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Pisamonas brings you 4 Christmas Apps

By Pisamonas 26 December 2017

Pisamonas brings you Christmas Apps

Enjoy this Christmas with your children by creating your own Christmas traditions

Christmas is almost here and we all have more free time, especially our children. At Pisamonas we have made a list of 4 Apps that will help you enjoy Christmas with your family and create new Christmas traditions.

We have prepared this list of Apps to help you enjoy some family time and keep the little ones busy during the long evenings. In a few years’ time the memories you create will be remembered fondly by your children.

-          ElfYourself: This has become a classic and you have most certainly used it yourself before. It’s a very simple App, you just upload family pictures, you choose the music and you turn into dancing elves! You can choose your own music, the elf outfit and you can then share it by email or WhatsApp. The children will have lots of fun seeing their parents or grandparents dancing to the Christmas carols and you can all laugh together during the Christmas family gatherings.

-          Christmas Cards: As the name suggests this simple App helps you make Christmas cards that you can then share on different media, or print and send them by post as a traditional Christmas card. You can choose different designs with Christmas trees or the Nativity scene; choose the colours, the background or add greetings to your card. It’s a fun way to spend some family time together.

-          PNP (Portable North Pole): We love this App because it’s a direct link to the North Pole. Children will be able to talk to Santa; he’ll ask them questions about their behaviour, whether they sleep early, if they eat fruit, etc. A highly recommendable App especially for those children who are a little more difficult to control and who need to share with Santa their mischiefs before the 25th.

-           Countdown Star:  This App is for those who wish to start get into the Christmas spirit early on, the App is a countdown to Christmas. You can enjoy a snowy background, listen to Christmas carols or see Santa getting presents ready with the help of his magical elves. Day by day you can open each of the windows of this virtual advent calendar. It is perfect to get into the Christmas mood. The single drawback is that it’s only available in the App Store.

These are our recommendations, but don’t forget to use your imagination during this holiday season, it is often the most fun thing to do and what keeps children busy. You can do crafts with the different materials you have around the house, build a puppet or a kitchenette with the box the new microwave came in, or simply buy some paint and decorate your own porexpan balls as ornaments for the Christmas tree. Board games are a classic which come back every Christmas; don’t forget to look for those that suit your children’s age best.

During the holiday season don’t forget that the best legacy you can leave your children is the time you spend with them. As well as playing, creating and sending, don’t forget that old traditions can also help you enjoy some quality time with your children: going for the traditional hot chocolate with churros, seeing the Nativity scenes in the display windows, stay out late to see the Christmas lights, set up the Nativity scene or the Christmas tree at home, watch some classics on TV… etc. But above all, spend time together, since that is probably the best gift you can give your children this Christmas. That is something they’ll never forget!

Merry Christmas with Pisamonas

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This Christmas at Pisamonas we have the best outfits for your little ones

By Pisamonas 7 December 2017

 Christmas with pisamonas

You’ll find the best looks at Pisamonas

It’s Christmas time and we all have lots of commitments, and this is also true for our children: parties with friends, a day at the circus and lunch with the grandparents; we have to make sure they have a range of outfits ready so they can shine during this holiday season. And we mustn’t forget the footwear for the perfect outfit.

At Pisamonas, your go-to children’s shoe shop, we want to help you choose the best footwear for your children to make these busy days easier.

At Christmas time we all like to see children wearing velvet, whether in their shorts, skirts or dresses, and if the weather allows it, combined with Cóndor socks exposing the knees: a classic look reminiscent of our own childhood. If the outfit you have chosen is plain, try adding a casual and fun twist by choosing our polka dots and stripes socks, you can’t go wrong.

Red and green tartan is of course the typical print for the Christmas season and is perfect for dressing brothers and sisters alike. We love the look of boys with moccasins and Oxford booties or trying to combine one of their outfits with trainers and give their look a different touch. The girls wearing shirt-like dresses matching their brothers’ shirts… Perfect!

Christmas is for the kids, so let them create their own style; what about shorts with a shirt and tie? Perfect! Especially if combined with casual trainers. Elegant children that don’t give up comfort.

For the little princesses, nothing better than glitter on Mary Janes, boots or dresses. Who can resist to a little girl in a short dress and our Mary Janes with glitter stars?

This time of year is perfect for dressing siblings and cousins alike or matching with the same boat shoes or boots in different colours.  Let your imagination run wild and you’ll find the best outfits so they look their best at each event.

