How to tie shoelaces:

 Aprender atarse los zapatos con Pisamonas


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Do you remember when you did not master the art of tie shoelaces? The adults can barely remember, looks so simple to us, but for little ones, it’s a challenge which they must face it in their childhood.

Although, the last trends now show shoes without laces, in almost every single wardrobe, they continue  coexisting with trainers and velvet lace-up trainers, that our little ones love that much… but, how difficult can be to tie the shoelaces!

And, when they try, they can soon get very frustrated because they can make it. But it’s a good lesson to exercise the patience in life, them and yours!

The child’s age is an important factor, because not all kids are ready for learning the same things at the same time.  As an average, between 4 and 6 years old , is when they start to master the art of tie their school shoes.

If the child is a leftie, and you are right-handed, try to learn from an acquaintance how they tie their shoelaces in order to explain it to you child easily.

When you start to practice, we recommend you to seat down next to him/her, this way he will be able to copy your moves most easily

And now you can both practice the “bunny ear method”.

  • Tell your child that you are going to make bunny ears with the shoelaces.
  • The first thing to do is the knot, by creating a cross with the 2 shoe laces and slide one  directly below the other, as it was a bridge  
  • Then, raise the bunny ears, each one with its own shoelace.
  • And to prevent the bunny ears fall, we will make an X with them, slide one below the 

And that’s it! You both can practice as much as you can, as it was a game. If you want him to practice on his own, you can make a draw of a lace-up bootie or canvas style trainers outsole, for example, by making holes and inserting a shoelace as shown on the picture. And just practice! This year all Pisamonas kids will master the shoelaces art with a smile at Pisamonas! 


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