How to burn calories on your daily routine!

 Ejercicio sin darte cuenta


Getting ready for Bikini Body Challenge

If you have no time to go the gym or for a run, don’t you worry.  We are going to optimize your daily routine to burn calories - in an efficient way and without even realizing it - at the same time your work, both indoors or outdoors.  So, let’s get it started!

The first golden rule, eat less doesn't mean lose weight, it may have a contrary effect to that desired, and even be harmful to health. … Therefore, we should eat in a balanced manner and provide to our bodies the energy necessary to burn.


  • If you work at the office, in front of the computer, try to change your chair for an exercise ball. You will exercise your abdominal muscles, strengthen the lumbar area and burn calories easily.
  • Move your legs, while sitting, keeping them straight and parallel to the ground. Then, elevate your legs 15 cms from the ground and do scissors movements with them.
  • Less elevator and more stairs will help you to tone your legs and buttock muscles.  Promoting blood circulation and reducing the feared cellulite skin.
  • Stretching your muscles will lower your blood pressure and will make relaxing easy by reducing your stress levels and improving your body coordination
  • Walk straight, tightening and relaxing buttock muscles and legs for short periods of times.
  • At home, whenever you can., walk on tiptoe… as a ballerina! From the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the toilet… we walk a lot during the day!  In a short time, you will have spectacular legs! 
  • When you answer the phone, stand up and walk around meanwhile.
  • Play with your kids, apart from strengthen your relationship, will help you to burn calories: throwing a ball, rope-jumping, seek and hide or dancing also counts

And, above all, always keep in mind that you are not your weight or the size of the clothes you wear, so, just try to stay fit to be healthy and happy with yourself.  After all, life should be enjoyed not endured.

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