At the end of those long and tiring days of games and events, there’s nothing better than returning home and putting on one of our comfortable and warm slippers. Some designs are available up to size 41 in case you want to dress the same as your children.

You’ll probably spend lots of hours away from home this Christmas so we recommend your children wear comfortable shoes like the ones you’ll find in our website. Have a look at our website to find the shoes that suit your schedule. Remember that all our shoes are made in Spain. Buy and get your order delivered at your door in 24-72 hours. Don’t miss this opportunity!

 Pisamonas wishes you merry christmas

Left and right: Oxford Booties

 Pisamonas wishes you merry christmas

Left: Suede Brogues for Boy

Center: Fringed Ankle Boots

Right: Oxford Booties

Feliz Navidad

Left: Ballet Pumps with double bows

Center: Oxford Booties

Right: Suede Brogues for Boys

 Pisamonas wishes you merry christmas

Left: Boys Faux Suede Mask Loafers

Center: Ballerina shoes in velvet with Bows and Sparkles

Right: Boy Suede Tassel Moccasins

 Pisamonas wishes you merry christmas

Left: Pascuala Boots

Right: Boy Suede Tassel Moccasins

 Pisamonas wishes you merry christmas

Left: Velvet Lace-up Trainers

Right: Suede Blucher Shoes with Coloured Outsole and Laces

 Pisamonas wishes you merry christmas

Left and right: Pascuala Boots

CenterBallerina shoes in velvet with Bows and Sparkles

 Pisamonas wishes you merry christmas

Left and center right: Faux Shepskin Slippers

Right and center left: Kids Cable Knit Slippers

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Things you should know before buying shoes for your children

By Pisamonas 30 November 2017


At Pisamonas we help you choose the footwear that best suits your children’s feet

Surely you’ve had lots of doubts before buying shoes for your children: Should they always wear the same shoes? How much space should be left between their toes and the toe cap? Is it advisable to keep shoes for younger brothers to reuse? Today at Pisamonas, your go-to children’s shoe shop, we are going to help you resolve all your doubts. Pisamonas helps you with your kids’ footwear.

We want to give this issue the importance it deserves because choosing the wrong shoes during childhood can have life-long consequences. It is at this time that the lower limbs develop and so we must take care of our children’s feet by using the best children’s footwear.

During childhood the foot grows on average about 8 millimetres every 3 months. There are also growth spurts for each child, which means they change shoe size really fast. For this reason, our first advice is that before buying their shoes you make sure that they are between one and one and a half centimetres larger than their feet. In order to avoid any mistakes, and to avoid having to insert your fingers at the back of their shoes or pressing down on the toes, children’s podiatrists recommend you draw the contour of your child’s foot on a sheet of paper to then compare it to the sizes table of the design you want to buy and which you’ll find on the product’s page under the product description.

Children’s shoes should be flexible. You can check this by trying to fold the shoe holding it from the ends. It is not necessary for the toe and heel to touch, but the sole should allow for a certain amount of mobility that will adapt to the child’s steps. The materials used should be of good quality, holding the foot but not too rigid. As for the materials they are made with, at Pisamonas we recommend you always choose natural breathable materials, always making sure the shoe chosen is adequate for the time of year.

For the youngest ones who are just starting to walk, we recommend designs fastened with Velcro or laces and a reinforced counter to offer extra support to the ankles which will provide that extra stability to start walking. According to podiatrists’ current recommendations, the ankle should be free when children start walking, so we recommend our leather Mary Janes or our leather Oxford shoes  which are ideal to help them in the transition between crawling and walking.

Regarding the reuse of shoes by younger siblings, we strongly discourage you to do it. At first it might seem like this will save us money, but in the long run it could cost us dearly, especially regarding podiatric health. Each child develops his or her steps according to their weight, the way their foot is supported, the type of activity carried out and many other factors which modify the interior of the shoe according to its characteristics in order to adapt it to his or her steps. If we make our children wear shoes that belonged to someone else, we will be forcing him or her to walk in the same manner as the first owner of the shoes, which could lead to our child being forced to alter the position of his or her feet, which could result in short and medium term damage.

As general advice to everyone we must say that comfort should always be placed before fashion, although at Pisamonas you won’t have to choose between them, all our designs are comfortable and with impeccable finishing touches.

