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Suede, Nubuck and leather shoes cleaning products. Shoe care tips.

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Cleaning shoes

All you need to keep your shoes clean and in good condition. Your shoes and your children’s shoes will always look new!

If you want to get rid of the bad smell in your shoes, there’s nothing better than our deodorising spray for shoes and trainers. It will keep them fresh and it’s easy to use.

To clean difficult materials such as suede, velvet and Nubuck we suggest you use a shoe cleaner or one of our cleaning sponges. They are effective and easy to use!

To protect all your shoes, there’s nothing better than the waterproof spray for shoes. You’ll see dirt and water slide right off once you’ve applied the product!

You’ll find these products and other shoe accessories at Pisamonas to make sure your children’s feet are always well-equipped. Insoles will make your children more comfortable in their shoes. If you want your kids’ shoes to look original and not have to worry about the shoelaces becoming undone, we suggest you get these coloured silicon laces.

There are many other accessories to complete your kids’ look. We have wool tights, hats and scarfs and even belts and headbands.

If you’re looking for children’s footwear and other accessories, you’ll find it all at Pisamonas.

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