suggest using plasticine, a material that is lots of fun and very easy for children to use.

For the older ones, plasticine can be too simple, so we need a more original idea. What do you think about making the nativity figurines with empty yogurt pots? It's very simple, you can use the empty containers from drinkable yogurts as bodies and, from there, use other elements such as rubber balls, felt and wool to make the heads and shape them. One generous helping of imagination coming up!

Arts & crafts for kids aged from 10 to 12

From the age of 8-10, depending on the child, they may find certain children's crafts extremely boring. Therefore, for these ages, we suggest a more intricate idea than the previous ones. However, the finished product will really stand out. We already have decorations for the Christmas tree and the nativity scene, but what about our front door? What better way to welcome our guests these holidays than to prepare a beautiful Christmas wreath! And what better way to do it than making the Christmas wreath with our children?

On the Internet you can find a great variety of easy crafts for kids to make Christmas wreaths. However, in Pisamonas we decided on one of the most practical ones and we're about to tell you why. It is a Christmas wreath made with pegs so, in addition to being decorative, it is very handy for hanging up pictures or Christmas cards.

To make it, all you need is a wire hanger, a metre of satin ribbon, around 50 wooden clothes pegs, round beads (preferably red or gold) with the hole roughly the same thickness as the hanger, and a hot glue gun. Because of the materials used, it is really important that this craft be done together, with your supervision and help at all times.

The first thing to do is paint the wooden pegs and let them dry. We recommend that you paint them green.

When the clothes pegs have dried fully, you will have to cut the hanger and shape the wire into a circle, with only one opening. It is very important that you do this step yourself with pliers, so that the children don't risk cutting themselves. 

Next, you thread the clothes pegs and beads through the wire, alternating them: 1 peg, 1 bead. It is important that the grip part of the peg is facing outwards.

When the wire is almost complete, we will leave both ends free and glue them with hot glue so that they are joined together, and so that neither the pegs nor the beads move. Finally, you only have to cover that part of wire with a little satin ribbon and then make a bow with another piece of ribbon.

Did you like these easy kids' crafts ideas? Tell us about your experiences! You must have many more ideas for making great works of art with children this Christmas!

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Homework, friend or foe?

By Pisamonas 15 December 2016

 Advantages and disadvantages of homework

Advantages and disadvantages of homework

Every year with the Christmas school holidays, we return to the same debate regarding homework, is it good or bad? It is it a good idea to take advantage of this free time to do school exercises, or is better to let students relax and unwind completely?

There are some parents who consider homework to be necessary and others who believe that it is a nuisance, as they have to help their kids with it after work.  Is the time spent in school enough, or do kids need something extra at home in order to guarantee their maximum intellectual development.

One may tend to think that more is better, however there are examples of countries such as Finland, where children do not do homework and the results are quite satisfactory.

There are opinions for all tastes and points of view and from all fields of interest. Teachers and parents can be on one side or the other, and it is certain that you will also have your own opinion. At Pisamonas we are experts in children's footwear and quality at a good price, not in homework. So for this reason, we wanted to gather some of the pros and cons that are always mentioned by experts on the subject. 

Pros of homework

Like everything else, homework has some advantages and disadvantages, which will be more important for some than for others. However, it is true that it is often not the parent's choice and depends on tasks assigned by the school.

Here are 5 benefits:

  1. According to many experts, it is a way of helping our children begin to acquire some discipline and to realise that effort is rewarded with good results.
  2. Another point that is often used to defend homework, is that it helps to establish habits and routines.
  3. Expanding knowledge for which there is not enough time in class is another of the benefits. Often, because of the organisation of the curriculum, there are some areas which cannot be covered in sufficient depth so that the kids learn adequately. 
  4. The amount of homework is another determining factor in this debate, as there are many professionals who argue that it is necessary to assign homework for all of the above benefits, but that it should be properly assigned so as not to be counterproductive.
  5. Finally, the supporters of homework also tend to take into account the importance of adapting the amount of work to the age of the children doing it. Therefore, one can't expect that a child of 6 spend the same amount of time on homework as one  of 13.

