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Black Friday

Black Friday 2018 at Pisamonas. Look no further for the best offers in children's footwear!



There’s 15% off all footwear and accessories at Pisamonas from 21st to 25th November. Your favourite shoes at an even better price. If you’ve been hunting non-stop for the best offers and promotions for Black Friday 2018, look no further than Pisamonas. On our newly-launched website, as well as in our brand’s 20 stores, you can snap up girls’ Mary Janes from just £16.95, boys’ moccasins for £19.50 or women’s shoes from £22.05.

Don’t wait around and get your favourite styles now, because even though we have made special preparations for Black Friday with extra stock and staff to meet your needs, in the end, the sizes will fly off the shelves and our most popular models will be sold out in no time. If the boots or bluchers you added to your shopping basket or wish list weeks before are still available, don’t wait around and complete your order online to make sure you don’t miss out, as our children’s footwear stores might not have your size available over this period due to increased demand. Check out our latest store opening a few days ago!


 Zapatería Infantil Pisamonas


Thanks to our special prices for a few days only, now's the time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping and finish off that adorable look you've pictured for your children, for a fraction of the price and with premium quality. Quality footwear made in Spain with stylish designs and ultimate comfort. This year, for the first time, we have extended our exchanges and returns period, giving you up to 45 days for everything you buy at Pisamonas from Black Friday right up until Christmas. This means you can buy ahead for Christmas gifts and holidays with no need to worry. If the little one you’re buying to doesn't like the gift or it doesn’t quite suit them, you have until after Three Kings’ Day (6th January) to exchange it or get a refund hassle-free.

Here are some of the most popular shoes we’ve sold in the first few hours of Black Friday 2018, so you can snap up your favourites:


 Zapatos Pisamonas Black Friday 2018

Girls Riptape Mary Janes. Before: from £19.95. During Black Friday: from £6.95.

Bluchers with removable fringe. Before: from £36.95. During Black Friday: from £31.40.


Botas Niña Black Friday 2018  

Booties with pompoms. Before: from £43.95. During Black Friday: from £37.35.

 Botines Talonera Glitter Pisamonas Black Friday 2018 

Booties with glitter heel. Before: from £41.95. During Black Friday: from £35.65.


Merceditas Terciopelo Niña Black Friday 2018  

Velvet Mary Janes. Before: from £19.95. During Black Friday: from £16.95. 


Bailarinas con Pompón Pisamonas Black Friday 2018 

Ballet pumps with pompom. Before: from £37.95. During Black Friday: from £32.25.


Zapatillas Terciopelo Pisamonas Black Friday 2018 

Velvet trainers. Before: from £27.95. During Black Friday: from £23.75.


 Pisacacas Bebé Pisamonas Black Friday 2018

Desert boots for babies. Before: from £26.95. During Black Friday: from £22.90.


Mocasines Pisamonas Black Friday 2018 

Split-leather moccasins. Before: from £40.95. During Black Friday: from £34.80.


Discover unique moments with our New Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection


The cosiest and most accessible Pisamonas collection yet

The first leaves of autumn begin to fall while your little one takes their first steps. Your little princess playing Ring a Ring o' Roses in the garden with her friends while sunset is fast approaching. And in the blink of an eye, your son is already a little man looking after his younger sister during the pleasant Sunday evenings of autumn and, in a few months' time, when Christmas celebrations are near, he will show off his very first bow-tie!

All these special moments shared with your children, and many more that will be captured forever in your family photo album, served as our inspiration for the New Pisamonas Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection, and we hope it will become your go-to for your children's footwear to accompany the most memorable occasions.

Shoes and accessories for school, weekends, birthday parties and family get-togethers, or for winter weddings and baptisms. Our new collection offers a vast selection for each and every one of these moments... plus a whole lot more!

From quintessentially classic styles in a new range of colours and designs, to plenty of new models that stay up to date with the latest trends... giving centre stage to your children's footwear no matter what the occasion!


