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Energy-filled mornings… with your Pisamonas shoes!

By Pisamonas 14 June 2018

 Pisamonas Spring Summer

Enjoy quality time with your family with our Spring Summer Collection

Whenever we talk about children’s nutrition, we have to remember to take the importance of a good breakfast into account. It’s the first thing that that kids eat after a night of fasting and means they can take on the morning with the energy to make it through till lunchtime!

Among its many other benefits, breakfast helps to boost brain function, which is so important considering all the hours that they spend at school. It reduces their stress and anxiety, strengthens their defences and is one of the best ways of combatting childhood obesity. If they eat properly first thing in the morning, they’ll be less hungry at lunchtime, and they’ll also have burned off the calories they eat for breakfast.

As you may know, a good breakfast should be made up of milk, cereal, toasted bread (carbohydrates) some kind of protein, like eggs, and, of course, fruit!

Whether it’s as whole fruit or in juices or smoothies, fruit is vital for good childhood nutrition as it contains all kinds of the nutrients that they need to be strong and healthy.  How do you know which ones have the most vitamins in them? It’s easy! The most colourful fruit are the best! Look for the ones that have had the most sunlight, and those that are in season!

Because of that, and taking advantage of the arrival of summer holidays, meaning that everyone has more free time to spend with their family, here at Pisamonas we’ve got some tasty smoothie and milkshake recipes that, as well as being delicious, are the perfect way for your little ones to enjoy fruit in a different way!

The best part? Making them together! Encourage your kids to help you prepare them! It’ll make them feel grown up and responsible, and mean they’ll enjoy drinking them even more!

Now they’re ready to seize the day! Nourished and, of course, in their Pisamonas shoes!

Espadrilles with ribbons and crochet to match your strawberry smoothie!

Valencian style espadrilles

Girls espadrilles crochet 

Kit out your little girl with our beautiful Valencian-style espadrilles with ribbons and crochet, and she’ll be ready to make this beautiful strawberry smoothie!


-5 large strawberries

-1/3 banana (best if a little brown)

-1 natural yoghurt

-1 dash of milk

-2 teaspoons of sugar or 1 teaspoon of honey

-2 ice cubes

-Whipped cream 


Peel and chop the banana, wash the strawberries and remove the stalks (you can ask your kids to do this!). Blend the fruit with the rest of the ingredients and add two ice cubes into the blender to give it that extra smoothie-touch. So refreshing! The finishing touch? Whipped cream!

Metallic effect girls’ ballet flats... to make your watermelon smoothie!

 Metallic linen ballet flats

Metallic linen ballerina pumps 

To make a good smoothie, you need to get comfortable! At Pisamonas, comfort and style always go hand in hand. Our metallic linen ballet flats are children's shoe that will mean, as well as being comfortable, the most stylish members of your family shine wherever they go. But before you leave the house, let’s whip up a delicious watermelon smoothie!


-       1 slice of watermelon (seedless),

-       1 ball of vanilla ice cream,

-       1 glass of milk,

-        1 teaspoon of sugar.


Cut the watermelon into cubes, blend it with the ice cream and milk and add sugar at the end. 

Classic children’s espadrilles for the most traditional milkshake!

Espadrilles for boys and girls

 Left: Sandals with Gel Insoles   Centre: Distressed Lace-Up Canvas Trainers  Right: Espadrilles with Elastic Band

If there’s one kind of children's summer footwear that never goes out of style, it’s the espadrille. Comfortable, versatile and easy to match with everything, every summer they become a wardrobe essential for young and old. A summer staple, just like a good chocolate milkshake!


-1L of milk,

-250 g of chocolate for desserts,

-Brown sugar


Melt chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler. Mix it in a bowl with the milk (cold) and the sugar. Blend together, and away you go!

Girls’ fashion shoes, perfect for enjoying a trendy smoothie!

Trendy shoes for girls

 Left: Suede Effect Ballet Pumps      Right: Suede Sandals Wood-like Soles 

To make one of the tastiest smoothies out there, you’ve got to look the part! Get your daughters a pair of our best shoes for women and children from our Spring Summer Collection.

These spartan suede-effect ballet flats with will enchant both mothers and daughters! They’re available in sizes 25 to 40, so you can go for that mummy&me look! 

These suede sandals with wood-type soles are selling fast! From sizes 30 to 38, you’ve got four super refreshing colours to choose from: yellow, salmon, taupe, or mint green. To cool down, try this tropical smoothie. Take note, because your kids will like it just as much as their Pisamonas shoes! 


