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Summer & Swimming Accessories

Summer & Swimming Accessories


If your boys or girls want to sleep with their flip-flops their bucket and spade - instead of their favourite teddy bear-  or to cover up with their beach towel, don't worry, they've just come across our line of summer accessories for the beach. Keeping them under the umbrella is quite a hard job, especially if they have with them one of our sets of bucket, spade, rake and sand moulds ... let their imagination flow building all sorts of shapes.

Girls Lycra swimsuit

(5 colors ) (Sizes 2 - 12)


Boys Lycra Boxer

(5 colors ) (Sizes 1 - 6)


Boys Poplin Boxer

(6 colors ) (Sizes 4 - 12)


Girls lycra swimsuit culotte

(6 colors ) (Sizes 1 - 6)

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