How to keep your australian style boots looking like new?

We tell you the most practical tips to have them always ready to wear

Since the first Australian-style boots appeared, they haven't stopped being fashionable. Every year they come back with new designs and new little details that make them unique.

They are one of our children's and our favourites when it comes to renewing our wardrobe! Because they are warm, because they combine with everything and because they are very comfortable.

Botas tipo australianas niña

From the simplest ones, with the typical visible seams and very light soles, to the flirtiest ones, with fur collars and side bows or with sheepskin lining, the models of this type of boots for girls and boys that Pisamonas brings this season are so attractive that you won't know which one to choose. These latest designs come with laces and hook-and-loop fasteners so that the little ones can put them on and take them off quickly and easily, and they're not only pretty but practical too!

Botas australianas con lazos

And when they have finally decided on the model they like the most, the day of the premiere arrives. They leave the house with all the excitement in the world and more beautiful than ever. But when they take them off, after a long walk or a game with friends, it turns out that the boots have arrived in a mess.

Don't panic and before committing any damage that can't be undone, keep reading this post, because we give you the simplest and most useful tips to have this type of boots always ready and ready.

Cleaning the inside: odours out

The best cleaning is the one that is done over clean. However, on the inside, to avoid odours, you can pour some bicarbonate, rub it in and leave it to act overnight. You will only have to shake it out in the morning, boots ready and perfect!

Botas estilo australianas

Cleaning the outside: materials and step by step

First and foremost, always avoid the washing machine and dryer. If you want your children's Aussie boots to last for a long time, all you need are the following tools and materials:

  • A chamois or soft bristle brush.
  • A soft sponge.
  • A soft cloth, preferably microfibre or cotton.
  • An old toothbrush (only for cleaning the sole).
  • Very mild liquid soap (neutral soap, such as the one used to wash wool or a specific one for suede or this type of boots).
  • A container with cold water.

Have you got everything ready? For boots made of fabrics such as serratex, the steps are as follows:

  1. The first thing to do is to brush the boot gently with a soft bristle brush, from the top towards the toe of the boot, always in the same direction so that no marks are left. By doing this, you are removing any dust or dirt adhering to the surface of the boot.
  2. The next, very important step is to lightly dampen the entire boot with cold water with a sponge (but only with water and not directly!). This way, they will dry evenly and there will be no streaks or water marks.
  3. Next, make a mixture with a few drops of liquid soap and a cup of cold water. With a small sponge, apply it gently all over the boot (but don't rub too hard, so as not to damage the material).
  4. Finally, wipe the boot with a damp cloth to remove any remaining water and soap. Leave them to dry for at least 24 hours in a well-ventilated place and make sure they are not near any heat sources such as radiators or cookers - don't even think of using a hairdryer to speed up the process! Even if you're in a hurry, these winter boots need to be treated with care. Direct heat dries out the material and causes it to become stiff, so you know: patience!

In the case of boots made of suede, we recommend that you take a look at our post on cleaning suedeor take a look at our shoe accessories section for our accessories for cleaning this type of material.

How do I clean the sole of Australian boots?

Limpieza de suela botas australianas

The best way to clean the sole is to use an old toothbrush to get into all the grooves of the sole, especially if it is a model with an all-terrain track sole. With a solution of cold water and a few drops of liquid soap, you only need to scrub the sides of the boot carefully so as not to get the sides of the boot wet and without too much force - no need to scratch the surface of the sole to clean it!

Once the dirt has been removed, wipe with a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture and debris.

And for stubborn stains?

You've been out for lunch and a treacherous drop of oil has landed on your boot; it's snowed a bit, just enough to go out and touch the snow! and you've got some white marks around your foot. These are very common situations that can also be easily solved.

In these cases, it is better not to try remedies from the Internet such as applying chalk, dishwasher or grease remover, because they will most likely not work and they will get worse. Try to add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the mixture of cold water with liquid soap and apply it to the stain without rubbing too much and don't forget to apply it to the whole boot so that it dries evenly; or use a specific product for this type of boots that is recommended by your local shoe shop.

The best thing is prevention

These steps are key to improve the appearance of your little one's Australian boots and to make them last for a long time. But one of the most common mistakes we mothers make is wanting to clean our shoes too much.

In fact, it is advisable to clean them only once a month or even more often so that the leather of the shoes does not suffer. On a day-to-day basis, wiping the entire surface with a damp cloth without rubbing will suffice.

Remind your little one that they are not snow boots and that even if they are super practical and some have all-terrain soles, it is better not to put them in mud or puddles. She is sure to be the first to prevent stains so that her boots are always perfect!

Botas estilo australianas


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