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Free deliveries and exchanges

IIf you buy in a high street shop and you only pay for the price of the shoes and you are not charged to change your purchase if you happen to change your mind, then why should it be different in an online store? At Pisamonas we have decided that we will always deliver for free on all your purchases at our webpage www.pisamonas.co.ukwith no minimum orders and to wherever you live in the UK!

And, if the size does not fit you, we send a new one, also for Free! Just as if you were at our high street store!

Remember, if after you receive your order and the shoes don't fit your kids or the colour is not to your liking, just let us know and we will send a new one! We will collect the one we sent to you and send the new pair of shoes completely for free!  You will not have to pay a single penny for delivery expenses during the process!

Don't you sometimes think:

what if the shoes don't fit when I get them?

getting my kid's shoe size right is really hard...

the colours on the screen don't look the same as in your hands

what if I have to end up paying more for deliveries if I have to change sizes compared to what I would have saved for buying the shoes online...

Now you won't have to worry about that any more! At Pisamonas Online Footwear Store you get colour and size exchanges for free!

It is as easy to buy at on our online store as it is to buy a pair of shoes in our retail shop. You will not have to buy again at that expensive shop in your high street... Pisamonas brings its walk-in store to your doorstep!