How to clean and store your wellies boots

 Como limpiar las botas de agua


And getting rid of white patches!

Although they are designed to get dirty and withstand rain and mud, wellies boots or “wellies”, need care too. Specially, if we want them to dress our rainy days in style and glamour.

Despite the fact that they are really though, sometimes white powdery marks appears on wellies. This is called "blooming", and it’s a completely normal process for natural rubber products. Therefore, we want to share some tips to keep your wellies as good as new and getting rid of them.

Firstly, wipe off the dirt with a soft cloth and warm water, and, most important, leave to air dry.  Remember to keep them away from direct heat sources as radiators or hairdryers. Pisamonas wellies are made of quality rubber materials and direct heat can ruin them.

You can also remove stains from mud, by using some water and soap - no aggressive chemical products or abrasive material must be used. Again, let them dry naturally. 

About the typical white patches on wellies mentioned above, you can get rid of them by applying some moisturizing lotion, or olive oil, and rubbing the boots in a circular motion. Afterwards, wipe the product excess with a dry cloth. There are also a wide range of product specially designed to remove them easily and distributed through specialised shops. 

To clean the boot sole in deep, just use a hard bristle brush wet with water or soapy water and fill the boots with sheets of newspaper to keep the water away from the inside. The paper will absorb moisture from the water and will keep their shape.

When summer comes, and you have to store your boots, just put them in a box. They will be waiting for you next season because wellies boots are timeless.

So, follow this easy tips and your Pisamonas boots will look always as good as new!


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