How to clean your Pisamonas waxed canvas shoes


Pisamonas How to Clean


The best advice to keep your shoes looking brand new!


This is one of the latest trends...a trend that we at Pisamonas cannot resist! Whether you're looking for canvas boat moccasins, with a trainer sole and really casual style, or air force-style boots with waxed laces for girls, we have included this original finish on both these seasonal models, which are part of our Autumn/Winter Collection, so that your children, as always, can wear the latest fashion trends with the full Pisamonas quality!

They are two comfortable and versatile styles that go easily with any outfit. They can be worn every day to school or on the weekends when they like to look their best, while also feeling comfortable. Despite the fact that the material may at first seem difficult to clean, it is actually really easy. 


 Pisamonas how to clean


Cleaning waxed canvas boat shoes


  1. If the stain has dried, use a small brush without water to gently brush the surface, removing any dirt on the surface.
  2. Then dampen a cloth with a little bit of water and delicately rub the stain.
  3. Afterwards, leave them to dry in the shade so that the colour doesn't fade.


Pisamonas Cleaning Advices 


Cleaning waxed laces

  1. Before cleaning split-leather boots with waxed laces, we recommend that you remove the laces to protect the rest of the boot. It also makes cleaning them a lot easier.
  2. Dampen a cloth with a little bit of warm water and rub it along the entire lace. If the stain is deeper, rub it harder.

  3. Leave them to dry in the shade and make sure they are completely dry before putting them back on. 



Pisamonas How to Clean


We at Pisamonas always think about your comfort and giving you top-quality, resistant and easy-to-clean products!

Happy shopping!


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