How do you know which is the perfect shoe size for your child?

Choosing the right shoe size, a real challenge

You're in the bathroom, you're going to cut your little one's toenails and you notice that the nail on the big toe is a bit chafed or you see a little chafing that wasn't there before and you think, "that can't be, his shoes were great two days ago". Has this ever happened to you? These are unmistakable signs that it's time for a size change.

And it doesn't matter if you've renewed your wardrobe and shoe rack the week before. Don't be alarmed, it's not that you've lost your mind or chosen the wrong size. It's one of the most normal situations in the world. Children's feet grow at the speed of light, and this is a very good indicator of their development!

Keep in mind that, on average, according to paediatricians and podiatrists, a baby's feet grow half a size every 3 or 4 months from birth until they are about 4 years old. From that age, they can change size every 8 months at the most, but this is not an exact science and depends on each child.

Botas niñas

But then, what size shoe should I choose? Should I buy one more size so that they will last longer? The answer from the experts is a resounding "no". If you choose a smaller size, they may have problems with their toenails and foot pain, chafing or more serious damage to their bones. If, on the other hand, you buy them a bigger size, there is also a risk of injuries, trips, falls or sprains, as their feet dance inside the shoe and they can lose their balance.

We know that sometimes the decision is difficult and that's why we want to help you with some very practical advice that will come in handy. Keep reading!

The main trick is to measure well

If you visit a physical children's shoe store with your children, the solution is easy: they try on the shoes they like the most and that's it. But many times you go in a hurry, or you may take advantage of the fact that they are at school and the shoe shop is on your way to do the shopping so you don't have to come back in the afternoon. In these cases it is essential to measure well.

When you buy in online shoe shops this step is even more important, even if you are well oriented with the shoes they already have at home. They haven't yet invented the virtual shoe that you can try on live! But, watch out, time to time, we are not surprised by any technological breakthrough.

To measure accurately, podiatrists recommend leaving at least half a centimetre (or even a centimetre, depending on the shoe) of space between the toes and the shoe. To do this, one of the easiest ways is to place a piece of paper on the floor against the wall and ask your child, if they can walk, to stand on top of the paper, with their heel against the wall. In this position make a mark about half a centimetre in front of the longest toe of your child's foot. The distance between this mark and the end of the foil will be the measurement to compare in the size guide for each model.

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If your baby is not yet standing on their feet, you can make a template on cardboard or paper, using a reference from another shoe that they have and drawing the outline a little bigger. Put the homemade template on your child's foot and make the mark as we explained before: from the beginning of the heel to the longest toe, leaving a margin of half a centimetre.

Check the size guide

In all the models of shoes, slippers, boots, Mary Janes, etc. that you can find at, you have a very simple size guide available for each model so that with just the measurement you have taken you can be clear about which size to choose. And if it turns out that your brand is just between two sizes, you will have to choose the size above, according to the margin of up to one centimetre we talked about before. That will be your perfect size!

Things to keep in mind when choosing your shoe size

Once you have your new acquisition at home, try to try the shoes on at the end of the day, when their feet are more dilated after an afternoon of playing, and always with socks or tights. This way it will be easier for you to check that the size you have chosen is correct.

Also check that you can easily fit one finger of your hand inside the shoe, between the heel and the foot, and pass through the space without difficulty. If this is not the case, your child will need one size more.

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If the shoe is made of leather and the length is great, but the width is a bit tight, you should know that this type of material is very flexible and adapts to the wearer's foot. That is why, after a few days of using them, they will give in and stop being tight, it is a mistake to change them for one more size if they are fine in length!

On the other hand, if the shoe is made of canvas, it is normal for it to shrink a little after the first few wears and cleanings. Only in this case is it a good idea to choose one size more than the size he or she needs.

If you still have any doubts, remember that at Pisamonas we have a very professional customer service that you can contact whenever you need it, we are happy to make your life easier!


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