- 6 strawberries

- 1 banana

- 1 kiwi

- 1 cup yoghurt

- 1 cup of fresh orange juice


Blend ingredients until well mixed. Add two ice cubes to make your smoothie more refreshing!


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Classic games... in the comfiest shoes!

By Pisamonas 8 June 2018

 Trainers Spring Summer Pisamonas

¡Children’s sneakers, bluchers and sandals, for family fun!

School’s nearly over, the summer is coming, and your kid’s summer holidays are nearly here! They’ve got weeks ahead of them to relax, discover, enjoy and, obviously, play! And what better to do so than as a family? Don’t just play any game, but stick to the classics! Those that were part of your childhood that you used to have so much fun playing with your family and friends. Spinning tops, ‘chapas’, skipping rope or hopscotch are great games that your kids and their friends might not be so familiar with, but they’ll love!  

Keep reading and enjoy the journey back in time that we’re going to take you on to transport you back to your warmest memories of days gone by so that you can have fun as a family today, in the comfiest shoes!

Boys’ fashion sneakers for spinning a top!

Kids’ trainers are always the most comfortable option for your children to stand, run and move around for hours without stopping! But as well as being comfortable, they also want to be stylish, right? Well, at Pisamonas we’ve got the perfect shoe for them! These bluchers with rubber soles, as well as having a very modern design, are very light thanks to their rubber sole and the fact they’re made of fabric. The result? Their feet are protected and stay cool all day long!

Bluchers with rubber soles

Lace-up bluchers with rubber soles 

Now they’re ready to play with a spinning top! Do you remember how you used to do it? We’re sure you do but, just in case, we’ll remind you! First, you’ve got to wind the cord around the top, starting with the iron tip. Once it’s wound up, you place your thumb on the tip and then the index and middle finger on the top. Don’t forget to hook the cord onto these two fingers so the spinning top doesn’t get away from you! Once you’re ready, it’s time to release it onto the floor. How? Pull the cord backwards in one movement, quickly and sharply so that the cord makes the spinning top twirl when it touches the ground.

Blucher Shoes, play chapas in style. 

This traditional Spanish classic game might not be one you’ve heard of before, but it’s great fun. It’s been played for generations, and now it’s time to introduce your kids to it! But, before you start, they should be kitted out properly to make sure nothing gets in the way of the fun! What about a pair of children’s canvas trainers? These are a tough pair of children’s shoes that are ultra comfortable and super easy to put on thanks to the double Velcro straps! And for bigger kids? Style and sophistication with these sackcloth Blucher shoes! Kids’ dress shoes that can also be used day to day to add a touch of elegance to their most informal looks. 

 Confortable shoes

Left: Kids riptape canvas trainers  Right: Sackcloth Blucher Shoe 

And now, it's time to play chapas! For this, you only need to collect the tops of glass bottles. Once you have them, you can decorate the insides so that everyone knows which is theirs. Personalize them with drawings and your favourite colours! Ready? It’s time to get started! For the race, draw a track in the sand with curves in the road and even obstacles and traps. The more complicated it is, the more exciting it will be!

Canvas and suede trainers, to skip all day long!

Hours of fun can be had with a skipping rope. It might be just you, counting the number of skips you can do in a row, but it’s more fun with company! It’s a game that, as well as being lots of fun, is brilliant exercise! It’s a way of doing sport all together while you chat and share family time. To skip, suitable footwear is essential. Our suggestion? These children’s suede trainers have all the comfort of a sport’s shoe and all the style of a super trendy kids’ shoe! And for the most stylish kids, our lace-up trainers with interchangeable flowers. Lightweight, and beautiful!

Children´s trainers

Left: Kids lace-up suede and jute trainers      Centre:   Lace-up rubber toe canvas trainers      Right: Rubber toe cap canvas trainers 

Let's get jumping! Skipping is super simple. As you know, the only thing you need is a rope. If it’s a little thick, even better! You take turns to hold the rope. When someone gets it wrong, you swap! There are so many ways to play. Take it slower or faster, that’ll depend on the ages of your little ones.

Girls’ sandals for perfect hopping!

Hopscotch is one of the best games out there. We’re all super fond of it. You just need some chalk (if it’s coloured it’ll be more fun!) and smooth a surface to draw out the game. You already know that one of the most fun parts of this game is hopping, so a pair of girls’ sandals will be perfect for your daughters to enjoy themselves. These nubuck ones with straps are the best children’s footwear for this summer! They’re up to date, stylish and super comfortable! The best part? They’re available from sizes 28 to 40 for that mummy&me look! 

