Advantages and Disadvantages of eating at school.

 Comer en el cole

School food is a very necessary in the majority of families where both parents work outside the hoe and whose work day does not allow them to collect the children from school and take them home for lunch then take them back again.

For a family´s practical and organizational reasons this is the major advantage of having our children eat lunch at school but, even if we could take them home to eat every day, there are important benefits to the child eating at school, such as discovering new tastes that they might refuse to try at home, learn to eat themselves much earlier, and create good eating habits eating fruits and vegetables as part of a balanced diet.

If we have a child who is not a good eater, this is the ideal situation to improve their appetites. By not having an adult focussing only on them, and pressuring them to eat, they will do it more naturally and by instinctively imitating the other children watching them eat, they will tend to do the same.

Sharing meal times is the ideal time to enjoy friendships, loved ones and establish new relationships. If your child has difficulties socially the dining room will open up new possibilities to make friends in a different way than they do during lessons.

But as in life, our children eating outside the home has its good and bad points, and the drawback might be that we have no control over the quality of the food.

Today the school dining rooms have strict quality controls, when buying the ingredients as well as when preparing the menus, which gives us reassurance and peace of mind in order to be able to enjoy this service.

Under normal conditions, and unless the child has allergy or illness issues, choosing the option of eating at school can be the right option to choose. It makes our life easier, and as we have seen as well at covering the needs for childcare and food has many other benefit for our little ones.


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