How to clean suede shoes

Como limpiar botas serraje 

Stunning and delicate at the same time… but, who can resist the beauty and comfort of this type of leather? Every good wardrobe should have a pair of suede shoes , boots or suede ankle boots. Besides, suede never goes out of style, it’s the eternal Autumn-Winter comeback- and suitable for any age

Today we will show you how to clean your suede boots or ankle boots to enjoy them without regrets.

Prevention is the key
Bear it in mind with all your suede footwear . There are a wide variety of products designed to turn them into water resistant.

Before wearing suede shoes for the first time, if possible, spray the product on them to create a protective layer against water, liquids and humidity.  Repeat the action from time to time, but not too often in order to preserve this delicate leather. 

Keep dust from accumulating on suede shoes the second leading cause of damage. As long as you can, and always right after being worn, brush them, keeping in mind that due to its plush finish, it must be done smoothly and in the same direction. You can use a cloth or a gentle brush.

If you want them to look flawless, vaporize your suede boots (but avoid getting them wet), and brush them as mentioned above.  Then allow them to air dry weather if they are shoes or boots for children or adults, during 24 hours.

If suede gets wet….
Oh no!! It’s raining!!!... Hold on, everything will be ok if you line the inside with paper , and you renew it anytime the paper absorb the moisture. Besides, if you have a baby and tend to use his suede baby boots as a baby’s bite, don’t you worry! Do the same with the paper and done!

And if they get dirty?
If the stains are produced as a result of rubbing, you can buy a special eraser for this. If it is an oily stain, you may use talcum powder or fine salt to remove the stain and brush gently afterwards. For the rest of stains, dissolve a few drops of ammonia or dishwashing detergent, in water and rub the stain with a wet sponge. Finally, dry and brush.

By remembering these easy tips about how to clean suede, you will be able to enjoy our new styles without regrets, such as our suede fringe ankle boots for girl and woman, the aviator suede boots or the beautiful  suede baby booties with faux fur collar with the best price- quality ratio of the market that only Pisamonas can offer!  


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