Discover the Barefoot trend with Pisamonas

What is Barefoot footwear?

As the name suggests, this type of footwear is an innovative option designed to promote the natural development of children's feet, and it is increasingly recommended by podiatrists recommended by podiatrists.

Unlike conventional shoes, barefoot footwear is characterized by its ability to mimic the sensation of walking barefoot, ensuring that the footstep and foot support are as ergonomic as possible, while always protecting it from irregularities in the terrain.


How to recognize barefoot footwear?

The key characteristics to identify whether a shoe is barefoot or not are as follows:

1 – Wide shape and wide toe box

Space is the main protagonist of this type of footwear. Its width and toe box shape are specifically designed to allow the toes to move freely and the shoe boundaries not to interfere with their growth.

This freedom of movement is crucial during the early years of life, as advocates of this type of footwear argue that it helps strengthen the foot muscles and improve coordination and balance. Why? Here are some reasons:

  • Avoids pressure on the foot and allows the toes and muscles to stretch and exercise better when walking and running.
  • Thus, all foot muscles are activated and strengthened more completely.
  • Provides a more stable and natural base, with more surface area under the foot.

2 – Thin and flexible sole

The sole size determines how children feel the ground they walk on. Therefore, a thin sole, with no height difference between the front and heel, allows children to better recognize surfaces and adapt their feet better to the terrain they walk on.

This feature is especially useful for children who are starting to take their first steps and need to explore the world around them to learn to walk confidently.

If, in addition, the sole is flexible, the connection between the foot and the ground is greater, and the foot also has greater freedom of movement, allowing for a much more precise step.

3 - Natural and breathable materials

Although this point is not exclusive to barefoot footwear, the use of natural and breathable materials is essential to achieve that barefoot sensation:

  • Because the materials must be lightweight so that the step is also light.
  • Because they allow foot fixation without the need for uncomfortable reinforcements.
  • Because they keep the feet dry and comfortable in any season of the year.

4 - Removable insole

Another advantage of barefoot footwear is that the insoles are removable, for the following reasons:

  • Hygiene: Sand from the park, debris from the field, even crumbs from snacks... It is essential to regularly wash children's footwear, as we can find anything inside. If the insole is removable, cleaning will be much easier.
  • Custom fit: If the insole can be removed, it is easier to check when your child needs a size change by checking where the toes are marking.
  • Durability: If the insoles can be removed, they can also be replaced when necessary. Thus, the shoe will last longer, as long as the size still fits.

Barefoot Models for Spring and Summer

As the weather gets warmer, barefoot mary janes, traniners and T-bar canvas shoes become the ideal option for children to enjoy their outdoor activities. And after an intense afternoon at the park, they are super easy to clean, just put them in the washing machine after removing the insoles.


Available in vibrant and cheerful colours, these models perfectly complement all your children's seasonal clothing and are perfect for any occasion in spring and summer, not just for going to the park.

If you want your children to look more dressed up, the new flexible Menorcan sandals are a great idea to add a touch of style and comfort to any summer outfit.


And for pool, river, or beach days, the new jelly sandals offer the additional protection needed for any water play, ensuring that little feet are safe and comfortable without worrying about sand, pebbles, or shells they might step on.

Barefoot Models for Autumn and Winter

The Barefoot concept is not limited to the warmer months. Children also enjoy going barefoot in winter, and the key is to keep their feet warm and comfortable.

For the colder months, there are boots, shoes, and even wellies and slippers with the same characteristics mentioned earlier. Perfect models for exploring the world with warm and protected feet.


And after examining all the characteristics of barefoot footwear and some of the options included in the Pisamonas collections, you may still prefer conventional footwear for your children.

It is important to keep in mind that barefoot footwear is an alternative for those who value this philosophy. At Pisamonas, we are committed to offering the best quality in both this option and the more traditional ones. Whether you prefer a minimalist style or any other type of footwear, at Pisamonas, you will find the best handcrafted Spanish shoes to meet the needs of all families.


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