Fashion footwear for girls


New Collection Ballet Pumps

Our Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection for the most fashionable girls is bursting with energy and pretty as a picture! Military-style boots in soft pastel colours including powdered pink, boyish bluchers with snakeskin effect or ballet pumps with cute pompoms, bows and shiny toes, are only a snippet of the new looks from our Autumn/Winter Collection for girls. Because merging comfort with fashion for girls is simple with Pisamonas!


Formal shoes for boys


New Collection Loafers

The boys are kicking off this season in the most elegant shoes, whether they are off to school or out-doing their dads' elegance at the weekend! In this case, there's nothing better than split-leather bluchers in a range of styles with a coloured sole, buckle or removable fringe!

Moccasins also hold their own in the style stakes and take their place among the best-sellers season after season! This is why in the new collection we have added new colours that match all types of clothes, so that you put together a range of different looks!

For those on the hunt for comfortable yet elegant boat shoes, our new waxed canvas lace boat shoes are a must-have.

The best shoes for their first steps!

New Collection Babyes

All the latest trends for the tiniest of feet! Booties with pompoms for boys and girls, glitter desert boots or velvet shoes with silk faille laces and split-leather Oxford shoes in a range of trendy colours!

The coolest first steps with this season's must-haves!


new collection

Discover The Pisamonas’s New Autumn Winter Collection for 2018 video

Their first steps and games, their most endearing smiles, the tender hugs of their younger siblings or the cuteness of wearing a bow-tie and stepping into the shoes of a little gentleman! All of these moments when your children come into their own and develop their own personalities are unforgettable, and at Pisamonas we want to be a part of that by providing footwear from our New Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection to accompany the most treasured memories.

This was the premise behind our design of a complete collection for not only your day-to-day life but also family leisure activities, so that you can attend family get-togethers, birthdays, elegant events or have Sunday lunch with the grandparents... with a touch of Pisamonas style! New models and designs as well as our top styles in new colours for little, large and older children thanks to our broad range of shapes and sizes, plus different options for the mums and dads, all available, as always, at your trusted online children's footwear shop. For stylish families kitted out for the new autumn/winter season? Look no further than Pisamonas!

Get your children ready for the new school year with Pisamonas

Everyone equipped for Back to School with Pisamonas! Yes, we know, September is a bittersweet month! The end of your holidays, going back to routine, setting the alarm clock and saying goodbye to the good weather are hard to get used to at the start, especially for the kids in the house. However, the beginning of a new school year brings with it new challenges and goals, the hope of living new experiences and the desire to show off new shoes! The thing is, a change of season also means a change of wardrobe, and despite the fact we´re still in the month of August and you´re in the midst of enjoying the summer with your family, it´s time to think about all the footwear and accessories your children are going to need to ensure they start their classes perfectly equipped. Hence, thinking about you and your convenience, we at Pisamonas already have everything ready to help you find the best school shoes and accessories. A wide range of models for all occasions and activities including the most classic and timeless school footwear, with new shoes with a velcro fastener and washable leather, and tough sports shoes for physical education classes and all the different out-of-school activities!   Would you like to see these and other models and discover our selection of school footwear? Well, keep reading and check out the list of items you need for your children and add them to your Pisamonas shopping basket! Children´s school uniform footwear Pisamonas Children´s school uniform footwear The type of shoes children need to wear at many schools requiring a uniform is highly specific. For these cases, Pisamonas has a wide range of classic models in plain colours such as black, blue and brown to ensure they match your child´s clothing perfectly. Moccasins for boys and girls, bluchers, deck shoes and Mary Janes, which will also be of use for attending more formal events. School footwear with velcro Pisamonas School footwear with velcro School shoes with velcro have become one of the most comfortable options for children to wear throughout the school year. At some nursery schools, toddlers´ shoes featuring this type of fastener are actually mandatory, as putting them on and taking them off is so quick! Thus, we at Pisamonas provide different options of velcro, from deck shoes to Mary Janes, in addition to sports shoes and mythical desert boots! Top marks in style and a practical manner! Furthermore, this season we have new school shoes with a reinforced toe, ideal for withstanding hectic running around, kicking balls and using the toes as a brake when riding bicycles and skateboards. School sports footwear Pisamonas School sports footwear Gym classes, football games in the playground, out-of-school tennis classes… Besides being healthy, engaging in sport is an activity children love and will dedicate hours and hours to over the week! Choosing a comfortable and quality pair of shoes for these occasions is essential to ensuring your children´s feet don´t suffer and preventing any mishaps! We at Pisamonas have classic white sports shoes with a velcro fastener in a vast array of the latest designs for scoring goals like top footballers!   The novelty this season is sports shoes in washable leather for kids starting nursery school or school, in navy blue, featuring velcro and available in sizes 19 to 26.  Pisamonas fashionable children´s footwear! Ankle boots featuring frills, pompoms and beaded details, Mary Janes, bluchers and Oxford type shoes… We at Pisamonas place a focus on the best design and the best quality, and think about the tastes and needs of the kings of the family for both school and out-of-school! Family weekends, friends´ and relatives´ birthdays, trips to the countryside…. Whatever your plans, we have a shoe for every occasion! All in accordance with the characteristics of Pisamonas: products 100% made in Spain with the best materials, in addition to free delivery, exchanges and returns! Happy Back to School and happy Pisamonas shopping!      