Something else to take into account when buying shoes is that your children should ideally have at least two pairs of shoes each season. If their feet get used to one shoe shape they can have problems when wearing a different pair.

They should always alternate between shoes and trainers while they are still young so that in the future they won’t suffer when wearing moccasins, bluchers or heels due to having worn only trainers during childhood.

When choosing footwear for your children, you must bear in mind that not all feet are the same, some are wide, others are narrow, some have toes sticking out, etc. In general, we recommend moccasin-type shoes for narrow feet; but if your daughter has a wider instep, then we recommend Mary Janes; this velvet design  is perfect because it is slightly wider than most other shoes.

Boots and trainers usually adapt to all types of feet, so bear this in mind when buying new shoes for your children.

Finally, we are going to give you a set of general tips that will help you better chose your children’s footwear:


  • Buy shoes or measure their feet at the end of the day, it’s when the feet are most dilated. If you do it at another time, the shoes could feel uncomfortable by the end of the day.
  • Always make sure they try on both shoes, one foot is always longer than the other and this way you’ll avoid any problems.
  • If their feet are especially wide look for special shapes. You’ll find many shoe shops that specialise in wider shoes or just look for designs with a special width.
  • We should all have at least two different pairs of shoes per season so that our feet “don’t get used to” a single design.
  • To prevent problems when walking, children should not reuse other children’s shoes, even if they haven’t been used much.
  • Always choose footwear made with natural materials, avoid plastic and other synthetic materials which are cheaper but which do not benefit our feet.
  • A shoe for each season, your instinct will tell you which footwear is best for each season.


Before ending this post we’d like to remind you that our feet hold our body weight every day and that many of the health problems affecting our feet start during childhood, ailments that can often be corrected by using the appropriate footwear, visiting the podiatrist or wearing special insoles.

You’ve probably noticed how in the past very few children wore insoles and now most of them do for one reason or another. This way we are preventing many problems in the future!

We hope these tips help you find the perfect shoe size and design for your children. As always, at Pisamonas deliveries and exchanges are free. See our size guide for each design to make it easier!

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How to clean shoes this season’s most fashionable shoes

By Pisamonas 9 November 2017


Simple tips that´ll help you keep your kids´ footwear like new 

This season shiny is in, footwear with gems and glitter. At Pisamonas you can find a lot of styles following these trends. How easy it is to buy fashionable footwear, how difficult it is to keep it in perfect condition throughout the season we want to take this opportunity to give you some tips to make sure your footwear, especially shiny shoe styles, always look like the day you bought them.

To learn how to clean you and your kids' shoes, in the first place you need to know in what material they are made of. If you bought your shoes at our online shoe store, you just have to consult the product description tab, where you can view the manufacturing details of the uppers, the lining and soles. If you bought your footwear at another store or it is an older style you can look inside the shoe where you find a tab with details of the materials used. This tab sometimes comes attached on the inside so it's important that you take a look when new shoes come into your possession.

Before instructing you how to clean shiny shoes, we'd like to remind you how to clean the footwear in general. The materials used to make footwear are very diverse, so we are going to focus on the most common ones:

  • To clean your leather shoes it's important that you air them daily, to remove the dampness which may be inside the shoe and can be a source of odour. This applies to shoes of any material. If your leather shoes have shoelaces, you must remove them before cleaning the shoes and don't forget to wash them. Remove all surface stains that you find with a lightly dampened cloth or toothbrush, apply a cream-coloured or colourless shoe cream and then rub a cotton cloth evenly over the leather shoe to restore their original shine.
  • Shoes made of suede, require a bit of pampering, but with a few simple steps, it is easy to keep it as the first day. We recommend that you shake this footwear after each use and it use a soft brush to remove traces of mud or debris, always brushing in the direction of the fabric. We have a special sponge for this type of material that removes dirt, respecting and caring for the suede and that you can find in our section of accessories.  For more difficult spots, we recommend that you use our suede rubber.  Use it to rub on the spot, wiping gently and afterwards brushing any remains there may be.  In addition, in order to prolong the life of your suede shoes, it is highly advisable to have a waterproofing spray that is applied to the surface of the shoe, which will add a protective layer against rain and also against dirt.
  • If you want to wear clean suede shoes clean them in the same way.  The products specifically for this type of materials are enormously useful for correct maintenance of this delicate material. If you find any stains, gently rub with the rubber cleaner specifically for this material and then gently brush away any remains there may be. For this type of shoe we recommend you put a little bit of talc powder inside once a week. In this way you will avoid odours and excessive moisture.
  • If you want to clean fabric footwear, check if they have insoles or removable parts and remove them, dip the shoes in a bowl of cold or tepid water for a few minutes to not shrink them too much. After rub them with a brush and soap and finish by rinsing. The procedure should not last more than 10 minutes. Then let them air dry, never directly exposed to sources of heat or direct sunlight, to prevent discolouration of the fabric.  When they've dried, your shoes will be like new.