Sandals Girls Spring Summer Pisamonas

Wide straps nubuck sandals 

As you can see in the picture, hopscotch is a very good game for children to improve their balance and coordination and also helps kids to learn the numbers in a super fun way!

To play, you have to draw the boxes on the floor with the numbers 1 to 10. Then, the participant stands behind the starting number and throws the stone. They can’t step on the box that it lands in! They start to make their way along, hopping when there’s a single square and stepping with both feet when there’s a double. The aim? Get to box 10 and back again!

On top of these games, there are all kinds of other classic games that will mean you and your family make some wonderful memories. What about a football match between siblings, cousins, uncles, parents and friends? There’s no better way to have fun!


Shoes Trainers for boys and girls

 Left: Kids lace-up suede and jute trainers           Centre: Rubber toe cap canvas trainers           Right: Casual canvas shoes 


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Get inspired by the shoes from the British Royal Wedding!

By Pisamonas 29 May 2018

 Ceremony Collection

¡Royal Style for your family with our Ceremony Collection

The Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Megan Markle was, without doubt, the Wedding of the Year. As well as reflecting on all the touching memories that the emotional wedding has left us with, we now need to analyse one of the most important results of events like this one: the guests’ outfits. In particular, we need to look at the footwear of the smallest participants, which are great inspiration when you’re looking for ideas for children’s footwear for special occasions. 

Despite the many familiar faces that were spotted, the members of the aristocracy and the cultural, cinema or sports stars that were invited to the Windsor Chapel last Saturday, the stars of the show, alongside the bride and groom, were, without doubt, the children. The children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge displayed the true elegance of the British royalty.

Little Prince George, like the rest of the pages, was dressed in a miniature replica of the uniform of the Blue and Royals (just like his father William and his uncle Henry), whereas the little bridesmaids wore dresses designed by the fashion designer Clare Waight Keller, of the Parisian House of Givenchy, who also made the wedding dress.

In terms of their shoes for the occasion, the boys and girls stepped out in two models that are an essential for any self-respecting wardrobe. Want to find out what they were? Just keep reading!

Princess Charlotte’s Mary Janes with wide straps

White leather with wide straps. That’s what Princess Charlotte wore for the wedding. Her Mary Janes with wide straps were, in fact, a gift from the bride to her beautiful bridesmaids. If you want to see models from Pisamonas in a similar style, we’ve got a few ideas for you. 

Mary Jane  Communion Shoes

Mary Jane Communion Shoes

These girls’ smart Mary Janes are classic and timeless. They’re perfect for special occasions and go perfectly with all kinds of dresses for any wedding or first holy communion! 

Mary Jane Shoes Pisamonas

We also have these elegant girls’ Mary Janes in a porcelain colour. You can give them a touch of spring by adding one of our flower-shaped shoe decorations that you’ll find in our occasion accessories section.

If you’re looking for party shoe that’s a little more informal than this model, don't worry. At Pisamonas we have options for all styles! 

Mary Janes With Wide Elastic Strap

Mary Janes with wide elastic trap 

These Mary Janes with a wide elastic strip are another beautiful option for events and ceremonies. They’re made of canvas and the ribbon at the ankle is in the shape of a flounce that, in addition to being decorative, means it grips extra tightly to their small feet. 

Mary Janes With Wide Elastic Strap Communion Shoe

As well as being available in white, these fashionable girls’ Mary Janes also come in navy blue, light blue, pink, and tan. Perfect for matching all this season’s colours!

Top ceremony accessories: flowers in their hair!

One of the other aspects of the small bridesmaids’ outfits that was most attention-grabbing was the crowns of flowers that their wore on their heads.  A hair accessory that’s cheerful, perfect for spring, and bang on trend! Perfect to accessorise the most fairy-tale outfits. 


 Flower and gypsophila garland

Flower and gysophila garland 

In our hair accessories section, you'll find different models, colours and sizes, so you can choose which suits your daughter’s style. You’ll have trouble picking just one!

Flower garland

If a crown isn’t what you’re looking for, you can opt for these beautiful, delicate headbands with a tulle flower embellishment.

