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Avarcas Menorcan Sandals

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Avarcas Menorcan Sandals

At Pisamonas you will be able to buy these lovely menorcan sandals, they look gorgeous on mum's and daughter's feet. You can match them with everything and you can choose from several different colours, all of them really wearable, when you are already slightly tanned from the beach or the swimming pool, light colours look gorgeous on you.

Also known as avarcas sandals or menorcan sandals, the popular avarcas menorcan sandals are a type of women's shoes we could not miss out on at our online footwear store.

Manufactured with maximum quality nappa or nobuck leather both inside and outside, which allows their correct transpiration during the hot months and provides great comfort for your feet. All this always having in mind the great amount of money you save, because one of Pisamonas Online women's Footwear Store's features is that our prices are unbeatable.

Don't miss the boat this summer... Order them now! Have your avarca sandals ready before the heat arrives all of a sudden, your sandals for women that look great in summer with any type of outfit and which you can buy at Pisamonas also for boys and adults to match clothes with your kids.

If you want to buy footwear online with guarantees, you have come to the right place, as we are experts in footwear for children and adults, our manufacturing is Spanish and thanks to our online footwear store we can now offer maximum quality at very low prices.

Check out our women's menorcan sandals section, where you will be able to see pictures in detail, the size guide and the colours available... and in a few days you will have them inside your wardrobe!

And since you are in the women's footwear section, discover all the collection we have, like our really comfortable brogues for women, trainers, women's boots, or the most trendy and comfortable footwear for the summer like our espadrilles or our sandals for the beach.

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