The Pisamonas 3x2 sale is here!

Take advantage of this offer to update your kids’ footwear! August has arrived and with it one of our most popular offers: Pisamonas 3for2! Without a doubt, the perfect time to get your hands on the best children’s footwear and accessories, and get one product absolutely free! Are you off on holiday to the beach and have realised that your kids’ flip flops from last year are too small? Have you been eyeing some stylish sandals, and does your little girl want a pair too? Do any of your children need a new pair of school shoes, but fancy another pair of shoes too? Well, that’s what the Pisamonas 3for2 is for! Easy, convenient and excellent value! This week will become your favourite Pisamonas sale!

How does it work?

The Pisamonas 3for2 is so simple that you’ll find it hard to believe: you only have to pick three products (footwear and/or accessories) and we’ll give you the cheapest free! But, so you’re completely sure of how this offer works, we’ve explained it for you step by step: How long does the 3for2 last? From 3rd to 15th August What exactly is it? For every 3 products you buy, you pay for just 2. The third (the cheapest), is free! For example, if you buy a pair of shoes that are worth 15, 20 and 25 euros, rather than paying 60 euros you’ll pay 45! If I buy 6 products, will the 3for2  still apply? Of course! This offer is unlimited and you can take advantage of it whenever you want during the set period (3rd-15th August). If you buy 6 shoes, you’ll only pay for 4, and so on and so forth! And would I have to buy them in two separate orders for the discount to apply? No, you only need to place one order with all of the products you want and the discount will be applied automatically. Where is this offer valid? The Pisamonas 3x2 is applicable both on our website and in all physical Pisamonas stores. Don’t know where your nearest Pisamonas shop is? Just click here and find out! What do I need to do to apply the discount to my online order? You don’t have to do anything differently! No code required. Simply add the products you want to your shopping cart and the discount will be applied automatically, as you’ll see in your purchase confirmation. What products are included in this offer?  ALL OF THEM! This offer is applicable to any Pisamonas product: footwear, accessories, spring-summer, autumn-winter, school shoe, occasion shoes, trainers for children and parents... Do you have to buy 3 products from the same category? No, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire, regardless of class or category. You can choose 3 of the same shoe, 3 different shoes, 2 different shoes and an accessory... There’s no limit on the products you can select. Can I use the  3for2  offer on more than one occasion and on different days? Of course! This isn’t a limited offer, so you can make all the purchases you want between 3rd and 15th August. Get your hands on children’s shoes online and in store as many times as you need to! If I’ve placed an order a few days or hours before the start of this offer, will the third pair be discounted?  The promotion only applies to purchases made between the 3rd and the 15th of August, inclusive. If I buy two products in separate orders, do I get a third product free?  No, the promotion applies to three products purchased at the same time.  If I make a payment by transfer and it arrives when the offer has already finished, will there a problem?  No, to enjoy the 3x2 offer you only have to make the purchase during the offer period. If the transfer arrives after August 15 and you buy before that day, there’s no problem! The discount will still apply.  Are shipping, exchanges and returns are still free?  Of course. The only thing that might happen is that when you make an exchange or return something your order total could change. For example, if you purchase a 15 euro products, another for 20 and another for 20, you’ll get the 15 euro one free. If you decide to change the 15 euro one for a 25 euro one, you’ll have to pay an extra five euros, as the 20 euro product will become the cheapest product, and therefore the free one. Can this offer be combined with Pisamonas Club discounts?  Yes, the Pisamonas Club discounts will remain valid. See how easy it is to take advantage of the Pisamonas 3x2 offer? If you’ve still got any questions, just get in contact. We’d love to help you out! 