Narrow headband with tulle flowers

Prince George’s shoes

Whenever he attends an official event in the company of his parents, little George becomes the centre of attention, and not only because of his grace and spontaneity, but also because of the trendy outfits he always has on. Considered a true trendsetter, everything that Queen Elizabeth II’s oldest great grandson wears sells out within a few hours. You can be sure that it will be the same story with the shoes he wore to his uncle’s wedding.

At Pisamonas, we have all kinds of dress shoes options for boys, like these children's Oxford lace-up shoes in leather. A classic, elegant model which, in addition to being suitable for first communions or other types of formal events will also be a great basic for more informal moments or even for day to day use during the school year.

Blucher-style children’s leather shoes

This school shoe style model with Velcro is another alternative for a boys’ dress shoe. Comfortable, with an anti-slip sole and breathable, these children’s shoes will become their go-to for all occasions. 

Boys Riptape School Shoes

In addition to these options inspired by the wedding of Harry & Meghan, our occasion collection is crammed with models and accessories that will mean your children look perfect, whatever event you’re going to this season. 

You can see our beautiful collection with all its new fairy-tale shoes by clicking here


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You can find all the latest trends in children's fashion footwear at Pisamonas!

By Pisamonas 18 May 2018

 Pisamonas trendy shoes

We’ve picked out the very trendiest models from the new Pisamonas’ Spring Summer Collection!

With the new Spring Summer Season collections newly released and all the new developments in the world of fashion, footwear and accessories they bring with them, the same questions are asked year upon year: what children’s shoes are in fashion, and where can I buy them at the best price? The answer, as always, is Pisamonas, your trusted online children footwear store!

As we know that your children are your priority and you want the very best for them, every season we bring out a new collection designed with you in mind, offering you the best children's shoes, that are the highest quality and comfortable and without making sacrifices on style!

Therefore, at Pisamonas we’re always up to date with the latest trends in children’s fashion, adapting them to the tastes and needs of the most important members of the family, so that your kids can step out confidently and in style, on any occasion!

To inspire you and help you select the best children’s footwear of the season, we’ve picked out the trendiest, most daring and most original shoes in our new Spring Summer Collection, which the most stylish kids will adore.

Suede Clogs Pisamonas

Left: Clogs with Wood-like Soles       Right:  Fringed Espadrille Style Sandals

Would you dare to make a statement in these suede clogs with wood-type soles? They’re super vintage and super comfy!  And these Spartan sandals with fringes? We’ve got them in denim blue, white and multicoloured! Just perfect! 

Bluchers Pisamonas

Canvas Bluchers with Rope Sole 

Looking for some more formal children’s shoes? What about these sackcloth bluchers? Sophistication from sizes 28... to 44!

Suede Sandals Pisamonas

 Suede Sandals Wood-like Soles 

These suede sandals with wood-type soles are all the rage and are becoming one of the best selling products on our website! Don't miss out!

Bluchers Spadrille Soles

Canvas Bluchers with Rope Sole 

These canvas bluchers with espadrille soles, as well as being a must-have for summer, are unisex! That means that boys, girls and even mums can wear them, as they’re available up to size 41. What more could you ask for? 

Nubuck Sandals Pisamonas

Wide Straps Nubuck Sandals

Nubuck sandals are one of the most popular models in our new collection. As well as being super-comfortable, their urban style design won’t go unnoticed. Everyone will ask you and your daughter where you got your fashionable sandals!

Bluchers Suede Shoes Pisamonas

Suede Bluchers With Punch Hole Detail 

The smallest members of the family won’t be left behind, they’re hot on the heels of their older siblings. Looking for somewhere to buy a pair of dress shoes for boys? Well, stop looking and fall in love with these suede shoes!

Velcro Bluchers

Velcro Blucher Shoes 

And a simple children's shoe for daily use? These Velcro bluchers with a jute strap are just what you’re looking for!  A revamped classic, super original!

You’ll need basic children shoes too!

As well as the most original kid’s shoes, your kids’ wardrobes won’t be complete without a good selection of classic children's footwear. Classic models that never go out of fashion and that have become essential parts of all our collections.

Canvas Shoes Pisamonas

Trainers without laces

Canvas shoes are one of our most recognizable models, and this season we bring you lots of new colours in this slip-on model.  Aquamarine, light blue, strawberry, mustard... which will you go for?

Espadrilles elastic band Pisamonas

Left: Espadrilles with Elastic Band    Right: Trainers without laces

And espadrilles? A timeless classic! They’re comfortable, easy to put on and are available with an elastic band at the heel to make sure they don’t slip off!

