How to clean your Pisamonas handmade fabric trainers

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Make sure your fashionable trainers always stay as good as new!

At Pisamonas we are huge fans of trainers, for children and adults alike! We love them for their convenience - they can be worn on any occasion and they are super practical - and so each season we get new styles with really cool designs!

For us, comfort and style go hand in hand; we never want you or your family to have to choose between being comfortable or being stylish. For this reason, all our styles combine quality with domestic designs to create a casual product that is as fun as it is fashionable.

Brightly-coloured velvet trainers for girls, suede and jute for boys, or printed canvas for the little ones; these are just some of the many options that you can find in our range of children's trainers at Pisamonas. Among them are two styles that, more than just being beautiful, are super special thanks to their handmade fabric, which requires special washing! Do you want to learn more about them and how to clean them? Then keep reading!


Canvas trainers with rubber toe

zapatillas Pisamonas Puntera Goma

These girl's trainers with interchangeable laces are one of our top products; they have captivated girls both young and old, including mums!  They are available in sizes 24 to 40. Additionally, as they come with another set of laces in a different colour, it is even easier to style them with any outfit; you can choose to wear the printed laces one day and the plain ones another ... two shoes in one!


Contrast canvas and laces trainers

Contrast Lace Up Canvas Trainers Pisamonas

Another pair of our coolest kids’ trainers is this classic English style. Sophisticated and wearable, they are available in sizes 24 to 36. Pisamonas style for the kids of the house!


How to clean your handmade fabric trainers

How to clean Pisamonas

In addition to being super cool, these two styles of trainers have both been manufactured by the best footwear manufacturers in the nation, using fabrics made and treated by hand. Therefore, it's important to follow our washing guidelines in order to keep them as good as new! Here we explain simply how best to clean your handmade fabric Pisamonas trainers:


1-      Moisten a clean, lightweight cloth in cold water.

2-      Gently rub the cloth on a neutral soap bar; you can find this at pharmacies, drugstores or department stores.

3-      Then, gently rub the soapy cloth on the stained surface of the shoe until gradually the stain disappears.

4-      If the stain is tough, lightly moisten the cloth again in cold water and repeat the process.

5-      Take another clean cloth, moisten it in cold water, and use it to rinse the area where you applied the soap.

6-      Once the stain has been removed, let the shoe dry in a cool, dry place in the shade, making sure to avoid sunlight to protect the colour whilst drying.


And that’s it! With this small Pisamonas cleaning tip, you'll be able to make sure your handmade fabric trainers always stay clean and shiny!


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