The origins of Menorcan Sandals
Menorcan Sandals for Children The story behind one of the classics of Spanish footwear Menorquinas, Menorcan sandals, Mallorcan sandals, Ibizan sandals... call them what you will, do you know the story behind this style of sandal? Menorcan sandals have become a fashion classic for everyone, regardless of age or gender. Their comfort, quality and the ease of combining them with a wide range of looks, have meant that season after season they’ve become a real must have for all.

From their name, it is not too hard to imagine where they might come from, but when were they first worn? And do they really have their origins on thisBalearicIsland? Let's find out!

Footwear linked to an Island

As often occurs in such cases, it’s not known exactly when Menorcan sandals were first worn, but there are several clues. Firstly, it appears thatMenorca really is the place of origin of this type of footwear. And in what year would you say they were first worn? In the 1970's, at the beginning of the 20th century, or even in the 19th century? No, everything seems to indicate that it was much earlier when this popular style of footwear first appeared, to be more precise around 200 BC, during the times ofHannibal. Apparently it was the Carthaginian General’s slingers (stone throwers) who, during their time inMenorca, wore this type of footwear in their battles against the Romans.

The durability of the Menorcan sandal seems to have seduced the peasants and farmers of the island, and they gradually adopted them to wear for their day to day work.

The quality and tradition of Menorcan sandals

As you might imagine, the Menorcan sandals of several centuries ago were very different from those you can find today, whether online or in shoe stores. Initially, they were made by hand using just leather and waxed thread. Although the materials and styles have changed over the centuries, what has been conserved is the hand-crafted nature of the Menorcan sandal.

The first thing to change and to give them the appearance they have today was the sole. With the advent of the motor car, in the early twentieth century, the idea of using rubber for the soles was adopted, offering extra comfort and greater protection from dampness. And from their origins as a practical, comfortable work shoe, during the 1970s and 80s they became a fashion trend in Menorca which later spread to the other Balearic Islands and then gradually to the rest of Spain. For this reason they are also known as Mallorcan or Ibizan sandals.   Menorcan Sandals for Kids and Adults Precisely because they have become such a big fashion trend, it’s possible to buy them in a multitude of places. Not so many years ago, to get hold of a pair of Menorcan sandals you had to actually visit thisBalearicIsland or ask someone to go there for you.

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, these days wherever you live you can buy Menorcan sandals online. At Pisamonas, as well as on the Internet, you can buy them at any of our shoe stores. If you’re not sure where to buy Menorcan sandals in Bilbao, Madrid, Seville or Valencia, at our shoe stores we’ll be happy to show you the best quality Menorcan sandals at the best prices, as well as a wide range of other styles of footwear.

Different Menorcan sandals styles

Who would have thought all those centuries ago that this style of footwear would take off to such an extent that it would become such a huge fashion trend! As we’ve already said, the first revolution that took place in the Menorcan sandal was the modification of the sole. What’s more, in recent years new designs have been introduced and they are available in wide range of different styles. At Pisamonas you can find the most traditional styles in leather and nubuck, as well as other new designs, such as Menorcan sandals with glitter, mirror-style or in combinations of different colours. The only thing is that with all the designs that now exist, it’s almost impossible to decide which ones you like the most! In the 2nd century BC it must surely have been easier to choose! ;)

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