Menorcan sandals

Left: Nubuck Menorcan Sandals with Stars   Right: Leather Sandals with elastic strap

But the queen of summer footwear is, without doubt, the Menorcan sandal. At Pisamonas, we just love them! For that reason, we update them for collection after collection, using new colours, materials and designs. The latest have a star pattern and come in three different colours: blue, pink and beige!

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on all your favourite shoes now! Happy shopping with Pisamonas!

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Spring Summer Lookbook 2018. The most stylish outfits… with your Pisamonas shoes!

By Pisamonas 20 April 2018

 Pisamonas Lookbook Spring Summer

Get inspired with our trendy looks for this season!

The warm weather has finally arrived and is here to stay. During the next few months, the sun’s rays will shine down on some of the best fun your kids will have all year. There’s no denying that this is their favourite season! With more daylight hours meaning more plans and more playing outdoors, clothes and footwear become your best friend, as your little one’s comfort will depend on them. Don’t let anything get in the way of their play time!

If they can be stylish as well as comfortable, then that’s even better! And that’s just what Pisamonas offers you: quality, comfort and style for you and yours at the best price!

As we do every season, we bring you our Spring Summer Lookbook 2018 with all our new children’s footwear models, designs and colours, as well as the latest trends to inspire you and help you dream up looks for girls and boys teamed with footwear that really express their personality.


Pisamonas Spring Summer Clogs

Left: Clogs with Wood-like Soles       Right:  Fringed Espadrille Style Sandals

This season, a daring Boho chic style is one of the big fashion trends for little girls and big girls too! Get the look by combining suede sandals or wedges with wood-like soles with denim dungarees or pinafores or light blouses or basic t-shirts in neutral tones. The result? A truly 70s look that will take you right back to your adolescence. This style has come back into fashion, so now it can be your daughters that rock one of the most popular must-have looks of days gone by.


Pisamonas Spring Summer Bluchers

Left: Canvas Bluchers with Rope Sole  Right: Suede Ballet Pumps with Elastic and Star Punch Hole Detail

Boys aren’t left out. They’ve taken to this trend for their spring summer 2018 looks by wearing sackcloth bluchers or espadrilles. Team them with straight-leg jeans and short-sleeved t-shirts so that the focus is on their feet. A stylish look with a slightly bold edge that will compliment their personality beautifully.


Pisamonas Ballet Pumps Spring Summer

Left: Suede Effect Ballet Pumps      Right: Suede Sandals Wood-like Soles 

The fanciest little girls will fall in love with our delicate linen Mary Janes with bows, and our ballet flats with gladiator ribbons, perfect for wearing with chiffon or flouncy dresses.


Pisamonas Espadrilles Spring Summer

Valencia-style Fringed Sandals with Velcro

And for those who like a bit of originality? Espadrilles! The classics reinvented by Pisamonas! Our models with ribbons and crochet or with coloured fringes will become your favourite footwear and will be the perfect accessory to wear with flouncy, spotty dresses or embroidered t-shirts. Cheerful, colourful outfits with Pisamonas!


Pisamonas Lookbook Spring Summer 2018

Left: Suede Loafers with Bow      Right:  Espadrilles with Elastic Band

The preppy look is also finding its way into the most stylish wardrobes in the form of plain or checked shirts teamed with shorts or jeans. Complete the look by going for Pisamonas basics that never go out of fashion: Menorcan sandals, in Nubuck or leather and new colours like yellow, sky blue, or beige. You can also go for our classic espadrilles, also available in all kinds of new colours, with an elastic strap at the heel to keep them firmly on. Or, you could opt for a pair of moccasins, ever sophisticated, with a decorative bow.


Pisamonas Sandals Spring Summer 2018

Left: Sandals with Gel Insoles   Centro: Distressed Lace-Up Canvas Trainers  Right: Espadrilles with Elastic Band

When it comes to patterns, flowers and gingham reign supreme this season. Whether a shirt, a dress, a skirt or a playsuit, these patterns go perfectly with our leather sandals that have incredibly comfortable gel soles and interwoven straps, or our leather and suede ones that are available in three colours that will match beautifully: navy blue, beige, and pink!


