How to clean canvas shoes for boys, girls and adults.

 Como limpiar las lonas

Tips to clean your canvas shoes and make them look their best.

Nice, comfortable and more popular than ever, canvas trainers, , plimsolls or sneakers are a really cheap shoes that allows us  following the latest trends and dress the Little ones for less… but… to put an objection,… they get dirty more easily than other kids footwear made of another materials.  And the stains on them really jumps out at you…!

The great advantage of canvas trainers is that you normally wear them in the spring-summer time. And, as they are made of canvas, it dries quickly both inside and outside, so no excuses to look flawless. 

The regular option is putting them into the washing machine. They will look good but can also be damaged or become wasted. Most of all, uppers, linings. or shoes lace rivets 

If you choose to do this, the most advisable and less aggressive way to clean your canvas trainers,  is to use the quick wash program, cold water and minimum spin speed.

Another ways to remove dirt and let your canvas look as good as new:

  • Clean or shake your shoes soles off to remove dust or mud residues
  • Brush them gently by using a brush of smooth bristles over the shoes uppers to eliminate traces of dust or dirt.
  • Clean them with a sponge or brush, wet in a mixture with water, soap and a pinch of baking soda. Afterwards, rub them with circular movements over the spots and and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Insert some crumpled newspaper inside the shoes to absorb moisture and keep their shape.
  • Let them dry naturally in the shade to ensure they don’t lose colour due to the sun. 

If they were white previously and now are looking a little bit “yellowish”, you can recover their earlier tone by adding some lemon juice

And always remember to remove laces first!.

If you want to make sure that colours will not fade, let your shoes to soak in salt cold water. So, before the first wash, try this simple trick and don't leave them in for more than 20-30 minutes because salt may damage canvas a little bit.
IMPORTANT: Don't mix canvas from different colours that may fade.

By using this easy tips, you will enjoy your “Pisamonas canvas” without regretting, no matter the style:  victorias, without laces, lace-up plimsolls…Discover now our new season colours and styles Nuevos colores 2015 en zapatillas sin cordones


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