With this information you can clean almost all your shoes, but what about glitter footwear that's so in fashion this season? The fun of this footwear is that it always shines. We are going to clear up all the doubts you may have about how to keep this footwear as perfect as the day you bought it. The most important thing in order to clean shoes with glitter is to identify how firmly the glitter is attached to the footwear.

  • Inlaid glitter: in this type of glitter decoration dirt can get trapped (especially mud and dust). To clean these shoes rub the glitter with a dry cloth in the first place without pressing, to remove dirt particles that have become attached. After this, to brighten the shoe we can wipe with a moistened cloth, preferably cotton, over the glitter and allow to air dry.
  • Leather or suede with a shiny finish, although this footwear in called glitter it has little to do with this bright, material. To clean footwear as our Indian glitter ankle boots with fringes, we should follow the genera; instructions to clean footwear. In the case of the boots we use as an example, we will follow the tips for cleaning suede.

In general, remember that we have to let shoes dry before storing them, so they don't retain odours inside. Don't leave them near a source of direct heat and if they have a lot of moisture when you take them off, you can put a bit of talcum powder inside or fill with newspaper and in this way you will also avoid deforming.

Never wet your footwear too much or use aggressive products: grease remover, ammonia or vinegar are products that many recommend to clean shoes and that perhaps in the short term remove dirt, but in the long run damage your footwear irreversibly. A cloth, a brush and soapy water are your best allies to achieve clean shoes.

Remember that at our online shoe store you can find all the shoe styles of the season; Bluchers, ballerina shoes, sneakers, low boots, moccasins… At Pisamonas we hope that these tips will have helped you. Remember that on our web site you can also find cleaning products for footwear.

At Pisamonas we only sell quality shoes manufactured inSpain. If you look after it well and take care a little they will last longer than your child’s foot takes that size.

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Find out how to take special care of your kids' feet

By Pisamonas 16 October 2017

Care your kids feet

Our kids feet....

If you’re reading this that’s because you've already discovered us and you know that at Pisamonas you find the best quality footwear for your kids. And now we want to take a step further towards helping you care for your little ones' feet. We'd like to offer you several tips that are sure to be of great help to you, whatever the age of your children.

Our feet carry our weight all day long so it's essential to start taking care of them from a very early age. It's important to choose shoes that are suitable for your child's age and their daily activities in order to prevent them from having problems with their feet later in life.

To take really good care of their feet, start with their nails: it's important to cut toenails regularly from when your baby is around one month old. Following our advice will make help to make your life easier:

  • Try to do it when they are relaxed, as this will make the task easier.
  • Use scissors without a point or with rounded tips.
  • Only cut the part of the nail that is not in contact with the skin.

These tips will not make your child sit still while you trim their nails, but if you try to make it a relaxing, fun experience, that will make life easier for you both.

You should aim to cut their nails about once a week, although this will depend on the rate your child's nails grow at, the time of year...

When cutting their nails, try not to leave pointed edges, as this may cause ingrowing toenails, one of the most common problems in children's feet. If you leave pointed edges, if theit nails become hardened or if you put incorrectly fitting footwear on them, this may cause soreness in the affected area of the foot. As well as causing your child pain, infection may set in and a visit the child podiatrist will be necessary. To avoid this, in addition to taking care of their nails, it’s important you make sure your children's shoes are comfortable and the correct size and width. You can be rest assured that on our website, www.pisamonas.es, you’ll find styles of footwear suitable for all ages and all sizes of feet.

In addition to teaching your kids how important it is to cut their toenails, it's also essential that you teach them to dry their feet thoroughly, especially when they visit wet environments like the pool or the beach. The area between the toes is a place where fungal infections flourish and if this does occur you’ll need to seek medical help to treat it.