Sandals Pisamonas Spring Summer

Left: Nobuck Avarcas Menorcan Sandals       Centro: Leather and Split Suede Sandals     Right: Velcro Blucher Shoes Espadrille Sole

Finally, urban style is the easiest option for the days on which mum and dad are working and you’ve got to think about what your kids are going to wear around the town or the city. Go for a pair of trainers. You won’t regret it! We’ve got slip-ons with rubber toes, leather ones, Velcro ones or traditional canvas lace-ups, amongst others. They go with anything, from jeans and chinos to skirts and dresses. A casual style that all your kids will love.


Pisamonas Trainers Spring Summer 2018

Left, center and right: Trainers without laces

So, now you know! Let our seasonal Lookbook inspire you and enjoy this beautiful time of year in Pisamonas style!

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Everything you need to know about atopic dermatitis

By Pisamonas 12 April 2018

Advices about atopic dermatitis

What is dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic and autoimmune disease characterised by dry skin, reddening in specific areas and strong itching. The intense itching causes children to vigorously scratch the affected areas, causing the appearance of scabs. This leads children, especially the youngest ones, to express their discomfort by crying.

In general, the areas which are most affected by this condition are the face, neck and the folds of the body: back of the knees, inside of the elbows, armpits, etc.

What are the causes?

As we were saying, atopic dermatitis is a disease which is not caused by any external factor, it is an autoimmune condition, so there is nothing you or your child can do to prevent it. There are situations which favour the appearance of outbreaks, but the body itself is ultimately “responsible” for the disease.

Remedies and treatments nowadays are aimed at alleviating the consequences of this complicated disease, but in no case do they target its causes.

When does it appear?

Most patients with this condition develop it in the first few following birth and in 90% of the cases diagnosed in Spain, it appears before the age of one.

Although, as we’ve said, this disease appears with no specific cause, it also disappears for no reason. And we’ve got good news: almost 50% of cases are cured before the end of the teenage years, so it is primarily considered a disease related to childhood.

How to prevent outbreaks?

As we’ve already mentioned, atopic dermatitis appears and disappears spontaneously. Your child can suffer two outbreaks in a week and then not suffer one in years. Many studies agree on various scenarios which help minimise the appearance of eczema:

1.  Keep a constant temperature at home; don’t keep your child too warm, sudden temperature changes and excessive sweating favour outbreaks. It is better to keep the house at a steady temperature of about 20ºC, both in winter and during the summer.

2.  Keep humidity under control. Excessive dryness and central heating with hot air noticeably worsen the condition. If your house has a very dry environment, you can use a humidifier or surround yourself with plants to increase the humidity in the air. Resort to natural remedies and avoid chemical ones, this will be more beneficial for your child.

3.  The sun is your ally: take your child out for walks in the sun (always using protection). The sun naturally dries eczemas, without the need for chemical products.

4.  The more natural the clothes your child uses, the better. Avoid synthetic fibres. The 100% cotton label is your best friend during his or her childhood, especially for underwear.

5.  Use hypoallergenic washing powder, ideally without perfume, and the smallest amount possible of fabric softener, if any at all.

6.  Convincing children not to scratch is difficult, but with a few tricks you can minimise the consequences: make sure their fingernails are always short, that they’re hands are clean, etc. This will help reduce the harm they can inflict on themselves.

How can I help my child?

Children with atopic dermatitis often feel exasperated, especially when they are very young and can’t explain what’s wrong with them. Be very patient with your child and help him or her by applying creams recommended by your dermatologist, a special emollient moisturiser and large doses of patience and affection.


There are two different types of treatment, when your child has eczema and for those periods in between outbreaks.

During “downtime” it is important not to bathe your child every day to avoid excessively removing the layer of defence cells of the skin. When in the bath, use natural shower gels, with no parabens or perfumes, and using warm water. Most importantly, use the cream recommended by your paediatrician or dermatologist 2 or 3 times a day all over their body. There is a wide variety of creams available, but only experience and use will help you find the one that best suits your baby’s skin.

When eczema appears, the treatment you have to follow is the one prescribed by your dermatologist. The most important thing to do is to keep the body well moisturised and, depending on the outbreak and the medical criterion, the treatment may include the use of drugs such as antihistamines or corticosteroids which are applied locally to alleviate the symptoms. Always check with your doctor to find out what is best for your child.


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The Pisamonas’s New Spring Summer Collection for 2018 video is here!

By Pisamonas 2 April 2018

Take a trip through time and awaken your inner child

Hopscotch, skipping, flipping a coin and spinning tops. Do you remember how quickly the hours flew by when you were having fun with your siblings, cousins and friends playing these games outside, all whilst learning values such as respect, unity and friendship? At Pisamonas, we want to take you back in time so you remember some of the best old times and can share them with your kids. The New Spring Summer 2018 collection from Pisamonas will become your best friend when it comes to spending quality time with your family.

