Baby Lace-Up Oxfords. Quality and cheap shoes for babies
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Lace-Up Oxfords


An updated design you can't miss out. The classic English shoe or lace-up Oxfords of our childhood, now available in a modern style, plus new colours and finishes.   Made in Spain of high quality leather, these shoes are as delicate as your baby's skin. Timeless babies shoes suitable for winter or mid-seasons by choosing between leather or suede finish.

Lace-Up Oxford Booties Grey

(4 colours)

Size 16 / UK 0.5 Child
Size 18 / UK 2 Child
Lace-Up Oxford Booties


Pisamonas Lace-Up Oxford Booties

Baby Lace-Up Oxford Booties style for the younger. Perfect shoes for everyday and for special events. You can wear them with all their clothes because they are available in four colors: Grey, Blue, Pink and Taupe. With the characteristic lace-up oxfords shoes touch in the toe box and the bootie height to protect the kids from the cold so they can be comfortable and fashionable.

Laces the same colour of the leather shoes ensures proper fit for your baby foot so that cannot be removed easily on their own. This model doesn't have hard sole so it's ideal for those babies who don't walk yet in order to protect their delicate feet from chafing and cold.

Napa leather shoes with leather lining 100% made in Spain.

Available from size 16/UK 0,5 Child to 19/Uk 3 Child, remember you can also find matching wool tights in our accesories section. And do not forget that changes and returns are completely free.

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Leather Lace-Up Baby Oxfords  Beige

(4 colours)

Size 16 / UK 0.5 Child
Size 19 / UK 3 Child
Leather Lace-Up Baby Oxfords


Pisamonas Leather Lace-Up Baby Oxfords

A classic never goes out of style. This Leather Lace Up Oxford for babies are made of the finest nappa and available for girls and boys.

Leather lining inside and soft sole for a better comfort.

Free Shipping and Size exchange on all your orders.


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Suede Lace-Up Baby Oxfords  Deep Blue

(4 colours)

Size 16 / UK 0.5 Child
Size 19 / UK 3 Child
Suede Lace-Up Baby Oxfords


Pisamonas Suede Lace-Up Baby Oxfords

An updated classic. The traditional and always smart Lace Up Oxford is now available in suede and in baby sizes. Really soft and comfy.

Find your usual Oxford shoes cheaper here, at Pisamonas.

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