Choosing your baby’s first walking shoes
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It's an important choice to ensure healthy foot development for years to come. The first baby’s shoes are designed to provide special support and protection during their first steps

What features should have a baby’s first walking shoes?

  • Babies should wear lightweight and flexible shoes that allow their feet to move naturally, prevent chafing, and ensure traction. Holding the ankle but flexible enough to allow the movement.
  • They should also have a proper insole to help support and balance the foot and ensuring the healthy development of the arch. Avoid stitchings as they may hurt their delicate skin.
  • Antislip soles are also an asset to prevent from falling.
  • Choose breathable materials such as our  suede desert boots or the canvas lace-up trainers
  • Reinforced round shaped toecap without any pressure in the sides or the toe cap.

Getting the correct size

  • To check the fit, try the shoes at home while wearing a sock. Then, feel the top of the shoe for the end of your child’s longest toe. Ideally, it should be a distance of 0.5 – 1 cms between the top of the shoe and the child’s toe. Remember that it’s not advisable to buy a larger size of shoe to last longer , your child may become uncomfortable.
  • Try them in the afternoon rather than in the morning, because feet tend to grow a little bit during the day due to the body’s weight. This way you will be able to measure the feet properly and get the correct size  
Follow these general guidelines when buying baby’s shoes for their first steps.

For baby’s first steps, trust in Pisamonas kids shoes! Top quality baby’s shoes, 100% Made in Spain. 

Furthermore, thanks to our low prices you can buy more than one pair! Cheap and quality shoes such as our baby suede oxford shoes for walking babies or patent leather Mary Jane shoes for baby girls… We have a wide range of styles to let your children grow with us! 


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