How to clean shoes this season’s most fashionable shoes
boots  Simple tips that´ll help you keep your kids´ footwear like new 

This season shiny is in, footwear with gems and glitter. At Pisamonas you can find a lot of styles following these trends. How easy it is to buy fashionable footwear, how difficult it is to keep it in perfect condition throughout the season we want to take this opportunity to give you some tips to make sure your footwear, especially shiny shoe styles, always look like the day you bought them.

To learn how to clean you and your kids' shoes, in the first place you need to know in what material they are made of. If you bought your shoes at our online shoe store, you just have to consult the product description tab, where you can view the manufacturing details of the uppers, the lining and soles. If you bought your footwear at another store or it is an older style you can look inside the shoe where you find a tab with details of the materials used. This tab sometimes comes attached on the inside so it's important that you take a look when new shoes come into your possession.

Before instructing you how to clean shiny shoes, we'd like to remind you how to clean the footwear in general. The materials used to make footwear are very diverse, so we are going to focus on the most common ones:

  • To clean your leather shoes it's important that you air them daily, to remove the dampness which may be inside the shoe and can be a source of odour. This applies to shoes of any material. If your leather shoes have shoelaces, you must remove them before cleaning the shoes and don't forget to wash them. Remove all surface stains that you find with a lightly dampened cloth or toothbrush, apply a cream-coloured or colourless shoe cream and then rub a cotton cloth evenly over the leather shoe to restore their original shine.
  • Shoes made of suede, require a bit of pampering, but with a few simple steps, it is easy to keep it as the first day. We recommend that you shake this footwear after each use and it use a soft brush to remove traces of mud or debris, always brushing in the direction of the fabric. We have a special sponge for this type of material that removes dirt, respecting and caring for the suede and that you can find in our section of accessories.  For more difficult spots, we recommend that you use our suede rubber.  Use it to rub on the spot, wiping gently and afterwards brushing any remains there may be.  In addition, in order to prolong the life of your suede shoes, it is highly advisable to have a waterproofing spray that is applied to the surface of the shoe, which will add a protective layer against rain and also against dirt.
  • If you want to wear clean suede shoes clean them in the same way.  The products specifically for this type of materials are enormously useful for correct maintenance of this delicate material. If you find any stains, gently rub with the rubber cleaner specifically for this material and then gently brush away any remains there may be. For this type of shoe we recommend you put a little bit of talc powder inside once a week. In this way you will avoid odours and excessive moisture.
  • If you want to clean fabric footwear, check if they have insoles or removable parts and remove them, dip the shoes in a bowl of cold or tepid water for a few minutes to not shrink them too much. After rub them with a brush and soap and finish by rinsing. The procedure should not last more than 10 minutes. Then let them air dry, never directly exposed to sources of heat or direct sunlight, to prevent discolouration of the fabric.  When they've dried, your shoes will be like new.
With this information you can clean almost all your shoes, but what about glitter footwear that's so in fashion this season? The fun of this footwear is that it always shines. We are going to clear up all the doubts you may have about how to keep this footwear as perfect as the day you bought it. The most important thing in order to clean shoes with glitter is to identify how firmly the glitter is attached to the footwear.
  • Inlaid glitter: in this type of glitter decoration dirt can get trapped (especially mud and dust). To clean these shoes rub the glitter with a dry cloth in the first place without pressing, to remove dirt particles that have become attached. After this, to brighten the shoe we can wipe with a moistened cloth, preferably cotton, over the glitter and allow to air dry.
  • Leather or suede with a shiny finish, although this footwear in called glitter it has little to do with this bright, material. To clean footwear as our Indian glitter ankle boots with fringes, we should follow the genera; instructions to clean footwear. In the case of the boots we use as an example, we will follow the tips for cleaning suede.

In general, remember that we have to let shoes dry before storing them, so they don't retain odours inside. Don't leave them near a source of direct heat and if they have a lot of moisture when you take them off, you can put a bit of talcum powder inside or fill with newspaper and in this way you will also avoid deforming.

Never wet your footwear too much or use aggressive products: grease remover, ammonia or vinegar are products that many recommend to clean shoes and that perhaps in the short term remove dirt, but in the long run damage your footwear irreversibly. A cloth, a brush and soapy water are your best allies to achieve clean shoes.

Remember that at our online shoe store you can find all the shoe styles of the season; Bluchers, ballerina shoes, sneakers, low boots, moccasins… At Pisamonas we hope that these tips will have helped you. Remember that on our web site you can also find cleaning products for footwear.

At Pisamonas we only sell quality shoes manufactured inSpain. If you look after it well and take care a little they will last longer than your child’s foot takes that size.


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