If your child is of nursery age (or has already past it) you'll probably have heard about hand, foot and mouth disease. The truth is that there is little you can do by caring for them to prevent your child from catching this virus, which usually affects children under 10 years old and spreads most rapidly in early summer and autumn. As you may be aware, this is a disease which is spread by the mouth, hands or feet, and which causes a temperature and a general feeling of ill health. It’s contagious for 3 to 6 days, during which period the disease is not evident, so by the time you find out that your child has it, a few of their friends will probably have already caught it too.

In general terms, to try to avoid your children having problems with their feet, it's important to watch them when they are walking, both barefoot and with shoes on, and to observe the position of their feet: if they are slanted, if the footprints they leave are irregular or if you notice they put more weight on one foot than the other, you should take your child to the podiatrist, preferably one who specialises in children's feet

One of the keys to taking care of your children's feet throughout the year is to make sure they wear suitable footwear, based on two principles: the time of year and the age of your child. During the summer months you should choose lightweight materials that allow their feet to breathe and help to prevent fungal infections. What's more always choose footwear made of durable, attractive materials to encourage your children to keep their shoes on. If you notice that their shoes have a slight odour, put fine socks on them with their summer shoes, which will help to prevent this.

On the other hand, during the cold months, you should make sure their shoes are hard-wearing, robust, and made of strong materials which protect against the cold, so that their feet are comfortable and warm and cosy too.

The age and day to day activities of your child should dictate the type of shoes that you put on them. During their first few months these should always be soft baby shoes, without hard soles and as pleasant as possible to the touch. When they start toddling, it's important that the shoes you choose that are very well fitting. This is the best way to prevent problems in their way of placing their feet. One past this phase, when your child is walking steadily, it's essential that you choose their shoes according to the daily activities they take part in. They should have both sneakers and shoes, and not always wear the same footwear.

In addition to these tips for care of their small, growing feet, we also want to remind you of an important fact that we've already mentioned in this blog on previous occasions: it's vital that your children don't wear hand-me-down footwear, especially when they are first learning to walk, because each person has their own individual way of treading and handed down shoes may cause problems in this respect. And you know that if you want the best children's footwear at the best prices you can find it here at www.pisamonas.es

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Check out the latest fashions in the new Autumn Winter Collection from Pisamonas

By Pisamonas 5 October 2017

News look


We bring you all the latest trends for 2017 in children's footwear!

Above all at Pisamonas we want you children to be dressed really fashionably, but what's more we love to see them enjoying themselves playing in total comfort. If you've seen our video, you'll know that this year we bring you all the Autumn - Winter 2017 trends, with the really fashionable looks you'll see featured in the top fashion blogs and magazines. Here we present you with you some combinations of footwear and clothing trends, so you can see how just easy it is to achieve looks that are perfect for the season and really fashionable too.

For the Autumn -Winter season 2017, we checked out the top fashion blogs to find out what's really in fashion this season and we included all the top trends in our catalogue. For the girls, pretty dresses just like mum's are in, as well as romantic-style skirts combined with white shirts and pretty blouses with baby doll collars, to give your girls that dreamy look we all love so much. Dresses with lovely prints that bring back memories of the summer and accessories like hats and body waistcoats to make your kids' looks even more sophisticated. For the boys: Bermuda shorts with socks, whilst the winter weather permits, polos, shirts and jeans, the eternal favourites... Looks which, despite their simplicity, are this season's top trends in the leading fashion magazines.For your kids' feet, Pisamonas is always best. This year for our new range of children's footwear, we have opted for a collection that's very versatile and easy to mix and match, ensuring that your kids are comfy every day and elegant when the occasion demands it. There are sneakers that give an really cool, original touch to more dressed up looks, fringes and tassels in lots of our styles for a fun touch, sparkling details for the most fashion conscious kids, boots and shoes to go out and play with Mum and Dad, wellies for rainy days, our classic desert boots... everything you could dream of is here at www.pisamonas.co.uk. And as always we offer you free deliveries, exchanges and returns. With Pisamonas you get the most fashionable looks at really unbeatable prices.