A complete, stylish collection that includes the old classics with current designs and patterns, as well as a multitude of new models, both for daily use and special occasions. They’ll be the focus point of the most sophisticated, fun and colourful spring looks.

What are you waiting for? Check out our most popular pieces, perfect for any wardrobe, for yourself! Welcome the warm weather in with Pisamonas!

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A spring in your step with the New Spring Summer 2018 Collection

By Pisamonas 1 April 2018

Pisamonas Spring Summer New Collection

Pisamonas’ brightest, shiniest and most fun collection

The warm weather is on its way and with it come endless, balmy, sunny days for you to make the most of. Celebrate the gradual arrival of the long-awaited summer. Whether it’s during the week when your little ones (or not so little ones) are out enjoying the fresh air doing their favourite hobbies or at the weekend for family time, at Pisamonas we want to offer you a trip back in time that will remind you of some of your fondest childhood memories. Show your kids what your childhood games were like and how important friendship, fun and respect for your adventure buddies were. Skipping, playing with a spinning top, flipping a coin or drawing a hopscotch in chalk; just some of the timeless activities that you’ll enjoy more than ever as a family.

Kids Shoes Pisamonas Spring Summer Collection

Pisamona’s New Spring Summer 2018 Collection for this season is your best friend when it comes to enjoying these moments to the max with the best children’s footwear for spring summer 2018, focusing on comfort, fashion and style.

Beach or mountain, countryside or city, north or south. Whatever your plan for the months to come, Pisamonas has designed a complete collection for this season including all the most popular pieces that are an essential part of any wardrobe, whether it’s young people’s, women’s or children’s footwear.

Spring Summer 2018 Pisamonas Collection

We offer old classics but with the trendiest designs and prints and a multitude of new models, both for daily use and for smarter events and celebrations which take place at this time of year. These shoes will become the focus of the most sophisticated, fun and colourful looks.

For her? Stylish in sandals, Mary Janes or ballet flats

For little girls, the 2018 season is packed with style with a wide range of new products that your daughters won’t want to take off! New models like the metallic leather sandals in gold or silver that go with everything, split leather ballet flats with stars cut into them, or linen Mary Janes with bows are just some of the original designs in the New Spring Summer 2018 Collection. The trendiest little women will fall in love with the wedges for girls thanks to our stylish clogs in blue, grey or camel and split leather sandals in refreshing colours like mint green, salmon or taupe, both with wood-like soles. Boho chic style is this season’s must have so they can dress just like mum. With summer shoes and sandals for their first steps, the littlest girls will start their explorations on two feet in a gorgeous pair of Mary Janes with Velcro or an original pair of Spartan sandals with fringing. Healthy, comfortable and fashionable feet for the true princesses in your house, with Pisamonas!

Spring Summer Pisamonas Collection

And for him? Daring in bluchers or trainers!

Little boys aren’t left out! They can be stylish too thanks to the daring and sophisticated designs of the new models of summer shoes for boys. Bluchers in split leather for the cutest little boys, in urban material with rubber soles for the edgiest, and new colours in the ever-versatile elasticated canvas trainers with no laces so they can slip them on and off in the blink of an eye.

And what about shoes for small boys? Velcro bluchers with jute, canvas trainers with espadrille soles and fun patterns or canvas boat shoes with Velcro to protect their feet and take them on big adventures.

Spring Summer Pisamonas Collection

We’re all the same here

Turn getting your kids ready everyday into a game by getting them all the same children’s shoes and teach them about equality whilst your at it. Pisamonas’ offer several essential unisex options including canvas trainers, jelly shoes, espadrilles and Menorcan sandals. Timeless classics that will never go out of style that are also available for mums and dads. All for one and one for all!


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Weddings, baptisms and communions in style with Pisamonas

By Pisamonas 23 March 2018

Ocassion Shoes Collection

The brightest, most colourful Ceremony Collection 2018 for this season

Sunny days, balmy temperatures, glowing sunsets… Spring is, without doubt, one of the seasons we all most look forward to, and with this season come some of the most special events of the year in the form of weddings, baptism and communions.