Get last minute shoes for this summer

During the Pisamonas Unique Week, you can buy the spring/summer shoes you want or that you’ve realised your family will need at the last minute, at the best price.Pisamonas 3 for 2 Week

Save on going back to school!

As well as this season’s products, our new products and items from the autumn-winter 2018 collection are also on offer, so why don’t you take advantage of this Unique Week to get ready for autumn and buy your children’s school shoes? Pisamonas 3x2 UK So don’t hesitate! Be practical, save with Pisamonas and make September easier on yourself with our Unique Week of 3x2!

We´ve extended our summer sales

/strong> Take advantage of our 15% discount until july 31! If you haven’t had time to enjoy our sale or want to take advantage and make some last minute purchases, then we’ve extended our sale period until July 31! You’ve got a few more days to get our shoes for children and adults online with the same quality as ever but at the best prices! There’s a 15% discount on all our products, both online and in store. Ideas for purchases during these extra sale days Whether it’s for summer or for the coming autumn-winter season, at Pisamonas we’ve got discounts on all our products, whatever collection they’re part of. Are you going on holiday and need a pair of flip-flops or jelly shoes for paddling? Then take a look at our beach products! Flip-flops with wide straps and buckles from 16.60, or limited edition jelly shoes from only 14.40. You can also make the most of our discounts by getting your hands on a pair of comfortable trainers so your kids can run, jump and generally enjoy the summer, whilst staying cool and comfortable! We have canvas models that are plain and patterned, lace-ups and slip-ons, Velcro ones... check out our trainers section and choose your favourite! Ballet flats are a favourite amongst girls of any age. If you haven’t yet picked up anything for your little girls or for you, then now’s the time! At Pisamonas we’ve got options for all tastes and in all designs, up to sizes 40 and 41.  Back to school sale! Although there’s still more than a month to go, the Pisamonas summer sale is also the perfect moment to start preparing your kids for going back to school. For that, we’ve got all kinds of models such as Mary Janes, moccasins, trainers and school shoes as well as socks, tights and hair accessories that they’ll need during the school year. That means you'll save money, and when September comes you'll be much less overwhelmed having already prepared everything your little ones need. So, now you know! Think about what you need or treat yourself last minute, and take advantage of the extended sale!  