Cons of homework

But as in all debates, not only are there supporters, but also detractors, in this case of homework. There tend to be 5 arguments used to justify this position:

  1. Sometimes homework can cause family problems, since many parents do not know how to help their children, or simply don't have the time they would like to be able to help them.
  2. In addition, time can be a problem not only for parents, but also for children. If the extra workload is very high, they may have to do without other extracurricular sporting or artistic activities that they love and that also help them to develop as people.
  3. According to some experts, by occupying most of their leisure time doing homework, the autonomy of children to plan their own activities is limited.
  4. Another downside is that if they spend too much time doing homework, they end up getting frustrated, feeling that they are spending all day studying. It has also been shown that free time to play is necessary for the intellectual development of children as well as adults.
  5. Many experts say that homework is often not really an extension of the knowledge developed at school, but merely consists of repetitive tasks.

What do you think? Are you for or against homework? Of the arguments we mentioned, which do you agree with? nado?

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The fashion for fur boots knows no age limit!

By Pisamonas 7 December 2016

 The fashion for fur boots

Fur boots have become a must for any wardrobe!

It's been more than a decade since these fur boots burst like a high-speed train into the closets of millions of women around the world. Although this type of model has a much longer history, it was not until the start of the year 2000 when its success really took off. A success that first won over top celebrities, and then later infected the rest of us mortals.

We're talking, of course, about the success of a design that does not fit neatly into one single category, so it would be more appropriate to refer to them from now on as Australian-style fur boots.  However, as we will mention later, in Pisamonas, we also have this type of boots for girls and women, made in Spain.

Your feet still haven't had the pleasure of walking in these shoes? Haven't thought about buying these boots for your little one? Keep reading and you too are sure to get on board with a fashion that doesn't look like it's set to end anytime soon!

The reason why fur boots have been so successful

One of the most curious things about these boots is that in the late 90's no one would have ever thought that this kind of footwear could have had a place in the world of fashion. However, in 2004, the great catwalks of the world surrendered to it. Paris, New York, Milan... nobody wanted to miss out on the chance to show off the latest in fashion, where the star was none other than comfort.

Since then, over 10 years have gone by and these boots with their sheepskin lining have never been in better health. Even if you don't have a pair in your wardrobe, it is not necessary for us to describe them, as from the very first sentence in this post, you will already have been able to picture them in your mind.

The sheepskin lining inside the boot is one of the reasons for its success, making it ideal, warm footwear for winter. But that's not the only reason; the rich and famous have also shown us that they can be perfect for leisure-wear, since there are few who have not been seen sporting them in the festivals that take place in the spring or autumn.

This type of footwear is designed using the same basic pattern but there can be many styles and details that differentiate them. Additionally, there are lots of colours, different leg heights and the possibility of buying this type of boot online. That's why we are sure that you will not be able to settle for just one model!

Best of all, they are very simple to combine with all types of clothes and, to prove it, a little later on we will describe some of the many outfits that look perfect worn with these Australian-style sheepskin boots.

Fur boots for your little ones

With all the features that we have just mentioned, it is not surprising that this model quickly spread to include children as well. And the fact is that these fur boots for girls are not only ideal, fashionable boots for your daughters, but will quickly become their favourites too. There is no children's shoe shop worth its salt that doesn't include at least one brand with Australian-style fur boot designs for children in their catalogue. In Pisamonas, we offer you a selection of 3 colours (brown, grey and sand), which are very easy to combine with anything.

As our boots are made of top-quality materials and have a rubber sole, they are ideal for the littlest girls up to big ones, available in sizes 19 to 38. Your daughters will also become unconditional fans of these boots! Let's see how we can combine them...

Ideas for combining fur boots with outfits

Now that we are clear that fur boots are here to stay, and why, we can discover how to make the most of them!

Unlike other models that are less easy to combine, with this type of boot you can let your imagination run wild, and use it in a thousand different ways. It's hard to find a wrong fashion combination, as long as you remember the two basic rules: never combine these boots with tracksuits or with bell-bottoms. As long as you remember this, you won't go wrong! ;)

Jeans are always a safe bet if you want your daughter to look good in these boots. You can combine them with jeans of any colour, whether frayed or embroidered. They will always look great!

They can be worn both for everyday use as well as for the weekend. And for those special days, we propose an outfit which is both cute and smart: their fur boots worn with wool tights, a printed skirt and a white shirt. They will look perfect for any occasion! Take a look at this video if you're still not convinced ...

Without a doubt, for those wintry days we recommend one winning combiation: fur boots and Condor wool tights. From there, whether your decide to go for a skirt, a pinafore or a dress, your little girl will look gorgeous and keep her feet toasty warm!

Are you and your little girl going to join the trend for these fashionable boots?

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