Desert Boots for baby. Cheap baby booties made in Spain
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Desert Boots

Desert Boots for Baby Girl or Boy


They are our speciality! These safari boots online for babies have many different names, you might have known them as chukka boots, desert boots... Multi-purpose footwear that will keep up your baby's energy starting from 0 years old.   These booties for babies are really soft and comfortable, they have no sole, which makes them very flexible.

Baby Safari Desert Boots Grey

(5 colours)

Size 16 / UK 0.5 Child
Size 19 / UK 3 Child
Baby Safari Desert Boots


Pisamonas Baby Safari Desert Boots

Let your young adventurer go over the urban jungle in style with our famous desert boots for babies.

These desert boots are casual and smart at the same time. Available in 5 colours and suitable for girls and boys.

100% made in Spain from high-quality split leather and really soft and comfy due to the natural leather lining.

A completely must have now available in baby sizes and cheaper than anywhere else.

If your baby is no longer a pre-walker, you might prefer chukka boots with harder sole.

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Booties desert boots furry inner liner  Navy Blue

(3 colours)

Size 16 / UK 0.5 Child
Size 19 / UK 3 Child
Booties desert boots furry inner liner


Pisamonas Booties desert boots furry inner liner Beautiful desert booties for babies, super soft and warm with a furry inner lining and a soft sole to keep the littlest people’s feet warm and protected. Thise is the perfect product for your baby’s first few months of life. It’s a bootie made of split leather that’s flexible and breathable to protect your little one’s feet.
These pre-walker baby booties are the last word in comfort so that your baby will be happy as anything! What’s more, as they’re available in size 16 to 19, they’re the perfect option for newborns or crawlers. These baby booties will be their favourites!
At Pisamonas, comfort and style aren’t at odds with age! The littlest people can now have a pair of desert boots at a great price and with all Pisamonas’ quality and characteristics.
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Riptape Safari Chukka Baby Boots   Burgundy

(2 colours)

Size 16 / UK 0.5 Child
Size 16 / UK 0.5 Child
Riptape Safari Chukka Baby Boots


Pisamonas Riptape Safari Chukka Baby Boots

Traditional and smart Safari Chukka Booties for babies with riptape fastening, very soft and comfortable in baby sizes.

Safari  or Desert Boots for babies and children, find them cheaper online.

If your baby is already walking, instead of this Safari Chukka bootie without a sole, maybe you should get the Safari Chukka Boots with sole and riptape fastening.

Made in Spain with suede uppers and leather lining. Now available in a wide range of colours,

Both classic and fashionable, Free Delivery and exchanges!

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