The Pisamonas summer sale is here

¡Until July 25, take advantage of a 15% discount on all our products Las rebajas de verano de Pisamonas dan su pistoletazo de salida para que puedas adquirir desde hoy y hasta el próximo 25 de julio el mejor calzado infantil al mejor precio. Tanto si necesitas renovar los zapatos de tus hijos como si quieres comprar ese modelo de capricho que tanto te gusta, te explicamos las condiciones de las rebajas Pisamonas para que solo te preocupes ¡por ahorrar dinero! The Pisamonas summer sale has kicked off, so between today and July 25 you can get the best children’s shoes and the best prices. Whether you need to update your children’s shoes or you just fancy buying a pair that has really caught your eye, we’ll explain the conditions of the Pisamonas sale, so you only have to worry about saving money!  How does the Pisamonas sale work? It’s super simple and convenient! From now until July 25 you can get all the products on the site and in-store at a 15% discount. And when we say all the products, we mean ALL the products! That includes footwear as well as accessories, products from the new collection and the autumn-winter collection, models for babies, children, elderly people and mothers... children's occasion and school footwear... tights and socks, swimwear, hair ties and bows... absolutely each and every one of our products! Are shipping, exchanges and returns still free?  Yes! At Pisamonas, we want the only thing to change to be the price. We want your buying experience, from the beginning until the end, to be just like it always is! Therefore, shipping, exchanges and returns are free, just like the rest of the year. baby shoes How do I know where my nearest Pisamonas shop is? As we’ve already explained, as well as on our website, the 15% discount on all our products also applies to all our stores! So that you can make the most of both of these sales channels, we offer you all kinds of advantages and facilities so that we can adapt to your needs and rhythm of life.  That means you can, for example, choose your Pisamonas shoes in a shop but place your order online so that everything is delivered straight to your house. You could also buy them at home and collect them in a shop to fit in with your schedule, or return products you’ve bought online to a shop. Our offline expansion shows no signs of slowing down, and we’re opening more and more Pisamonas stores in different parts of Spain. There’s already a Pisamonas shop in Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, Valencia, Malaga, Marbella, Valladolid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, San Sebastian and A Coruña. If you want to know the address of each of them to figure out which is the closest to your house or holiday destination, then click on our store directory, and come and see all of our products in person! Get inspired with our suggestions and save in the 2018 sale As you may know, one of Pisamonas’ main aims is to offer you quality products that are bang on trend at super affordable prices! Now that the sale is starting, it’s the perfect moment to update your wardrobe and get the best new shoes, cheaper than ever! Therefore, we’ve selected a few combinations of models for you, both from the New Collection and our basic essentials, so that you can enjoy our best products and not spend a penny more than you need to! What about some of these fashion sandals? They’re beautifully designed, comfortable and perfectly match your most daring summer outfits for those special occasions. Leather sandals with gel insoles are available in mustard, white, leather and makeup, and the suede ones with elastic straps come in beige, white and pink. What’s more, both models are available in sizes 28 to 41! These are perfect for mothers and daughters to get that mummy & me style this year! And these Menorcan sandals with a star pattern? They belong to our spring summer 2018 collection and have proved popular! This is a perfect summer shoe made of a very soft and smooth nubuck that’s really comfortable and cool, and fits like a glove! They’re available, as you can see in the photo, in turquoise, sand and pink and in sizes 33 to 39. There’s an option for the littlest people too! The same model is available in the same colours but with an extra strap and Velcro closure so it stays safely on their little feet! From sizes 20 to 32, this is another shoe that both kids and adults can wear!  menorcan sandals Pisamonas For the little men in your life, try these moccasins! These are made of top-quality suede decorated with tassels or a bow. They’re both attractive and stylish! Mocassins Sales And, last but not least, our essential classics!  Girl’s fabric Mary Janes, espadrilles, or sneakers with no laces and rubber toes for the whole family. Everything at   is 15% off.  Don’t hesitate, take advantage! 

Equip your children for camp with Pisamonas footwear

¡The indispensable children's footwear for summer holidays Classes are over, holidays are coming and summer camps begin! No doubt it’s the perfect solution at home to make it easier for you to reconcile work and family life at the same time your children take advantage of your free time, feel comfortable in a different environment, strike up new friendship relationships and enjoy together your leisure time. Different options have been added to traditional summer camps in recent years. They are very different from each other and are focused on different themes so that - whatever your kids’ hobbies may be  - you can find the perfect camp for them. But, in addition to choosing the most suitable camp, it is also necessary to equip them with the best products to make sure they have everything. Of them all, shoes are one of the items that we should be more careful since they depend on them to enjoy this fortnight in the most practical and comfortable way without you. Trainers, espadrilles, sandals… in Pisamonas we have all shoes they need!

Fashionable children's sandals for the music camp!

During the academic year, many children attend extra-curricular musical classes to learn how to play an instrument. With the aim of further reinforcing all the knowledge acquired during the course or starting in this field during the summer holiday, there are numerous musical camps adapted to each child’s level. Most of the activities carried out in this type of camps are musical, but they alternate them with other typical kids activities such as sports and outdoor games. A perfect proposal for all those children who have a passion for music. Leather sandals Pisamonas  Leather sandals with elastic straps And to enjoy all music classes, nothing better than the comfort of good fashionable girl sandals. Girls and teenagers will love this nappa and cross-elastic strap model thanks to its trendier design and the comfort of its leather insoles.

