How to clean your leather boots and leave them like new
How to clean your leather boots Some little tips to leave them squeaky clean! How many times have you asked yourself how to clean leather boots? And how many times have you decided not to buy them for your children because you weren’t sure about how to clean them? We’re sure this has happened from time to time. Therefore, today we bring you some tips for cleaning leather boots so that you needn’t the fear the children playing, running and getting dirty in them. Put these little tricks into practice for your leather boots and those of your children, and they’ll last much longer than you’d have imagined.

How to clean leather boots simply

How beautiful are leather boots and how great do they look on the children, right? They’re the kind of boots for girls and boys that it’s always good to have in the little ones’ wardrobes, especially in the autumn and winter. What’s more, if we buy good-quality leather boots, they’re perfect for keeping out the cold. Furthermore, leather is a great way to achieve a very elegant look, both for mums and for the little ones. Of course, if we want to maintain that elegance, it’s crucial that we know how to clean leather shoes and boots. Let's find out how to do so in 3 easy steps!
  1. The first thing we must do when cleaning leather boots is remove the dirt. To do this, we should use a dry cloth or a brush with soft bristles to remove the majority and then, with a well wrung out, damp cloth, clean off what is left on the surface of the boot. However, before continuing to the next step, we must let them dry well.
  2. The next step to know how to clean leather boots and leave them looking as good as new is to hydrate them. For this, we will need a neutral and colourless cream or, if you need to repair some rubbing, we will use a neutral cream in the colour of the leather of the shoe, which we will apply to the boots for girls or boys.
  3. Lastly, rub all over the boot with a cotton cloth or a brush with soft bristles until it recovers its natural shine.
Is it clear how to clean a pair of leather boots? It’s simple, isn’t it?

Some recommendations

Leather is a very delicate material and, as such, it’s essential that we clean and care for it properly. When it comes to boots for boys and girls, this care is even more important. We all know how children's shoes end up when they start walking and running! So, the better we take care of them, the longer they’ll last. Accordingly, the most important thing is to keep the leather hydrated. As such, we recommend doing this every two weeks approximately, don’t wait for your boots to crack! Cleaning leather boots for women One of the problems that often arises when cleaning leather boots is that we always end up getting more dirty than we would like. So, whenever you go to do this task, do it in a place that you’ve already prepared. One of the problems that often arises when cleaning leather boots is that we always end up getting dirtier than we would like. Therefore, whenever you are about to clean them, do it somewhere that you have already prepared beforehand. For example, you can open an old newspaper out on a table and clean the boots on it. Also, it’s helpful to introduce one hand into the boot and to clean it with the other hand, for a better grip. If you also use latex gloves during this task,  you almost certainly will not stain yourself with shoe polish.

Other ways to clean children’s boots

Before we can start to clean boots, we need to know what material they are made out of. Obviously, cleaning suede boots  is not the same as cleaning wellingtons! Each material requires its own specific treatment, as we have already mentioned on previous occasions in Pisamonas. We’re sure it wouldn’t occur to anyone to clean rubber boots the same way as leather ones, but doubts can arise when it comes to similar materials. Therefore, we recommend that before buying boots for your little boy or girl, you find out what material they’re made of.  That way, when it comes time to clean and water-protect them, you won’t be in for any nasty surprises. In our online shoe store you will always find top quality boots for you and for your children. And so that you always know what it is you’re buying, we always try to make our labels as complete as possible. If, after all that, you still have some queries about the material used in our children’s boots and shoes, we’re always at your disposal!  We would be delighted to answer your questions!

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