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Cordones elásticos de colores Grupo

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  • Coloured elastic shoelaces group
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces yellow
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces blue
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces fuchsia
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces sky blue
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces white
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces green
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces orange
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces black
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces red
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces grey
  • Coloured elastic shoelaces lilac

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Coloured Elastic Shoelaces Pack of 20

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With these original, flat silicone shoelaces in different colours, neither you nor your children will ever have to waste time tying your laces again!

These elastic shoelaces are available in eleven colours: black, white, grey, blue, sky blue, red, lilac, green, orange, shocking pink or yellow.  Choose the colour you like best and use it with your favourite trainers!  For even more daring looks, you can use a few colours together, making your own unique combinations.  And, since they're flat, you can use them on both sides, as one side is smooth and the other is textured. 

Ideal for using as trainer laces, for a sporty look.  You can give your shoes a unique, personal touch!  

In each pack, there are 20 units of elastic shoelaces in one colour.  Each of the rubberised shoelaces has a specific size, which is identified by a small number on the item.  In total, there are 10 sizes and each pack contains two units of each size.

These coloured laces are not recommended for use with children under 3 years of age.

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Currently we have no reviews available for this product.

Material: Silicone

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