Sophisticated children's footwear for the science and technology camp!

Far from being serious or boring, the science and technology camps are a super interesting alternative so that your children learn scientific, natural and technological concepts in an enjoyable way. The main objective is for them to acquire knowledge through exploration, familiarizing themselves with certain notions through games, observations and experiments. Robotic constructions, 3D design, telecommunications and the Internet, the magic of electronics or the observation of the sky with a telescope are some of the activities that are carried out in this type of camps. They will learn through play and come back thrilled! Mocassins boys Pisamonas Left: Boys Suede Tassel Moca ssins           Right:  Boys Suede Mask Loafers    When it comes to footwear, one of the advantages of this type of camps is that they can go with a smarter look without the fear of getting them dirty or ruined. In addition to being comfortable, they will make them feel like young gentlemen! Loafers are a great choice for them. In Pisamonas we have a lot of models, such as splits with tassels available in size 25 to 40 or the masked ones in 6 different colours!

Sneakers for the multi-activity camp!

The multi-activity camps are the preferred choice for more adventurous kids. Surrounded by nature, they will take part in several trekking excursions, throw themselves down a zip line, climb stone walls, ride a canoe…. It’s pure adrenaline! Sneakers and Espadrilles Left:   Espadrilles with Elastic Band      Right:  Rubber toe cap canvas trainers  For this type of camps, where they are going to carry out different and varied activities, it is important to take a selection of at least 3 types of footwear appropriate to each activity. Crabeater flip-flops for water, sneakers without laces, which are quick to put on and take off and are very versatile for adventure games, and some lifelong espadrilles, with elastic band for the leisure time, are three options that you can bet on.

Split and nubuck sandals for the urban camp!

Urban camps are one of the alternatives most demanded by parents in big cities. Many of them work and cannot leave their children with friends or family members, so they rely on this type of camps so that their kids are taken care of and entertained. The activities carried out are manifold: crafts, technology or theatre workshops, playground…Sandals Girls Spring Summer Pisamonas Left:  Suede Sandals Wood-like Soles        Right: Wide straps nubuck sandals  For these urban camps, footwear has less restrictions and the kids can take advantage of it by wearing their favourite shoes. The split sandals with wood-type sole, apart from being comfortable, are the trendiest, and the nubuck sandals have a very casual design perfect to go with any look. In addition, both models are available in large sizes (up to 38 and 40 specifically) so that girls, teenagers and even mums can wear the same footwear!


Energy-filled mornings… with your Pisamonas shoes!

Enjoy quality time with your family with our Spring Summer Collection Whenever we talk about children’s nutrition, we have to remember to take the importance of a good breakfast into account. It’s the first thing that that kids eat after a night of fasting and means they can take on the morning with the energy to make it through till lunchtime! Among its many other benefits, breakfast helps to boost brain function, which is so important considering all the hours that they spend at school. It reduces their stress and anxiety, strengthens their defences and is one of the best ways of combatting childhood obesity. If they eat properly first thing in the morning, they’ll be less hungry at lunchtime, and they’ll also have burned off the calories they eat for breakfast. As you may know, a good breakfast should be made up of milk, cereal, toasted bread (carbohydrates) some kind of protein, like eggs, and, of course, fruit! Whether it’s as whole fruit or in juices or smoothies, fruit is vital for good childhood nutrition as it contains all kinds of the nutrients that they need to be strong and healthy.  How do you know which ones have the most vitamins in them? It’s easy! The most colourful fruit are the best! Look for the ones that have had the most sunlight, and those that are in season! Because of that, and taking advantage of the arrival of summer holidays, meaning that everyone has more free time to spend with their family, here at Pisamonas we’ve got some tasty smoothie and milkshake recipes that, as well as being delicious, are the perfect way for your little ones to enjoy fruit in a different way! The best part? Making them together! Encourage your kids to help you prepare them! It’ll make them feel grown up and responsible, and mean they’ll enjoy drinking them even more! Now they’re ready to seize the day! Nourished and, of course, in their Pisamonas shoes!

