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Your kid's feet

In this section we tell you all you need to know about your kid's feet:

- The sole of the foot is flat and it stays like that until they are three years old, but its sensitivity is much higher than that of their hands.

- It is important to observe your children while they play or walk to detect possible anomalies.

- It is convenient to consult a paediatrician regularly, because only specialists can diagnose properly and propose timely solutions, if necessary.

- Wearing bad quality footwear can make a problem worse, as in these shoes feet don't breathe properly and the tissue surrounding the nail can become softer.

- The size of the shoe must be the correct one, as a shoe with the incorrect size will force the child to adopt forced postures.

- To promote perspiration, socks should be made of thread, wool or cotton.

- Each child imprints his own shape on the shoe when they walk, and deforms it differently. - For this reason, shoes should never be passed on from one child to another.

- Rely on the seriousness of a specialist brand that guarantees the appropriate footwear for the child's stage of development and activity performed.

- And remember that the shoes must allow their feet to grow naturally

Our children's feet are not a reduced version of the feet of adults. As an essential part of their developing bodies, they require many attentions and special care to ensure their healthy growth. Children's feet are not completely developed until they are 3 years old, for this reason, since they start crawling and standing it is very important to take care of their first steps with the most adequate footwear. Later on, as they grow up they will gradually incorporate all the activities we carry out, so they must have adequate shoes for each stage.

For all these reasons, at Pisamonas, we have made a careful selection of shoes for your children, choosing from the best Spanish suppliers to offer a large selection of designs, finishes and colours of classic shoes, the most successful ones we all seek for.


Choosing their footwear well

- Wearing footwear with inadequate lasts and materials can originate many problems on our feet (bunions, corns fungical infections, athlete's foot...). It is really important to choose footwear consciously, bearing in mind what is best for our children's feet Our advice can help keep their feet healthy.

- Seams and assemblies must be correctly finished.

- Look for competitive prices but without sacrificing quality. - Buy good footwear that allows the foot to breathe correctly. The best footwear is made with natural materials

- Have several types of shoes available so that your kid can alternate them, it is not good to wear the same shoes for long periods. Take care of them and keep good hygiene.

- When children are already walking, their shoes are also supposed to keep their feet warm. Choose insulating and warming materials for winter and fresher materials for summer.

- Bad fits and first wears can cause rashes on their skin.

- In general, it is best to buy slightly bigger shoes than smaller ones.

- It is advisable to change kid's shoes before their toes are pressed against the front.  In their first years this happens every few months.

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