MADE IN SPAIN the best make of shoes you can wear.

 Fabrica Española de Pisacacas marca Pisamonas

As you already know, at Pisamonas we go for spanish manufacturing, and so here are just some reasons to give top marks to Spanish shoes:

  •  From the original idea until they are boxed up, the people involved in the entire process think, create and make the shoe thinking all the time about your feet and style, whether for children´s, men´s or women´s shoes.
  • This knowledge is demonstrated in the shapes we create, making a shoe with a great finish, made with care and attention, in fashionable designs .
  • For our wonderful quality-price ratio. When you buy a Spanish shoe you really are paying for real quality in prime materials and production, without incurring other costs associated with imported shoes. 
  • They are recognized worldwide and are among the best in terms of quality, price and design.
  • You should look after your feet at any age, but children´s feet especially ,if you want them to have healthy feet as adults.  For that reason  Pisamonas makes only quality children´s shoes. 
  • When you buy a Spanish product, you are creating jobs and sustaining the European economy. 
  • Our product complies with European and international standards.
Here you can see the various stages in making the footwear in our factories all over Spain, in areas where there is a long history of making quality shoes who make shoes for Pisamonas and other renowned names in Spanish fashion. 
Diseñando y cosiendo artesanalmente
Una gran cadena y casi listos


Designed and sewn by hand. A great chain, almost ready. Buying a shoe made in Spain is to buy design and quality at reasonable price.  

Join us by buying Spanish shoes and feel proud to wear  the best in all seasons. Now winter is coming try the baby booties, boots for boys,  ballet pumps for your little princes, and wellies, also in sizes for you too! 


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