Espadrilles with ribbons and crochet to match your strawberry smoothie!

Valencian style espadrilles Girls espadrilles crochet  Kit out your little girl with our beautiful Valencian-style espadrilles with ribbons and crochet, and she’ll be ready to make this beautiful strawberry smoothie! Ingredients: -5 large strawberries -1/3 banana (best if a little brown) -1 natural yoghurt -1 dash of milk -2 teaspoons of sugar or 1 teaspoon of honey -2 ice cubes -Whipped cream  Preparation: Peel and chop the banana, wash the strawberries and remove the stalks (you can ask your kids to do this!). Blend the fruit with the rest of the ingredients and add two ice cubes into the blender to give it that extra smoothie-touch. So refreshing! The finishing touch? Whipped cream!

Metallic effect girls’ ballet flats... to make your watermelon smoothie!

 Metallic linen ballet flats Metallic linen ballerina pumps  To make a good smoothie, you need to get comfortable! At Pisamonas, comfort and style always go hand in hand. Our metallic linen ballet flats are children's shoe that will mean, as well as being comfortable, the most stylish members of your family shine wherever they go. But before you leave the house, let’s whip up a delicious watermelon smoothie! Ingredients: -       1 slice of watermelon (seedless), -       1 ball of vanilla ice cream, -       1 glass of milk, -        1 teaspoon of sugar. Preparation Cut the watermelon into cubes, blend it with the ice cream and milk and add sugar at the end. 

Classic children’s espadrilles for the most traditional milkshake!

Espadrilles for boys and girls  Left:   Sandals with Gel Insoles    Centre:   Distressed Lace-Up Canvas Trainers     Right:   Espadrilles with Elastic Band If there’s one kind of children's summer footwear that never goes out of style, it’s the espadrille. Comfortable, versatile and easy to match with everything, every summer they become a wardrobe essential for young and old. A summer staple, just like a good chocolate milkshake! Ingredients: -1L of milk, -250 g of chocolate for desserts, -Brown sugar Preparation Melt chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler. Mix it in a bowl with the milk (cold) and the sugar. Blend together, and away you go!

Girls’ fashion shoes, perfect for enjoying a trendy smoothie!

Trendy shoes for girls  Left:   Suede Effect Ballet Pumps        Right:   Suede Sandals Wood-like Soles  To make one of the tastiest smoothies out there, you’ve got to look the part! Get your daughters a pair of our best shoes for women and children from our Spring Summer Collection. These spartan suede-effect ballet flats with will enchant both mothers and daughters! They’re available in sizes 25 to 40, so you can go for that mummy&me look!  These suede sandals with wood-type soles are selling fast! From sizes 30 to 38, you’ve got four super refreshing colours to choose from: yellow, salmon, taupe, or mint green. To cool down, try this tropical smoothie. Take note, because your kids will like it just as much as their Pisamonas shoes!  Ingredients: - 6 strawberries - 1 banana - 1 kiwi - 1 cup yoghurt - 1 cup of fresh orange juice Preparation: Blend ingredients until well mixed. Add two ice cubes to make your smoothie more refreshing!  

Classic games... in the comfiest shoes!

¡Children’s sneakers, bluchers and sandals, for family fun! School’s nearly over, the summer is coming, and your kid’s summer holidays are nearly here! They’ve got weeks ahead of them to relax, discover, enjoy and, obviously, play! And what better to do so than as a family? Don’t just play any game, but stick to the classics! Those that were part of your childhood that you used to have so much fun playing with your family and friends. Spinning tops, ‘chapas’, skipping rope or hopscotch are great games that your kids and their friends might not be so familiar with, but they’ll love!   Keep reading and enjoy the journey back in time that we’re going to take you on to transport you back to your warmest memories of days gone by so that you can have fun as a family today, in the comfiest shoes!

Boys’ fashion sneakers for spinning a top!

