Pisamonas 3 for 2 offer is back!


Pisamonas 3 for 2 arrives! What does that mean? Well, for every 3 products you buy on the web or in any of our shops, we'll give you the lowest price!

The perfect opportunity to renew your children's favorite boots and sneakers, school shoes for the last term, or even start thinking about trainers and espadrilles for when the good weather arrives! All this with the 3for2 Pisamonas sale!


It's very easy! For every three products you add to your cart, both footwear and accessories, the one with the lowest price comes free! And you can combine it as you like: three identical models, 2 shoes and an accessory.... So that you don't have any doubts, we explain how it works step by step:

How long does it last? The 3 for 2 is active from February 21st to March 3rd, inclusive.

What does it consist of? For every 3 products you want to buy, you will only pay for 2 and we will give you the third one for free.

Is there a limit to the number of products for the promotion? None! If you buy 6 products, you will only pay for 4, if you want 9, you will get 3 for free... and so on!

Where is the Pisamonas 3 for 2 valid? This promotion is applicable both on the website and in all Pisamonas shops, from February 21st to March 3rd. Don't miss this opportunity!

How is this discount applied to my online order? Automatically! All you have to do is add the products you are going to buy to your shopping cart and the free pair will be automatically applied for every 3 products you include!

Which products are included? ALL of them! Whether it's shoes and accessories, spring and summer, autumn and winter, ceremonial shoes and school shoes... absolutely all our products are included in the 3 for 2!

Do all 3 products have to be the same or from the same category? They don't have to be! You can make your combinations of three as you like, no matter the model, size, and no matter the type of shoes or accessories. You can choose 3 of the same shoes, 2 shoes and an accessory, 3 accessories...

Can I take advantage of the 3 for 2 more than once and on different days? Of course! It is not a limited promotion so you can shop as many times as you want, as long as it is within the established period.

If I have placed an order a few hours before the 3 for 2 started, will I get the discount on the third pair? No, the promotion will only apply from February 21st to March 3rd inclusive.

If I buy two products in one order and a third one a few hours later, do I get that third pair free? No, this promotion only applies for every 3 products purchased in the same order.

And shipping, exchanges and returns are still free during the 3 for 2? Of course they are! During our special promotions and sales, we maintain the same facilities as the rest of the year. However, please note that if you return one of the 3 products, the amount of your purchase may change. For example, if you buy a 20 pounds product, a 25 pounds product and a 30 pounds product, the 20 pounds product is the one you get for free, but if you need to exchange it for a 27 pounds product, you will have to pay the difference as the 25 pounds product will become the cheapest one. Similarly, if you buy three products, but return one of them and do not take another one in exchange, the 3 for 2 promotion will not be applied.

Have you seen how easy it is to make the most of the Pisamonas 3 for 2 offer? If you have any other doubts, or if there is something that is not quite clear to you, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you!


During the 3 for 2 promotion by Pisamonas, you can buy the best shoes at the best price. ou can buy, for example, washable leather sneakers with velvet trainers, and get your favorite lace-up desert boots for free! At Pisamonas, we have all the shoes and accessories to finish the school year on the right foot. Three shoes of the best quality at the best price!


Canvas sneakers, linen mary janes, T-bar shoes, espadrilles, jelly sandals,… Take advantage and buy them now with our 3 for 2 promotion!

Don't wait any longer! Save money with Pisamonas and get the best shoes for children and adults, at the best price, with the Pisamonas 3 for 2 promotion!


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