Wedding attendants: Flower girls and page boys shoes

Page boys & flower girls shoes 

Leading roles for little ones at weddings

Nowadays there are several ways to celebrate a wedding but the traditional way still stay strong. Religious or not, it’s very common that, after the groom and bride, the other protagonists during the ceremony are usually kids .

There are different roles for kids on a wedding: “Pageboy” is a term often found in Europe that encompasses the duties of ring bearer, coin bearer, and train bearer and they don’t have to be “boys” necessarily . While the “flower girl” is the one in charge of scatter flower petals down the aisle during a wedding procession But, how they should be dressed for a big day like this?  Page boys & flower girls shoes

If the wedding is in autumn-winter , kids’ wedding shoes must be preferably enclosed and the best materials to wear are velvet, suede, leather or patent depending on the outfit.

A classic style for a page boy that never disappoints is the Oxford shoe in navy, tan, taupe or burgundy. For girls, Mary Jane shoes are a ‘must’, such as these velvet Mary Janes with cierre autoadherente button or these ceremonial leather Mary Janes

<p style=If, on the other hand, the wedding takes place during spring or summer , kids’ wedding shoes can be opened style, but only if they are not sandals. For a perfect finish, you can also match them with Pointelle short socks

Ballerinas and Mary Janes for weddings

If there is not a traditional wedding , but it is a folk-style one, espadrilles or avarcas menorcan sandals are also a great choice! For both boys and girls.  Page boys & flower girls shoes

When buying shoes, don’t do it too soon, or your children may outgrow the shoes before the wedding!

If your child will be attending to a wedding this year, on our online kids shoe shop , we have several amazing styles to show off during the ceremony!

And, most off, don’t forget that they are just kids!  Whether you choose a casual or a formal wedding shoe style make sure that they are comfortable to allow them play and run around freely. 


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