Look pisamonas

 Left: Saude Ballerina

 Center Left:  Bamara Mary James Shoes 

 Center Right: Mary James with Velcro

 Right: Ballet Pumps with double Bowns


 Left: Ballerina Shoes with Glitter

 Right: Ballerina shoes in Velvet

Boots Pisamonas

Left: Winter Boho-Style for Girls

Center :  Boots withStarts and Zip

Right: Low boots with Snakeskin thin 

Safari Desert Booots

Left and center: Safari Desert Boots

Right: Safari Desert Boots With Colored Laces


 Everybody: Trainers Two Laces


Left: Bucle Strap Wellies

Center :  Glitter Wellies

Right: Splash Tricolor Wellies


 Left: Trainers Two Laces

 Ceter Left:  Suede Sneakers with Velcro

 Center Right:  Suede Sneakers

 Right: Velvet Lace-up Trainers


Everybody: Patent Style Wellies


  Everybody:  Suede Sneakers with Velcro

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Enjoy autumn in the great outdoors

By Pisamonas 27 September 2017

Enjoy Autumn

Enjoy autumn in the great outdoors 

Autumn time is almost here, the summer is behind us and the everlasting hours of sunshine too. The long afternoons are gone, the days are getting shorter and stretching ahead of us is the return to routine, school, work and after-school classes. But at least we have the weekends to enjoy our free time and be with our families. If you are looking for ideas for things to do with kids at the weekends, you are in the best possible place. This week at Pisamonas we would like to suggest a really fun idea for children and adults alike: heading off for a weekend to the countryside!

First choose your activity

You're sure to be thinking that to enjoy a getaway, you have to leave the city far behind, but this is the first myth we wish to destroy. It’s enough to get a few kilometres away from the city, because there are a multitude of green fields and spaces not far outside the big cities. If you don’t have access to a car, go along to one of the parks that abound in our cities providing the opportunity to enjoy a day outdoors. There’s no need to go all the way to the Pyrenees to enjoy a family day out in the open air!

If you want to enjoy the countryside in a different way, a really fun option especially with older kids is to take a bike ride, either mountain bikes or electric bikes. If you go for this idea you'll have to get information regarding companies offering this service and the age restrictions for the activity. If you and your family are intrepid types we suggest that you check out the adventure activity companies in your area, as many of them organize activities for families, such as adapted paint ball, wooden walkways, zip lines, orienteering games ... If you want to experience a real family adventure this is the perfect option for you.

If your children like animals, zoos and wildlife parks could be a great choice. Don't assume that all these ideas for activities with kids require a full weekend getaway, as there are many in your local areas, each specialized in particular animal habitats and offering the perfect way to spend a family day outdoors. To discover animals in a really different light, if you haven’t heard of them, we recommend a visit to farm school. There are lots of them in towns and close to the cities, and kids (and grownup kids too...) can have fun collecting eggs from the chicken coop, milking cows or seeing the goats in their pens ...

You don't need to take much for a day in the countryside... just enthusiasm!

You don’t have to get kitted out in full hiking gear or to get rigged out as if you were a sherpa ... you just need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Don't forget to wear adequate clothing to protect yourself from the rain and a pair of wellies would be a good idea too. We all know very well that the weather is always really changeable in Autumn time and we wouldn't want you to be caught unprepared by a storm in the middle of the countryside.

Going in a family walk and enjoying the outdoors will help the family to disconnect, recharge everyone’s batteries, and above all spend some enjoyable time together. Not to mention all the overall benefits it offers for kids: helping to prevent childhood obesity, improving sleep quality, helping kids to relate more naturally with their surrounding environment. In addition, there are many ways for you to have fun en route; playing and kicking up leaves, naming the animals you spot along the way, discovering unusual stones, organising a small treasure hunt, picking mushrooms or looking for fruits on the trees and bushes. You and your kids are bound to think of many more ideas, but be sure not to forget to take a ball!

General advice

Whatever the activity you are planning to do we recommend:

  • Make sure the activity is suitable for the kids’ ages. If they are not used to walking don’t plan a 20 kilometre walk, but start off at a gentler pace and get them used to walking day by day, thus ensuring that your children really enjoy the countryside.
  • Always take something to eat; some fruit and other snacks and, most importantly, water. You could even prepare a small picnic to take on your outing.
  • Don’t trust the weather at this time of year, as it can be very fickle. You can leave home in the cold, then the sun will come out but then in the afternoon it might rain..always bear this in mind!
  • In the mountains, be sensible; never forget to respect the environment, don’t throw rubbish down and don't start fires. It’s essential to teach children to respect nature from early childhood, as this is the most precious inheritance that we will leave to them.
  • If you choose an activity involving animals, never forget to follow the instructions of the organization, for the sake of the animals’ health and safety and your own.


