Which shoes to choose for the baby’s first steps?

The best shoes for babies that are starting to walk

How fast the kids grow! Almost without noticing it, Pisamonas' pre-walking baby shoes aren’t enough anymore as the little feet of your baby are growing more and more and they are beginning to take their first steps! When the time comes, it's very common to wonder: what type of shoes are suitable for children who are just starting to walk? At Pisamonas, we’ll solve these and many other questions for you and show you a selection of the most sought-after models of first step shoes of our Spring Summer Collection!

T-bar style sandals for boys

T-Bar sandals for boys

Between 10-12 months of age, babies usually start to control the vertical position themselves, developing their muscles and supporting their own weight. During this stage, babies usually wear size 18-19, although the size of the feet will always depend on the development of each child. There’s no fixed standard, so if your child does not wear the average shoe size, there’s no need to worry; each child grows at a different rate and might wear the same size for months before starting suddenly to grow fast – or change size every 3 months! What is clear is that this is the stage in which most changes happen, as babies turn into toddlers and in some 3 years, they’ll go from size 17-18 to 26-27 once they are around 3 years old.

It’s therefore essential to measure the child’s feet and find their exact size as well as to make sure that the shoe you’re going to buy is not too big, too small or too tight or hurting them. In this link, you’ll find Pisamonas’ shoe sizing guide, where, besides finding a table with all the measurements and the corresponding sizes, you’ll also find tips for choosing the correct size, tricks to measure children’s feet as well as approximated shoes sizes by age.

Once you’ve got the size of your child’s feet figured out, it’s advisable to choose a first-use footwear that fits naturally to the shape of the child’s feet. Wearing shoes that have been previously worn by a family member or a friend is not advised, since during this time some essential development happens and, given that each one has a different footprint, a second-hand footwear has already been moulded to the shape of the previous owner’s feet, which can affect the natural development of the foot.

To ensure simultaneous protection and comfort, it’s advisable to opt for a soft and resistant shoe, which provides stability at each step while encouraging the proper growth of the child.

Our T-bar sandals with loop fasteners closure and reinforced toe cap not only meet these requirements, but they are also a cool and practical option for this summer.

T-Bar sandals Pisamonas


Featuring an up-to-date design that will fit perfectly your baby's sports look, these sandals can be worn both for the city and for the first walks and field trips, thanks to their reinforced outsole and toe.

And for more elegant occasions? The new linen bluchers with ecru bow! Soft but with a rubber sole suitable for firm steps, its beautiful design is combined with the freshness of linen, for special events of this summer season. Your son will look like a little prince with them on!

Linen Bluchers Pisamonas

First steps mary janes for girls

At Pisamonas, there are many mary janes models for girls in small sizes for their first steps. One of our most popular mary janes are ones with a bow and cierre autoadherente closure, because, in addition to their softness and freshness, they feature a removable bow, making them a two-in-one shoe to be used on different occasions.

Mary Janes with bow

A similar model is a pair of mary janes with a printed bow with natural patterns, for a more country look. And if what you are looking for is a pair of more casual mary janes, we have bright mary janes with tennis sole, for a deluxe sport look from the catwalk!

Bright Mary Janes

Happy first steps of your small children and happy shopping at Pisamonas!


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