When you choose the look that you and yours will wear on these special days, as well as the clothes, the footwear is one of the most important things to consider. Their comfort and enjoyment of the event will depend on it so it’s very important to meet the taste and needs of your kids. These events are the perfect opportunity for them to wear the most elegant children’s shoes.

Ocassion Shoes Collection

Whether they’re going to take their first communion, be ring bearers or are going as guests, the Ceremony Collection 2018 from Pisamonas offers you a wide range of models, from the most classic to the trendiest, with a wide variety of styles and colours that are the perfect option for children’s dress shoes whatever the environment and the dress code of the celebration. A casual wedding in the country? A sophisticated ceremony? An intimate family baptism? The answer, as always, is Pisamonas.

Girls’ ceremony shoes

Mary Janes and ballet flats take prime position amongst the best dress shoes for girls during this season. With options for all tastes, the ceremony collection 2018 from Pisamonas includes popular traditional models that are always a safe bet, as well as original designs with fun adornments for the smallest members of the family to show off their own style. Metallic leather, large bows, frills or even glitter are great options for wedding and communions.

Ocassion Shoes Collection

Boys’ ceremony shoes

When it comes to boys’ dress shoes, loafers and moccasins are still the most popular traditional option, whilst canvas bluchers or those with espadrille soles are a great choice for those that are a little more daring. Originality without sacrificing sophistication.

Ocassion Shoes Collection

Shoes for baptisms

Last but not least, baptisms are always extremely moving family celebrations, which is why you need to pay close attention to the details so that everything comes off perfectly. If your children are going as guests, any of the children’s ceremony shoes options will make them look great. If your baby is the star of the shoe then Pisamonas has loads of cute leather booties in soft pastel colours, as well as other models in patent leather so that they shine – even more than they already do – on their special day.

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Pisamonas brings you 4 Christmas Apps

By Pisamonas 26 December 2017

Pisamonas brings you Christmas Apps

Enjoy this Christmas with your children by creating your own Christmas traditions

Christmas is almost here and we all have more free time, especially our children. At Pisamonas we have made a list of 4 Apps that will help you enjoy Christmas with your family and create new Christmas traditions.

We have prepared this list of Apps to help you enjoy some family time and keep the little ones busy during the long evenings. In a few years’ time the memories you create will be remembered fondly by your children.

-          ElfYourself: This has become a classic and you have most certainly used it yourself before. It’s a very simple App, you just upload family pictures, you choose the music and you turn into dancing elves! You can choose your own music, the elf outfit and you can then share it by email or WhatsApp. The children will have lots of fun seeing their parents or grandparents dancing to the Christmas carols and you can all laugh together during the Christmas family gatherings.

-          Christmas Cards: As the name suggests this simple App helps you make Christmas cards that you can then share on different media, or print and send them by post as a traditional Christmas card. You can choose different designs with Christmas trees or the Nativity scene; choose the colours, the background or add greetings to your card. It’s a fun way to spend some family time together.

-          PNP (Portable North Pole): We love this App because it’s a direct link to the North Pole. Children will be able to talk to Santa; he’ll ask them questions about their behaviour, whether they sleep early, if they eat fruit, etc. A highly recommendable App especially for those children who are a little more difficult to control and who need to share with Santa their mischiefs before the 25th.

-           Countdown Star:  This App is for those who wish to start get into the Christmas spirit early on, the App is a countdown to Christmas. You can enjoy a snowy background, listen to Christmas carols or see Santa getting presents ready with the help of his magical elves. Day by day you can open each of the windows of this virtual advent calendar. It is perfect to get into the Christmas mood. The single drawback is that it’s only available in the App Store.

These are our recommendations, but don’t forget to use your imagination during this holiday season, it is often the most fun thing to do and what keeps children busy. You can do crafts with the different materials you have around the house, build a puppet or a kitchenette with the box the new microwave came in, or simply buy some paint and decorate your own porexpan balls as ornaments for the Christmas tree. Board games are a classic which come back every Christmas; don’t forget to look for those that suit your children’s age best.

During the holiday season don’t forget that the best legacy you can leave your children is the time you spend with them. As well as playing, creating and sending, don’t forget that old traditions can also help you enjoy some quality time with your children: going for the traditional hot chocolate with churros, seeing the Nativity scenes in the display windows, stay out late to see the Christmas lights, set up the Nativity scene or the Christmas tree at home, watch some classics on TV… etc. But above all, spend time together, since that is probably the best gift you can give your children this Christmas. That is something they’ll never forget!

Merry Christmas with Pisamonas

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