Kids’ trainers are always the most comfortable option for your children to stand, run and move around for hours without stopping! But as well as being comfortable, they also want to be stylish, right? Well, at Pisamonas we’ve got the perfect shoe for them! These bluchers with rubber soles, as well as having a very modern design, are very light thanks to their rubber sole and the fact they’re made of fabric. The result? Their feet are protected and stay cool all day long! Bluchers with rubber soles Lace-up bluchers with rubber soles  Now they’re ready to play with a spinning top! Do you remember how you used to do it? We’re sure you do but, just in case, we’ll remind you! First, you’ve got to wind the cord around the top, starting with the iron tip. Once it’s wound up, you place your thumb on the tip and then the index and middle finger on the top. Don’t forget to hook the cord onto these two fingers so the spinning top doesn’t get away from you! Once you’re ready, it’s time to release it onto the floor. How? Pull the cord backwards in one movement, quickly and sharply so that the cord makes the spinning top twirl when it touches the ground.

Blucher Shoes, play chapas in style. 

This traditional Spanish classic game might not be one you’ve heard of before, but it’s great fun. It’s been played for generations, and now it’s time to introduce your kids to it! But, before you start, they should be kitted out properly to make sure nothing gets in the way of the fun! What about a pair of children’s canvas trainers? These are a tough pair of children’s shoes that are ultra comfortable and super easy to put on thanks to the double Velcro straps! And for bigger kids? Style and sophistication with these sackcloth Blucher shoes! Kids’ dress shoes that can also be used day to day to add a touch of elegance to their most informal looks.   Confortable shoes Left: Kids riptape canvas trainers   Right: Sackcloth Blucher Shoe  And now, it's time to play chapas! For this, you only need to collect the tops of glass bottles. Once you have them, you can decorate the insides so that everyone knows which is theirs. Personalize them with drawings and your favourite colours! Ready? It’s time to get started! For the race, draw a track in the sand with curves in the road and even obstacles and traps. The more complicated it is, the more exciting it will be!

Canvas and suede trainers, to skip all day long!

Hours of fun can be had with a skipping rope. It might be just you, counting the number of skips you can do in a row, but it’s more fun with company! It’s a game that, as well as being lots of fun, is brilliant exercise! It’s a way of doing sport all together while you chat and share family time. To skip, suitable footwear is essential. Our suggestion? These children’s suede trainers have all the comfort of a sport’s shoe and all the style of a super trendy kids’ shoe! And for the most stylish kids, our lace-up trainers with interchangeable flowers. Lightweight, and beautiful! Children´s trainers Left: Kids lace-up suede and jute trainers      Centre:   Lace-up rubber toe canvas trainers      Right: Rubber toe cap canvas trainers  Let's get jumping! Skipping is super simple. As you know, the only thing you need is a rope. If it’s a little thick, even better! You take turns to hold the rope. When someone gets it wrong, you swap! There are so many ways to play. Take it slower or faster, that’ll depend on the ages of your little ones.

Girls’ sandals for perfect hopping!

Hopscotch is one of the best games out there. We’re all super fond of it. You just need some chalk (if it’s coloured it’ll be more fun!) and smooth a surface to draw out the game. You already know that one of the most fun parts of this game is hopping, so a pair of girls’ sandals will be perfect for your daughters to enjoy themselves. These nubuck ones with straps are the best children’s footwear for this summer! They’re up to date, stylish and super comfortable! The best part? They’re available from sizes 28 to 40 for that mummy&me look!  Sandals Girls Spring Summer Pisamonas Wide straps nubuck sandals  As you can see in the picture, hopscotch is a very good game for children to improve their balance and coordination and also helps kids to learn the numbers in a super fun way! To play, you have to draw the boxes on the floor with the numbers 1 to 10. Then, the participant stands behind the starting number and throws the stone. They can’t step on the box that it lands in! They start to make their way along, hopping when there’s a single square and stepping with both feet when there’s a double. The aim? Get to box 10 and back again! On top of these games, there are all kinds of other classic games that will mean you and your family make some wonderful memories. What about a football match between siblings, cousins, uncles, parents and friends? There’s no better way to have fun!   Shoes Trainers for boys and girls  Left: Kids lace-up suede and jute trainers            Centre: Rubber toe cap canvas trainers           Right: Casual canvas shoes   

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