If you feel like a weekend away, we recommend that you try to get as close to nature as possible. There are a wide range of options on offer for rural accommodation, many of them in natural surroundings where you can disconnect from the city and enjoy the peace and quiet. Much of this accommodation is on small farms with animals around the lodgings the,selves and offering guests similar experiences to the farms schools, with the added novelty that later you can make an omelette with the eggs that you have collected or take the milk with you to have breakfast on Monday morning before going to school... Something that does not happen to us very often in life.

Always Remember to wear comfortable shoes like our boots available in sizes 18 to 45, just ideal for children, women and men, so that the whole family can enjoy a day in the country and wearing matching footwear to boot. It will be real fun to be part of a team!

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Video of our collection Autumn Winter 2017

By Pisamonas 24 September 2017

Come along and get acquainted with our new styles! 

For us this time of the year is about getting back to nature, walks in the country surrounded by friends, playing in the lanes and sharing secrets on the corners. This sense of freedom is the essence of what we wanted to convey with our new autumn winter collection. With this in mind we took a group of kids out of the city and let them enjoy the natural environment: watch them having fun in our video! We’re sure that afterwards you’ll feel like going back to some country village you've not visited for ages.

We’ve got a whole myriad of ideas for your kids’ footwear for the new season. We’re certain you and your children will be thrilled with them and many of them are must haves for this season. Pisamonas once again brings you the comfiest, most fashionable footwear.  Get Yourself ready for the chilly weather that's knocking on our doors and don’t miss out on the latest fashions. Really enjoy the autumn and the falling leaves in the best children's footwear from Pisamonas.

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The New Pisamonas Autumn - Winter Collection 2017

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 Autumn winter PisamonasWe’re here to help you get set for the autumn with lots of new styles and colours!

The cold weather already seems to be here to stay, the days are quickly getting shorter, everything seems to be fading away leaving a sad sort of feeling behind. But here at Pisamonas we couldn’t be happier: our new collection of children's footwear has just hit the shelves!

Our Autumn - Winter Collection comes packed with all the season’s top trends and our children's footwear and accessories will help you put those essential finishing touches to your kids’ coolest looks. And to your own too!

Our new collection is a treasure trove of bright details, fringes, stars, fantastic combinations of colour, and with kids’ boot and shoe styles just like the grownups’... and all this without putting aside our prime aim: to bring you the ultimate combination comfort and style..and at unbeatable prices!

The Essence of our New Collection

Falling of the leaves, sudden cold snaps, the last rays of afternoon sunshine, days out in the country, jumping in puddles ... our new styles have been created especially for you to enjoy the new autumn season.

Close your eyes and imagine this: an outing to the countryside with the family, kids having fun in the open air, running about, sharing secrets, enjoying being with friends, jumping around and breathing in the fresh air. And all this whilst sporting the latest fashions in footwear. Are you getting  the picture?

New Collection Pisamonas

The Inspiration behind the New Pisamonas 2017 Collection 

Nature has inspired our new Autumn - Winter collection, because at Pisamonas autumn takes us back to our childhood: the countryside, the land and the people we remember... that’s why we’ve been on an adventure with the kids: to get back to our roots.

We wanted them to create their own memories, in the beauty of the natural environment, so that in the future they too will have places to return to.

We encouraged them to create their own adventure story, to throw stones, to run in the lanes and to enjoy the peacefulness that we miss out on so much in our day to day lives.

We’ve designed our collection with everyday life in mind. For schooldays and endless weekends, for enjoying living life to the full and being out of doors.

If you too want to get back to nature, you just need to get some comfortable clothes and the best kids' footwear from Pisamonas ready for their daily adventures. As well as all this, we also wanted to celebrate the opening of ournew stores. Because 2017 has seen the start of our shoe store expansion programme in Spain. So in this collection, you’ll discover that pastel colours are an outstanding feature, just like in all our stores.

The main features of our New cCollection

We've already mentioned that this season comes packed with new must haves for everyone and all the top trends of the season are present in our new Pisamonas range.

Velvet makes a comeback to your shoe closets, with a strong presence in Mary Janes, ballerina shoes and sneakers, so soft and warm that children and adults alike love them. As we already said, our new collection is just bursting with brightness. Glitter is back in force and there are new colours in our  boots with glitter heels and bright stars adorning our ballet pumps and boots.

