Pisamonas water footwear

It's completely inevitable! Summer arrives, the holidays begin, and when your kids have barely taken off their backpacks to park them until September, they're already asking you about their rubber sandals for the beach or pool .

And indeed, besides being the "official" footwear for any water-related activity, flip-flops are also the most comfortable and coolest option for lounging at home or going anywhere when the plan is completely informal.

At Pisamonas, we not only think about the comfort of your children but also about their safety, and that's why we offer you the best children's flip-flops and water shoes suitable for every occasion .

Water Footwear

All made with high-quality, resistant, and non-slip materials , but with specific features to enjoy them whether in pools, beaches, or rivers and marshes.

A Dip in the Pool

To ensure fun on a pool day, it's essential that the footwear your little ones wear is non-slip, durable, and offers good support . Look for models with closed heels or secured with adjustable straps , to make sure they don't slip off while running and playing.

It's also important that they have water-resistant self-adhesive closures . Without a doubt, it's the most comfortable closure system for kids - and for their parents too! Its operation is so simple and its effectiveness so good that it's the most practical option for you to quickly put on and take off your child's shoes and even for them to learn to do it themselves as if it were a game, feeling super grown-up!

Pisamonas Water Shoes

Powdery colored water shoes with self-adhesive closure. Sizes UK 3C-2A (19-34 EU). Available in 9 colours.

Pisamonas Water Sandals

Unisex sandals with EVA sole and double buckle. Sizes UK 6C-2A (23-34 EU). Available in 9 colours.

Sunset at the Beach

A day at the beach requires lightweight flip-flops that are easy to put on and take off , like classic flip-flops or those with EVA rubber soles. Clogs and sandals with thicker, padded soles can also be a good option. The important thing is that they dry quickly and sand can be easily removed.

This type of water footwear is not only for the youngest members of the family. Parents and moms will also find at Pisamonas plenty of super lightweight alternatives, with top designs! So much so, you'll want to wear them for water activities and on the asphalt too!

Lightweight Clogs

Extra light sports rubber clogs. Sizes UK 7C-3.5A (24-36 EU). Colours: ocean, green, mint, makeup, and ivory.

Additionally, being available in both high and low sizes, you and your daughter can coordinate with the coolest beach looks of the summer!

EVA Rubber Flip-Flops

Lightweight EVA rubber sandals with double buckle. Sizes UK 3.5A-7.5A (36-41 EU). Available in 6 colours.

Let's Refresh in the River!

When we go on excursions to rivers or marshes, the most important thing is that the flip-flops provide good traction and protection for the feet . Look for models with slightly wider and non-slip soles that allow your little ones to walk on pebbles and uneven terrain without any problem.

Jelly sandals with sneaker soles can be a good option, as well as neoprene-type shoes. The latter, being closed, protect the foot from sand getting in, and you'll also prevent them from getting lost and carried away by the current!

Jelly sandals with self-adhesive closure Pisamonas

Jelly sandals like sneakers with self-adhesive strap. Sizes UK 3C-13C (19-32 EU). Available in 7 colours.

Neoprene-type Shoes

Closed neoprene-type shoes with patterns. Sizes UK 3.5C-11.5C (20-30 EU).

Barefoot Concept for Water Too

Pisamonas' Spring-Summer Collection incorporates new thin-soled, super flexible jelly sandals perfect for providing children with that sense of freedom and connection with the environment, so characteristic of the barefoot concept, and they can even use them to play in the garden and cool off with the hose on hot days.

Made with high-quality materials and an ergonomic design, these jelly sandals allow your children's feet to move naturally, stimulating their development while they enjoy their water games to the fullest.

Thin-Soled Jelly Sandals

Nemo thin-soled jelly sandals with adhesive closure. Sizes UK 3C-10C (19-28 EU). Colours: ocean, sand, dijon, sage, and pink.

Thin-Soled Jelly Sandals

Happy splashing... and happy Pisamonas shopping!


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