For cold days, faux fur is a must! Don’t miss out on our new, black, faux fur sneakers in sizes 31 to 41, just perfect for a totally trendy Mum & Me look..and our sheepskin-style turnover boots, lined with faux fur, make really cosy feet a sure thing.

Not to mention the lovely shades of blue for both boys and girls, the sailor stripes decorating many of our accessories and the palette of pastel colours in earthy tones like salmon, mustard and pearl that give this winter a really inspiring touch.

And to finish off the most innovative looks, there are tassels and Indian details on our ankle boots, loafers and boho-style boots that will become your daughters' favorites! Ultimate boho-style chic! Because being a kid isn’t at odds with being fashionable!

Classics styles always come back in! And our safari boots with laces are the perfect example of this. Fourteen colours and a wide range of sizes for adults and children: the really difficult thing will be choosing which ones you like best.

Enjoy the season! Enjoy the latest Autumn and Winter fashions! Enjoy Pisamonas!

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With Pisamonas, they’ll start school with their best foot forward!

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Back to School with Pisamonas

Get geared up for going back to school!

We know, we know, it’s still August, and if you’re still on holiday at the beach with your little ones maybe it’s not the best time to talk about going back to school. But, as much as it pains us, there are only a few weeks left until your kids start classes again. At Pisamonas we know it’s better to be safe than sorry, so we’ve already got everything ready to kit your kid’s feet out this term.

We’ve got a huge variety of school shoes for all occasions ready and waiting for you, whether they wear a uniform or not. We’ve got Velcro fastenings or lace-ups, for their PE classes, their extracurricular activities, and for the tiniest of feet of all, for your little ones who are off to nursery. What’s more, we’ve also got Condor accessories. All of these products offer the amazing value for money that Pisamonas is known for.

We know that starting to think about school and getting back into a routine can seem like a bit of an uphill struggle, so first things first. We’ve got a few tips to help you send them back to school with a smile.

Advice for dealing with them going back to school

We’re not going to try and deny that holidays aren’t wonderful, but getting back into a routine also has its plus points. On the one hand, think about your kids. Every new term is a new opportunity for them to learn new things. Think how happy it’ll make you when they get home and tell you that they’ve learnt to count, or when they read you their first sentence, or when they tell you how amazing they thought a book was!

There are also new challenges for mums and dads. Just like January, September is the perfect moment for setting yourself new goals. From getting back to the Zumba classes you love so much, stopping smoking or finally doing that Spanish course you’ve always wanted to take, now’s the time!

Another thing that’s sure to stop you from enjoying the kids going back to school is all the costs that September entails. As a mother, you know only too well that this month is essentially a synonym for spending an awful lot. All the school materials, books, lunchbox, clothes, shoes… It all adds up and, by the end of the month, you’ve spent a fortune. That’s why it’s so important to try and find a way to save on everything you buy. At Pisamonas, we want to do our bit, and that’s why we want to remind you that you can take advantage of our Pisacombos deals. How do they work? It’s simple. For every pair of shoes you buy, you get a 10% discount on any of our accessories. Imagine, for example, that you need to buy some Mary Janes for your little girl and boat shoes for your little boy. If you also buy her some ribbed wool tights and him a pair of plain socks, you’ll automatically get 10% off both accessories, it’s that easy!

If none of that makes you feel any better, maybe the best way of facing them going back to school is thinking about your next holiday. Any weekend can be a great opportunity to escape the routine and go and enjoy a mini-holiday with your family. There’s no need to wait a whole year to escape the daily grind!

Essential shoes for going back to school

Now that we’re all smiles, thinking about how great this school year is going to be, it’s time to make a list of the shoes that each one of your kids will need. Make a note of these ideas and kit them out them perfectly!

Shoes for school uniforms Pisamonas 

-          With their uniform

The vast majority of kids wear uniforms to school, so they’re probably going to need a certain type of shoe to go with it. At Pisamonas we’ve got all the classics, as well as loafers for boys and girls, boat shoes in brown or blue, or lace-up bluchers that they can also use casually.

-          For sport

Trainers can’t be left off the back to school list either. Whether you go for classic white or other models in different colours or materials, your kids can’t go without them.

-          Rip tape

If you want them to be as comfortable as possible and quick to get on and off, you can also find rip tape school shoes, Mary Janes or trainers with Velcro fastenings on our online footwear shop.

Pisamonas have all the footwear your kids need. Happy back to school! 

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